How Extraordinary Leader Create Leadership Episode #2

Be Careful Of “Smart”

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Are you tired to be “looser” leader? Are you ready to change it and move forward to the extraordinary successful management?

If you say yes, I have to tell you the changing will be extremely easy!

The thought is different from science or technology development. I can surely confirm the real mind-revolution would happen just in one moment. Self improvement is not difficult like the mathematics. It is just part of your life like take the subway to your office everyday. The most important thing is to find out the right train to take.

Self improvement continues in China history for more than thousand years. “ I introspect myself for three times every day! ”, Zen Zi said more than two thousands years ago who was an influential Chinese philosopher and disciple of Confucius.

Of course, it is not common for the excellent leader to doubt themselves. They shall be very confident on what they decide and what they do. Or not, they will be considered as indecisive person. The despising authority would come along with the doubt from the leader’s mind.

The introspection we mentioned must be positive, constructive and with full of joy. You have to embrace on the self-reflection. Since it is the basic training for the new leaders. And the self-reflection will lead you to recognize yourself more clearly which will be the foundation of successful self-improvement.

You should trust that entrepreneurship and excellent leading can be practice perfectly. The successful leadership can be disciplined as well.

To take the steps for self improvements, here are some practical “mind massages” to get your brain warm for further mind-revolutions. In this article, we are going to start from the “ smart one ”.

Be careful of your “ smart ”

No matter if it is developed country or developing country, there are so many genius in the society. When someone did god math, we conclude that they are smart. You maybe have the same impression to yourself. Since you are the key middle manager or you are just promoted to the management level, what you think in your mind is sort of “ I am smart! ”. I can not tell you how dangerous you are or you were. The reality will instruct you the tough situation you will meet.

“ I am smart! ” will make you to underestimate your team members capability. It could guid you to do the wrong decisions without awareness. It make me recall the experience to work with BCS’s trade business leader in China office. The manager was pointing to the crystallization in his outsource liquid pesticide formulation and said, “ I do not think the crystallization is serious problem if we outsource such novel pesticide formulation from the local manufacturer in China. ”. I was totally shocked by his point of view. The liquid pesticide formulation request the active ingredients and other surfactant shall be very stable to the liquid system. The crystallization meant that one of active ingredient came out from the “ stable system ” and it would never to show efficacy to the target weed. In short, crystallization is disaster of pesticide liquid formulation.

What I can image the reason of the BCS trade leader’s comments is his limitation on basic knowledge of pesticide formulation. However, the “ smart ” manager did not recognize the limitation. “ I am smart ” killed his excellent opportunity to show how big potential of pesticide formulation technology cooperation between BCS with local Chinese suppliers.

“ I am smart ” is definitely the block for your leadership development. In some cases, it will be the obstacle between the high efficient communication in your team. The “ smart guy ” will also overestimate the result of their team’s effort without common notification on potential risk like slight crystallization. .

The lower you lay down, the higher you touch. So be careful your “ smart ”. The first step of self-improvement is the daily ordinary introspection like what Zeng Zi told us two thousands years ago.

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