How does stress affect women’s health?

Stress can cause hormonal changes, alter the menstrual cycle and problems in sexual desire, according to an expert.

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Overworked businesswoman suffering from headache and thinking how to end work
Overworked businesswoman suffering from headache and thinking how to end work

The stress in women can cause hormonal changes, alterations in the menstrual cycle, problems in sexual desire, even -Lack amenorrhea or disappearance of menstruation – that if associated with low estrogen levels for a very long period, can cause bone decalcification and atrophy of genital organs due to a high level of tension.

This was noted in many women’s health blog decide to embark on the adventure of making everything compatible, trying to take everything under control ” and are exposed daily to high cross demands both at work and at home generating high levels of chronic stress.

In this way, by maintaining high levels of stress hormones throughout the day, physical symptoms can appear from headaches, contractures, intestinal problems, heart problems to a fall in the immune system.

It is the so-called ‘ chronic stress syndrome’ that can appear with psychological symptoms such as anxiety, frustration, irritability, anxiety, depression, or chronic fatigue among others. With all this, the ability to have more children can also be affected since the stressed woman is not in optimal psychological or physical conditions to become a mother again.

Hormonal changes

The specialist in Gynecology has explained that alterations in the menstrual cycle are one of the changes that women with high levels of tension can present, even those who have regular menstruation, they can become irregular.

Likewise, in order to enjoy a normal and pleasant sexual life, various factors must influence, such as physical health, emotional tranquility and that all the senses are focused on the intimate moment.

However, the high levels of worry and anxiety caused by high levels of tension “hinder the mechanisms of your normal sexual response. Physically, it is presented in several ways highlighting vaginal lubrication,” says the doctor.

Fertility decrease

Severe stress can alter the female reproductive system, as it can cause amenorrhea or absence of menstruation that often occurs in women who are subject to situations of great anxiety.

But, another important risk factor for both menstrual alterations and difficulty in achieving pregnancy is poor diet , which often leads to weight losses responsible , in turn, for alterations, in the same way as stress, of the hypothalamus axis -hypothesis-gonadal.

In health magazine, the negative influence of alcohol, drugs and tobacco, not only at the gynecological level but in all aspects of women’s health. Therefore, all those situations that in one way or another affect the proper functioning of the ovaries and can negatively influence ovulation, affect the reproductive health of women.

Regarding stress, in many occasions, to try to relieve it, we adopt unhealthy behaviors, since there is a certain tendency to poor diet, tobacco and / or alcohol. These behaviors can make us feel better in the short term, but in the long run, they are “harmful.” On the other hand, it is recommended to practice physical activity, perform relaxation techniques or simply develop some motivating activity.

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