How To Begin And Where To Start: Your Story

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this…. I probably wouldn’t be here writing this.  “I want to share my story. I’m ready. But where do I start?” ***Excuse me while I roll up my sleeves, and improve my posture*** Let me ask… Are you a business owner? Do you have […]

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If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this…. I probably wouldn’t be here writing this. 

“I want to share my story. I’m ready. But where do I start?”

***Excuse me while I roll up my sleeves, and improve my posture***

Let me ask…

Are you a business owner?

Do you have something to sell?

Want to sell more of that thing?

Cool. You’re just like every other business owner on planet earth. 


Do you have a clear, defined story behind that thing you sell?

What about a story that communicates your company’s vision, purpose, and service?

If you don’t [yet], you’re missing out on a lot more sales and impact. Let’s change that.

When it comes to creating + sharing your story, here’s where to start in 5 easy steps —>

1. Own the fact that you already HAVE a story right now. Banish any inner demons that are telling you your story isn’t interesting enough, entertaining enough, compelling enough, blah blah blah. I hear these excuses all the time. None of it is true. However established your business is right now doesn’t determine how “good” your story is. You have a story inside right now that WILL make you a lot more money, grow your business, and impact lives around the world. It just needs to be found and fully brought out in a way that makes sense to your target market. Ok?

2. Grab a notebook. Or Google Doc. Open it. Grab a big ol pen, it can be sparkly if you want. 

Write down exactly who your Ideal Client Avatar is. A full analysis, if you will. You need to know exactly who you want your story to appeal to if you want to get results with it.

3. Turn the page.  On the lefthand page, write down the most trying times in your life. The events that left you broken.  On the righthand page, write down the proudest moments of your life. The events that left you elated.

4. Compare the two. Your ICA and your life events. Find any common denominators – your desires, your ICA’s desires, your struggles, your ICA’s struggles, etc…

Circle any similarities.

This is a crucial fundamental step in ensuring your Brand’s Story relates to and attracts your ideal client. (attraction marketing 101).

5. Write down your deeper ‘why’ and bigger purpose behind The people/events/experiences that led you to start your business, and what drives you to continue it today.

6. Put your story together on paper… it should start with 1st: Your character – Story only gets started when we define that character and what they want 

EXAMPLE #1: I wanted life events, I wanted desires..etc

Example #2 My clients want calrity in their market messaging 

Example #3 My clients want clarity in their own vision, mind and what’s holding them back 

2nd: Identity transformation – Who are we helping our character become – what is our end goal. Strength, hero, etc. Starts off weak, ends up strong

From: Clients were feeling stuck in their coaching business, no clear path to getting results in life and business

To: Crystal clear on their story,  how to use your story to build a life and business you’re damn proud of.  their messaging and their audiences desires.

3rd: Define a problem – What is the customers main problem that is preventing them from getting what they want. 

Villain: What is root cause of customers’ problems? Personify this problem as a villain, what is the villain? 

The root cause is coaches struggling with captivating their audience, with authority 

External: What is the problem you customers deal with as it relates to you product or service

EXAMPLE #1: Business challenges have become too complex to overcome alone (they need a consultant). 

EXAMPLE #2: Lacking support and guidance to figure out my path (they need a coach).  

EXAMPLE #3: Can’t seem to figure out the roadblocks to success. In need of an expert to help me figure it out (they need a mentor). 

Internal: What is a problem your customers deal with as it relates to your product or service. Internal, how does this villain make your customers feel

EXAMPLE #1: Unsure and frustrated by not being able to figure this out. Frustrated that this seems like the first challenge they’ve been unable to figure out alone. 

EXAMPLE #2: Discouraged by current life circumstances. Anxious about making changes. 

EXAMPLE #3: Depressed by current state of affairs. Feel under-appreciated and unmotivated. Feel stuck.  

Philosophical: Why is it just plain wrong, for your customers to be burdened with this villain. 

EXAMPLE #1: There’s too many people depending on your leadership for you to feel unclear on your next steps. 

EXAMPLE #2: A person should never feel alone when it comes to living their best life. 

EXAMPLE #3: Lifes too short to stay stuck.  

4th: Meets the guide – you’re not a hero. You’re just a vessel to the answer. You’re just a guide

Empathy: What Brief statement can you make that expresses empathy and understanding. 

EXAMPLE #1: I understand… leadership can be lonely, harsh and daunting.

EXAMPLE #2: I understand what it feels like to be all alone, spinning, trying to figure things out all by myself.

EXAMPLE #3: It can feel so overwhelming to not have a single ounce of motivation to make the changes you need. I get it. 

Authority: How can you demonstrate competency in solving your customers’ problems?

EXAMPLE #1: For over three years I’ve been helping top level executives and coaches navigate next level growth successfully. 

EXAMPLE #2: For 5 years I’ve been helping people discover how to live the life they want. With a background in counseling and coaching and having successfully grown 3 businesses, I know what it takes to walk alongside people who know they want more from life. 

5th: Who gives them a plan – 

Process: How this product is going to help you, 3-4 steps your customers can make that will lead them to a sale, Or explain how they would use your product after the sale. 

EXAMPLE #1: Your path to success is simple: 1.) I’ll help  gain clarity around your situation 2.) Well create a path to success 3.) Ill support your progress.  

EXAMPLE #2: Getting started is easy: 1.) Schedule a call 2.) Customize a plan 3.) Celebrate success! 

EXAMPLE #3: Your plan to success is this: 1.) Discover – Together we’ll discover what’s holding you back. 2.) Develop – Well develop a plan for success. 3.) Celebrate – We’ll celebrate your newfound freedom in life!

Agreements: Lists the agreements that you can make, to alleviate fears of doing business with you. 

6th: Failure: List a few negative experiences that your customers will experience if they don’t use your product or service. 


Stay the same/stagnant growth

Spend tons of money on growth only to get nothing from it. 

Out of control 

Discontent, depressed

7th: That end in success: What will happen if you choose our product/ all things our customers can experience as a positive – people head towards a vision of what their life can look like 

EXAMPLE #1: Freedom & flexibility to travel, work from anywhere, be healthy, & give back. Feeling like I have a work/life blend.  Feel in control, confidence

EXAMPLE #2: Confront new, bigger, and more complex problems.Reach your goals and priorities.Advance into new territories.Confident and in control.Ready to handle what the complexity of the day brings you. 

And now, after completing those six steps, you have a better understanding, of how to begin, and where to start, with your story. 

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