How One Black Dress Has Simplified My Life and Set Me Free

She was the fashion industry darling — dressed to perfection.

Every Woman Needs One Black Dress She Feels a Million Dollars In

She was the fashion industry darling — dressed to perfection. The colors of her outfit blended with her natural complexion. Her clothes and accessories flattered her figure creating an image of flawless elegance. Every item complemented the others with precision crafting, part-whole harmony — a work of art. It was clear to all that time, effort, and money had been invested down to the finest detail in order to create a flawless look. But, what stuck in the memory of her beholders was the piece of spinach wedged between her teeth that sparkled when smiled.


That would never happen to me. Not because I wouldn’t be caught with a morsel of spinach between my teeth — I probably have been — but because of my One Black Dress policy, which is all about saving time, effort and … money.

I own One Black Dress, which I dress up or down depending on the occasion. With a broach or a set of pearls I’m ready to attend any evening affair with ease and elegance. A scarf or a shawl give it the professional look, I need for a team meeting at the office. And, when I wear it over a pair of tights with a belt, I feel fab, which is perfect for a girlie lunch in town.

With only One Black Dress and a few simple accessories I never stand before a cluttered closet stressing what to wear. Thanks to my One Black Dress policy I never waste time or money shopping for clothes. Thanks to my One Black Dress policy I am free.

And here’s the thing. I’ve taken my One Black Dress policy to the next level by applying it to other areas of my daily routine to simplify my life.

While I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen — when I have the time and I’m in the mood — I’m known for only two signature dishes — one sweet and one savory. Whenever we’re invited to friends or family for a meal, I choose one or the other. Consequently, I never overthink what to bring or worry whether or not my dish will be a hit. And, because I can make these dishes with my eyes closed and we always have the ingredients in the pantry, preparing them, even on the spur of the moment, is stress-free.

My shopping routine is also based on the One Black Dress policy. For the most part we shop at one grocery store, which we have come to know like the palm of our hands. We don’t waste time looking for the items on our list, and what’s more, because this particular shop doesn’t have a huge selection of brands and products, we never struggle with too many choices. Plus, we enjoy the bonus of warm smiles and friendship that come with being regular customers.

Finally, Social Media. I love interacting with people on Facebook and can easily get drawn into discussions … When logging on it’s so easy to get lost in the jungle of posts like a kid let loose in a candy shop trying to grab it all. But, my One Black Dress policy keeps me sane. I limit the groups I visit. I limit the discussions I engage in. I limit the time I spend online, and make sure it’s only after I’ve gotten everything else done for the day.

My One Black Dress policy is not always easy and has its limitations, but the freedom it brings with it is pure heaven.

It’s time to take control of our lives.

It’s Time 2 Lead!

It’s time to THRIVE!

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