How To Achieve The Body You Want Without Dieting

Discover Your Weight Loss Blockers

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Those intense food cravings, that trigger to overeat when you’re stressed, that late night emptiness you try to fill with sweets… they are all caused by “weight loss blockers”.

Your weight loss blockers have a terrible power over you. They make it almost impossible to stick to any diet. Even diets that work for other people will fail you. Or if you do lose weight, you eventually gain it all back again. Many women have these blockers, and that’s why it is so hard for them to lose weight.

Weight Loss Blockers are Psychological

These blockers cause psychological addictions to food… so that your brain is programmed to overeat. There are 7 major blockers. You may have just a couple or all 7 of them. But if you don’t know they exist, you have no hope of fighting them. It took me 15 years to uncover all of them and my findings are backed by 30 years of academic research and psychological work with thousands of people.

As long as you have even one single weight loss blocker you will not be able to keep weight off for good. So why do you feel out of control around food? Why do you crave specific foods so badly? Why do you eat when you aren’t hungry? These behaviors originate in the mind. This is proven by the fact that there is a mental solution to losing weight.

A Cure for Cravings

There is a solution to weight loss blockers. A way to find out which weight loss blockers are controlling your behavior. Then there are simple mental exercises to expel them. These exercises get rid of food cravings and end emotional eating for good.

You will be able to eat a cookie or piece of pizza and stop after only a couple of bites… because just a few bites will be enough to satisfy you. You will no longer feel that craze to eat guilt-food until it is all gone or until you feel sick.

Yes, you can eat the foods you love without overdoing it. And what happens when you’re no longer controlled by food? You lose weight. So let’s start with reviewing the 7 weight loss blockers.

The 7 Weight Loss Blockers

1. Your Feelings are Stuck in the Food

If there’s a food (or twenty) that you just can’t say no to, pick one and think back to your first memory of eating that food. Maybe every Sunday dad would take you for ice cream, or mom would bake if you got a good report card in school. This popular weight loss blocker comes from a positive memory you have with someone you love. When you feel stressed, your subconscious mind will revert back to that time and create an association between the loving experience and that specific food. It’s not the food that’s actually giving you those feelings, it’s the memory of that person! All you have to do to remove this blocker is to give your brain information that the good feelings are from the memory, not the food. But it doesn’t take the food away from you! This will allow you to have a few squares of chocolate without needing to polish off the whole bar.

2. I Don’t Want to Make Them Feel Bad

If you have this weight loss blocker, your subconscious mind has made a connection between having success with your weight loss and making someone else feel bad. Perhaps you have a close group of girlfriends and together you’re always trying the latest diet or complaining about your weight. If you no longer struggle with this, how will you connect with these women? Or maybe you’re afraid that if you overcome your weight issues and your significant other or family member stays the same, they will really feel insecure and bad about themselves.

3. What Happened Last Time

This weight loss blocker comes from traumas or wounds from the past. It could be a relocation, divorce, or physical or verbal abuse. Your mind catalogs a list of negative experiences. As an adult, something will trigger you, causing you to run for the cookies. Your subconscious is remembering a similarity between what you’re experiencing now and that traumatic experience from the past.

4. Clean Your Plate

Did your parents tell you growing up that you needed to eat all the food on your plate? Did they make you sit at the table until you finished? Perhaps they scolded you about wasting money, because they worked so hard to put food on the table. Did they threaten you about all the starving children in the world? If you have this weight loss blocker, your brain is wired to eat past your natural hunger cue.

5. I’m Too Sexy

This is the NUMBER ONE subconscious block when it comes to extra weight. If you have this weight loss blocker, you must resolve it first, before any of the others. It comes from receiving negative sexual attention in your life. 80-90% of my students have had this experience. It can be as little as someone looking at you funny – causing you to feel violated – to actual sexual abuse. If someone has ever made you feel sexually uncomfortable in your body, that is sexual abuse. When you have this weight loss blocker, you tend to hold onto extra weight because it adds protection, makes you feel unattractive, and adds a cushion so you don’t get as much sexual attention.

6. You Can’t Make Me

Have you ever told yourself that you are absolutely not going eat after 5 pm, or eat that cookie, or have that 3rd glass of wine? This weight loss blocker is directly related to your willpower, your ability to say no. Your willpower comes from your relationship with your childhood authority figure. What were they like? Were they controlling? Manipulative? Judgmental? How did you respond? Were you a pleaser or a rebel? Now, what happens when you go on a diet? Do you follow and then rebel? To overcome this weight loss blocker, you will need to work out any unresolved feelings about this relationship.

7. But My Tummy’s Not Full

This weight loss blocker stems from when you were 0-2 years old, when you couldn’t communicate your needs to your parents. If you had needs that your caregiver could not interpret and they went unmet, it creates wiring in your mind that carries on for a lifetime. Do you get anxious when you skip a meal? Do you feel overwhelmed? What happens when you go to bed without dinner? If you get anxious when you are just a little hungry you probably have this weight loss blocker.

How many more nights will you spend at home alone, hiding yourself? How many more nights will you have with people you love because you don’t feel good about yourself?

When you discover which of the 7 subconscious weight loss blockers you have, you can finally understand your struggle with weight and food. And how to end it once and for all.

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