How to Embrace and Navigate Change to Create Success

Keisha A Rivers on Sur-Thriving!

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How to Embrace and Navigate Change to Create Success #thriveglobal Keisha a rivers #LivingFearlessly

Amidst these unprecedented, worrisome and challenging times, I am more so than ever, eternally grateful for the fact that as an Entrepreneur, I have already acclimated to living and working in isolation, while continuously spreading my #LivingFearlessly message to the collective. I believe fear has always been at the crux for what has kept people immobilized, stuck, unfulfilled, or feeling a lack of direction or meaningful purpose in their lives. This of course…is reversible. Reversible because it is a mindset. Reversible because it is a choice.

For the past five years, it has been my honour and my pleasure to showcase and to interview incredibly courageous, brave-hearted individuals who have beyond put themselves out there vulnerably with myself, the global radio listeners, and the podcast subscribers when appearing on the Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald weekly international radio/podcast show; heard in 145 countries, and hosted with two global radio networks. I appreciate all of you who have supported me in my mission to impart my message, all predicated on my life and soul purpose, which is…UPLIFTING YOU TO FEAR LESS AND TO LIVE MORE!

The particular timing of my most recent guest, Keisha A. Rivers having appeared on the airwaves with me was nothing short of divine and synchronistic intervention. I do not believe in coincidence – only ever do I believe in synergistic alignment. I AM…a BELIEVER of all that is good and all that is right with this world.

It is not every day the average person is afforded the opportunity to talk one on one with a Hurricane Katrina Survivor. Actually, it would be more accurate in this specific instance, for me to reference Keisha as a SUR-THRIVER! When one’s immediate safety and overall wellbeing is endangered; the fight or flight or frozen response automatically kicks into high gear. How is it that a specific subgroup of people can be faced with the exact same circumstances and yet react so differently? The psychology of one’s mindset, particularly during moments of crises, duress, and stress as it relates to the micro level individual person in relationship to a macro level event…is a topic of fascination for me both personally and professionally. 

The truth of the matter is, no one definitively knows how they would ever actually respond to a crisis type situation until directly faced with it head on. When sitting in a place of non-threatening comfort and safety, we can all easily theorize and philosophize how we think we would individually respond, and for how we would also prefer to believe, predict or envision ourselves as belonging to the category of victorious than the category of victomology. Who doesn’t want to be their own superhero so as to have the acquired inner strength and massive gumption to be there for others during their time of need, too? Being a BOSS in the midst of crisis is beyond levelling up in the levelling up hierarchy, in my humble opinion. 

Keisha A. Rivers is a SHERO, AND a LEADER, AND a remarkable rare gem of a human being! The intimate, and telling details for why this is the emphatic truth can be found in the enclosed podcast link of my incredibly raw interview with Keisha! You cannot listen to this conversation and not be in awe of this woman. This discussion is inspiration magnified! Interviewing Keisha had me wondering how I could even UP my own game – truth!

There is zero surprise as to why people instantaneously flock to Keisha – either for her personal guidance or for her professional services. Keisha is intuitively sound as a decision-maker, as a strategic navigator, and as an innate solution-focussed thinker. If faced with a crisis of any sort, I would most definitely want Keisha on my team, in my boat, in my camp, and in my corner. This woman is always ten steps ahead of the curve, which is an undeniable derivative of her fortitude, resiliency and tenacity. Keisha has (consistently) remained relentless throughout all junctures of her journey, which has consisted of many life-learned trials and tribulations, which without having experienced them, would not have made her successes even possible. Quitting has never be an option for Keisha regardless of how tumultuous life has been for her. Way To Go, Keisha!!!

I could speak and write for hours on end about this brilliant spitfire named Keisha A. Rivers! However, I will instead invite you the #ThriveGlobal reader, to kindly click on the enclosed podcast link, instead! I welcome you to treat yourselves to quality conversation, especially when we all find ourselves now having additional time on our hands during this current period of global gridlock. Love and light to you all.

Keisha…from the centre of my heart, I wish to express my wholehearted gratitude to you for being exactly who you are. I thank you for the gift of your time with myself, the networks, the global listeners and the podcast subscribers. Please know how valued and appreciated you are, and by so many of us. Your light is bright our friend. Keep Shining!

On behalf of both Keisha and myself, we wish to thank you the #ThriveGlobal Community for generously taking time out of your schedule to read this Feature Article. We also thank you for kindly listening to the enclosed podcast link of our ever-inspiring interview with one another, and also for any additional contact you may wish to initiate in reaching out to either or to both Keisha and myself. We both value human connection and we are always equally willing to serve!

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
#Grateful #ThriveThursday #ThriveGlobal #LivingFearlessly


“Change is a process that begins with an event.”

Introducing Keisha A. Rivers – President Chief Outcome Facilitator. 

Keisha A. Rivers survived a harrowing Hurricane Katrina experience to become a successful speaker, change agent, and learning leader. She facilitates successful outcomes for her clients by equipping people to manage change while centring on three main areas: Engagement, Learning and Leadership.

Keisha is celebrating the success of her podcast Mindset2Mastery; development of the KARS Facilitated Outcome Approach; being selected as a contributor for Thrive Global and iKnow Media, and is excited about the recent launch of her training and resource centre – The KARS Academy and online Learning Library. Discover more about Keisha A. Rivers at

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