How To Be The Change You Want To Seed In The World

Creating A New Paradigm Of Embodied Empowerment

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“BE the change you want to see in the world” ~ Gandhi

There is a myth many are led to believe, that BEing means simply sitting in the lotus position 16 hours a day in prayer or silent meditation, passively “doing” nothing. While this example is one way of BEing, BEing can look many ways and shows up in a variety of forms.

What does “BE the Change” mean?

I see the essence of the sentiment as reflective of the way we are engaging with ourselves, with the world/others, and with the Universe. Our relationship with the invisible realm of consciousness is not passive. In fact, silence and presence can often be the quickest and most direct ways to access a pure state of Source consciousness, from which our divine guidance, and action oriented inspiration, naturally flows.

When we look at life through the lens of energy (knowing that everything is energy) we begin to see that our thoughts, our vibration, our consciousness, are what seed and create the external landscape around us. We directly influence, affect, and ultimately co-create the world we see around us by our vibrational frequency. By our intentions. By our thoughts. By our actions. And by how we choose to show up and BE.

So you want less hate and fear? BE the light. BE LOVE. BE Compassion. BE Forgiveness.

Hold the space of and BE the vibration of what you DO want, Stand FOR and take inspired actions towards that.

THIS is how together, we create a new paradigm of empowerment. THIS is how we manifest the freedom and sovereignty we desire. THIS is how we seed a new higher vibrational consciousness that heals all of humanity.

What about taking action?

A friend, who has inspired me personally to take action and use my voice to affect change, wrote something notable about this. She said “TO BE in some cases is very passive. There are times, TO ACT is more powerful, and the time is right NOW.”

Yes! She is correct that in some cases it sure can be… which is why I encourage people to take the inspired actions towards what they stand FOR. and to do this from a space of BEing the change rather than dropping into the vibration of fear or hate, the very things people don’t want to experience.

Because when you fight against something, you become the very thing you are fighting and engaging in battle with. When you stand FOR something, you affect very powerful change and the solutions you seek become possible with much less force or efforting.

When we look at this from a spiritual perspective and pull back the frame…

We must first BEcome clear on our intentions, access these vibrations, choose the aligned thoughts, and take the inspired actions, that lead towards the results we seek.

Being is not passive when you attune to and follow your guidance and then take aligned actions.

Sometimes those aligned actions are meditating, going into stillness, or simply BEing the vibration of love, which sends powerful ripples of healing alchemy into the world. Other times this BEing will look like taking a stand for what you are passionate about; using your powerful voice to advocate for something you truly believe in; sharing your bright light with the world in a way that inspires other’s to rise and stand together in unity consciousness, towards a common dream.

Regardless of your role in how you choose to BE and express yourself, holding the vibration of what you want, is a key code to manifesting your desires and your dreams.

At the level of energy, thought, and intention, this can look very different than one might be used to in a world that conditions us to move into duality and separation and dive right into the struggle. Just like Einstein said, “you cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it”; however take inspired action from a space of “BEing the Light” and watch what happens.

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