How Leslie T Mitchell Helps People Achieve Work-Life Balance

Learn From Years Worth of Experience & Personal Accounts We live in a world that calls for work-life balance, but what if we can build our business around our lives and be free of all the hassle we have to go through otherwise merely to earn our livelihood and sustain life? Balancing your life and […]

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Learn From Years Worth of Experience & Personal Accounts

We live in a world that calls for work-life balance, but what if we can build our business around our lives and be free of all the hassle we have to go through otherwise merely to earn our livelihood and sustain life? Balancing your life and work will no longer require managing work hours, commitments, and workloads. By creating such a system, you will not only get the freedom and flexibility to live life the way you always wanted, but it will also allow you to plan your future around it. You can do whatever you want, whether it is taking Tuesdays off or traveling for the sake of fun and leisure. Leslie T Mitchell is one such individual who has turned her life around this way. Leslie is a corporate entrepreneur, certified life coach, credit consultant, motivational speaker, corporate trainer, author, and realtor. She has helped corporate executives thrive in multilevel marketing and runs a consulting company, Mind Work Solutions providing services to Fortune 500 companies. She is one of those few people to replace their monthly salary with multiple six-figure income streams in 90 days.

Always Ready for New Challenges!

Being part of so many different yet critical industries, you can already anticipate the ups and downs in her life and the exciting new challenges she faces. She specializes in teaching organizations how to take control of their business through training and development. She teaches people how to take control of their lives through financial education as a Credit Consultant. Her role as a Life Coach enables her to teach people how to master their skills and help them switch from employee to entrepreneur while keeping this transition as smooth as possible. By finding their footing on the balance beam of life, she teaches people how to balance their lives. Aside from her #1 Master Class on Balancing, she is also the author of a book Balancing Act, available on her website. It is also one of the top sellers on Amazon.

Being the Jack of All Trades

They say it is nearly impossible to be the jack of all trades, but sometimes life shows you that all it takes to master most circles of life is sheer dedication, hard work, and firm conviction in GOD! People say that Leslie can transform minds and attitudes! Through her coaching programs, she helps people expand their identity, break out of their self-defeating habits, and embrace a mindset of confidence, and step out of their comfort zone. She equips and empowers people to regain their buying power by changing their three digits (credit-scores).

Starting Your First Business

There is a way to build a business you love and a life you love – and for the two things to fit together like perfect puzzle pieces. You may be thinking about the next step after retirement, planning to start your first business, or looking for your next venture following a successful acquisition. These life-saving tips and personal accounts from Leslie can help you build your business around you instead of tying your life around it.

Trust Building

According to Leslie, we do business with those we trust and like. Being authentic with her followers on social media has been a primary key to her success. She knows that her products and services are available from many other sources. So, she is not focusing solely on promoting them on social media. Nonetheless, her transparency makes her stand out. It makes her relatable when she shares the good, bad, and ugly about herself, her business, and her family.

Revisiting Your Goals Now and Then

Cliche as it may sound, doing what you love starts with actually doing it. It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to focus on what they have always worked in or what brings in the maximum profit. Is your business idea that important to you? Are you dedicated to it? Are your business goals aligned with who you are and how you want to live? These are the questions you may want to consider in this regard. Likewise, Leslie represents her identity and her affiliation through her brand. Her mindset is the same as that of every other person except that she has chosen to believe that she is the person God says she is. Plus, she strives to let that radiance shine through in everything she does.


Having a good work-life balance requires more than one person at the helm. You will have a lot of work to do when you are just getting started. As well as improving your efficiency as a business owner, outsourcing can also help you lead a more enjoyable lifestyle (is that not what we are all looking for?). Therefore, build your business with the intention of outsourcing.

The Beginning is Always Tough

It was not always all sunshine and roses for Leslie. As an employee of Corporate America, she climbed the corporate ladder for 18 years. Unknown to her, this was the beginning of her desire to own her own business. At that time, she did not know what was beyond a 9 to 5 job for her. However, she always knew that there was more to life for her than just doing monotonous jobs.

Change in Leslie’s Viewpoint

She changed her viewpoint on working for someone in 2013. In her absence due to medical reasons, she lost her job. It was not her first dismissal. It was her fourth. Although she usually got her job back after leaving, this time, it was somewhat different. Her intuition told her that it was about time that she needed to make some life adjustments and start her own thing. During that time, she prayed to God to never allow any other person to dictate how much she makes. Then there were also those times when she had problems keeping her credit-score nice and high. However, with the guidance of her father and a sincere friend, she soon managed to come through that.

Take-Home Lessons

Ultimately, it all boils down to the point where having a business you care about means that the culture there should be ethically justified. Hence, finally allowing you to do stuff that aligns with your passion. Regardless of how we measure it, the culture of the workplace greatly influences our happiness at work. Perhaps it can be a good starting point to chase that work-life balance.

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