How to celebrate Earth Day with gusto like never before?

Tips to celebrate Earth Day 2021

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Let’s invoke a sense of wonder and childlike curiosity to observe the day we celebrate our planet Earth!

“Time spent amongst trees is never wasted time”

                                                                     – Katrina Mayer

Are you ready to celebrate Earth Day? A day that marks a significant shift when mankind started dwelling upon the health of the planet.

It all began when Rachel Carson published her book “Silent Spring” in 1962 that discussed harmful environmental practices.  Soon after children, adults, old, everyone pushed for a clean environment and brought a change in legislation in 1970.

Today, as we sit within the comfort of our homes- let’s commemorate the fact that a common collective will bring about a change as we pay homage to the only living planet that we know of, in the entire galaxy.

Even the world took notice when Greta Thunberg carried out a lone demonstration outside the Swedish Parliament in 2018. Here was a kid who was making a case for climate change. 

Soon her “school strike” became a global movement catalyzing 10 million people on streets to demand action. So as we celebrate Earth Day on April 22 for a cleaner habitat and environmental preservation, let’s remember the voices of our young warriors who will inherit the planet from us.

Yes, Earth Day brought about a new heightened sense of accountability and responsibility we have towards people and wildlife alike.

And, the voice of children matters and especially when they remind us through conservation practices on how to protect Earth.

So let’s discuss how to celebrate this Earth day with a sense of enjoyment and unbounded excitement:


Online discussion to teach our community about safer environment practices

Yes, the mantle to save the Earth rests on our young warriors. With the internet at your disposal, you can organize a webinar or connect with peers to educate everyone around you.

You have to teach your parents and your neighbor the tenets of “Reduce, Recycle and Reuse”. Become a teacher to save the Earth and tell everyone about cleaner living and ways to reduce carbon footprints.

Remember, each step you take steers mankind towards a better and cleaner tomorrow.


Let’s plant a sapling to restore balance

Now you can carry out a drive to tend to a sapling or plant a tree as your legacy. On this Earth Day, do something that is a step towards a symbiotic relationship between Man and Nature.

Instead of dwelling on the negative narratives, let’s take a step that is constructive. And do it with your family with everyone around and take care of the tree you have planted.

Make this Earth Day an occasion to cherish and build happy memories that will bring a smile to your face in the years to come.

With all the smiles around, you and your friend can remember the time when you carried out a community drive to plant the trees that bloom every spring in the years to come.


Practice Minimalist Living

Want to make the world a better space? Try practicing minimalist living and cherish the trees around you or celebrate the life that is coming to spring. Look at your kitchen garden and observe the flowers around you. There is beauty all around us so let’s get rid of the excess stuff.

Cherish memories and life experiences rather than getting yourself attached to worldly possessions.

And how does this impact the Earth, every activity in some way leaves a carbon footprint on Earth, so by reducing clutter in your life you make a significant contribution. In fact, start a ritual or take a pledge this Earth day on how you will value yourself more.


Yes, it’s time to Pick up Trash

Remember, Cocomelon’s Nursery Rhyme- “Clean up the trash” song.  Yes, let’s pick up the trash and keep our surroundings clean.

Teach yourself, your siblings, and friends about the appropriate bin. Always sort out the trash.

Make posters to educate and inform that it’s a Green bin for biodegradable waste that can be used for composting, Yellow dustbin for biomedical wastes like syringes and Red bin for general household waste like plastics, etc and Blue bins for tins, can and aerosol products.

And Viola! Just like that, you are a spear header of a worthy cause and a champion of our one and only home Earth.


Read up on Environmental Science

Want to make a lasting contribution? Then always take steps to educate yourself.

Get introduced to the world of biomes, habitats, and how we homo-sapiens, wildlife and plants maintain an equilibrium that is near perfect for us.

Know the impact of what extinction means for the community as a whole and how we can protect the endangered species.

The books are a true treasure house of knowledge and you can learn about cleaner environmental practices. As you remain abreast of every invention, learn about sustainable living and what small things you can do to create a big impact.


Enjoy Nature and your surroundings

Take some time to do hiking or visit a geographical park. Doesn’t it fill you with a sense of wonder?

Make a diary and jot down what you love about your surroundings. It could be the garden filled with flowers, herbs that spice up your life, or the aroma of your coffee beans.

Practice gratitude this Earth Day and take a walk down the park to enjoy the greenery. Say a silent “Thank you” to the vegetables on your plate and admire the cacti decorating your living room.

Remember to close the tap while brushing and save water in your daily life. Do not litter or waste food and be mindful when you help a puppy or listen to the birds singing.

Look at the snails and listen to the humming of the bees- the Earth is singing and donning new outfits every season. So why not be mindful and pay attention to this day.

To sum up, each and every day is Earth Day but why not befriend Nature and invest in its welfare by taking some small steps. Allow the beauty of our planet to mesmerize you and heal you. Moreover, let’s celebrate this Earth Day with gusto like never before to let it imprint our lives and take meaningful steps that will go a long way.

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