How To Cultivate A Harmonious Life Garden

Practical advice on how to thrive emotionally while setting healthy boundaries.

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Live a happy, healthy life on your terms.

Everyone has what I call a life garden. What is a life garden? It’s a metaphor for the way in which we grow and what we will produce in our lifetime. We choose what we put into the universe and we choose what we allow to grow within us depending on how we cultivate our lives. If we choose a positive lifestyle and surround ourselves with our tribe, like-minded people, we will cultivate a garden of peace and harmony. In doing so, those around us feel the good vibes, they feel the good energy we radiate from our being. We attract people to us who radiate the same positive vibes and in return our life garden thrives.

These are a few ways to protect our life garden. Landscape the grounds daily.

Weeds can get into our garden and we need to pull them out for our garden to thrive. We can spray pesticides to prevent the weeds from growing but pesticides can be toxic to the rest of the garden and it’s not always a guarantee that our garden will stay weed free. Cultivating our garden and taking care of it on a regular basis is one way to ensure the weeds are plucked at first sprout.

Weeds in our life garden may be negative people and thoughts. If we let in the weeds, our garden will fail to thrive. We can remove negativity from our lives in a positive way. Pesticides are a temporary fix; ignoring the bigger issue which does more damage. Ignoring the bigger issue does not weed out the problem, the negativity, or the toxins we let in. It prolongs the inevitable and worsens the situation. Having healthy boundaries set in place and dealing with issues when they first sprout will set us up for success and fruitful relationships. As in a regular garden we can build fences (boundaries). Our boundaries let people know what we will and will not accept. Clearly communicating our boundaries to others is a very healthy practice. One in which we all benefit from.

How can we live “weed” free? 

We can start by aligning with like-minded people who lift us up, this will become our tribe. We should strive to surround ourselves with positivity. We should be discerning with who we share our lives with. Our life gardens are precious commodities. We grow there, explore there, and thrive there. Weeds do not belong in such a precious place.

What can we do to keep our life garden weed free and harmonious? 

Self-care on multiple levels is a good place to start. Taking care of ourselves on an emotional and physical level is crucial to keep our gardens thriving. Let in the warm sunlight (positive people), plenty of fresh water (hydrate and nourish your body), build a strong fence (boundaries), and use good positive fertilizer (positive self-affirmations). Choose to fill your life garden with good intentions, affirmations, better nutrition, supportive people, and self-love for a happy and healthy life that will thrive. 

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