The Clamour For Perfection: How Hollywood SuperStars Are Working to Remain Lean and Petite

Maintaining the limelight is a big deal for most Hollywood superstars especially since fans judge them by how they look or weigh. We look at how these stars are struggling to keep fit

hollywood stars keeping lean

Different Ways that Hollywood Celebrities are Using to Lose weight and Maintain Some great body Physiques

Fame comes with a dear price tag. It is expensive and celebrities have to work hard so as to maintain their stardom. You never get it on a silver platter. And once you get it, things do not end there. You have to work hard to keep your fanbase wanting more and more. And in this blog post, we look at the struggles of Hollywood stars as they try to remain lean even when age and work comes to them.

We have been observing the lives of celebrities such as Wynonna Judd, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears, Jeniffer Hudson, Mellissa Mccarthy, Dwayne Johnson and John Cena and we can conclude that if their lives is what makes one a Hollywood star, then they are far from being admirable. These stars have to fight to keep lean and with great bodies as well as keeping youthful. With being youthful, they do not have to struggle that much since there are all sorts of anti-aging creams that one can do with and still be able to look well trimmed and non-aging.

It is weight that they mostly struggle with. Women are the worst hit considering that they have to battle with childbirth, demanding husbands, tough jobs and the female hormones. But somehow, they still remain to be young and look cool. So what are they really doing? Well, let us have a look.

  • Use of anorectic supplements or avoiding food altogether
  • Exercise still plays a key role in weight loss
  • Psss… they use diet pills
  • They lift weights

Going for days without food or using anorectic supplements

Some use anorectic supplements to avoid feeding

Yes, you read that right; some Hollywood stars are doing everything to look lean including going for days without food so that they continue looking trim and lean. And well, this has worked judging from the lifestyles of Jenifer Hudson and Kim Kardashian. So, how do they do this?

We found that some use some powerpop lollies that have been shown to actually cut on someone’s body cravings. So they are able to eat less but still remain thin and without feeling as though they are starving.

The good old exercises

Exercising still has a position in Hollywood

There are those who still believe in doing things the old way; by exercising. So on Hollywood streets you will see them cycling, swimming, walking, jogging, squatting and doing any other strenuous exercise that will help them burn up some fats. And truly, it works, though slowly.

Use of secret diet pills

A large section of Hollywood superstars fall under this category that is using secret diet pills to burn up fats. Some of the diet pills being used include garcinia cambogia, alli diet pills, phenq and unique hoodia. Out of the celebrities that we found using some of these diet pills include Wynonna Judd who has actually confessed of using alli diet pills.

Mellissa Mccarthy has also been using garcinia cambogia for the longest time and she says that it has helped her gain her self confidence and feel great about herself.

Weight Lifting

We all know Dwayne Johnson of ‘The Rock’ fame, Jumanji, Scorpion King among other great movies under his name. And if there is one thing that we all admire about Dwayne is his great body. But how does he get such a great body. Well, the Rock does lots of weight lifting exercises. And so does John Cena.

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