How Far Is Too Far?

Choosing to live fearlessly.

The writer at work.

I am oftentimes asked, “When are you going to get off the treadmill, Lisa?” “When are you going to give yourself permission to put the brakes on; take time off in-between projects; treat yourself to a vacation?”

Isn’t every Type-A Personality, consistently asked these questions? Are one’s burning and yearning passions not supposed to be intricately interlocked and interwoven with traces of ‘obsession’? Is obsession always unhealthy? A taboo word? A negative concept? Perhaps a distorted framework?

If this particular fabric of pre-wiring did not exist — if rather, it remained suppressed and stagnant energies — would anything magical in this sphere have ever made the light of day?

Call it an invention, a cure, a gold medal, a masterpiece painting, a platinum album or a bestselling book…why is the so-called end product or the finished outcome always so readily celebrated and yet conversely, the years of grind, hustle, isolation and sacrifice necessary to invest, cultivate and manifest that desired outcome to fruition — often gifted and shared for the enjoyment and benefit of the collective — that place in the middle, if you will — becomes a breeding ground for resentment, ridicule, mockery and misplaced judgement of those who perhaps chose to sideline their way through life?

Why can’t the fruits of someone else’s labour, before they, in fact, become fruits, be as equally if not more so celebrated than the actual victory lap itself?

Is it a ‘sin’ or self-destructive or even foolish when someone chooses to go all-in on their dreams, their passions, their life’s purpose just because one can, in fact, visualize a bigger picture for themselves regardless of whether or not anyone else can share in that same vision with them or for them?

Public slam dunks only become spectator events as a result of one repetitiously honing and mastering in private the adopted mindset, habits, and fierce commitment to self-discipline, which transforms and shifts the private anguishing into public celebration.

So how far is too far? How often and how hard should one persistently grind and toil in the sandbox so as to outstretch their own limitations and barriers? And why do we Type A’s feel compelled to overexert and continuously deliver on a daily basis, especially when working with the foundation of knowledge which supports that nothing is guaranteed — not the paycheck, not the credit, not even the desired outcome necessarily — nothing — so why do we do it and how far is too far?

Of course, I can only ever speak for myself, and I find my core truth reminding me every single day of how fleeting time is; how short-lived our physical presence on this planet can be within any one given moment to the next, and in knowing this to be true, and in the pursuit of always choosing to honour myself, I will always much prefer to ask myself the question of “How Far Is Too Far?” as compared to the alternative…“Was It Far Enough?”

At the end of each day of which I am graciously afforded the additional opportunity to have received, and to have lived, I am only intrinsically interested in knowing and believing within myself — whether I chose to rise, if I chose to grow, to learn, to expand and to risk — essentially did I choose to LIVE FEARLESSLY, and if my own inner truth always responds with a resounding ‘YES’, then I am fulfilled in the knowledge that I traveled and journeyed the distance which was precisely intended for me — not too far and more than far enough!

LISA McDONALD is a Canadian-based author, blogger, speaker and radio and television personality. Her weekly radio show, “Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald,” on the Contact Talk Radio Network, is heard in over 145 countries and has over 160,000 podcast subscribers.

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