How do I choose the Wedding ring? Complete Guide.

Different metals come in different colors, appearance, durability, strength and price.

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Gold: Gold has always been a classic and timeless choice for a wedding band. The natural warm look and the beautiful luster make the golden wedding ring a romantic and sought-after metal. Gold is a measurable metal in carats and has 24 parts. Pure gold is measured as 24ct gold and is too soft to make jewelry. So it has to be mixed with other metals to form a ring. 18ct gold contains 75% pure gold, 14ct gold contains 58.5% pure gold and 9ct gold contains 37.5% pure gold. The hardness and durability of gold varies by carat. You can choose the desired carat as you wish.

Palladium: As a member of the platinum family, palladium has a beautiful natural silver-white color. The white and shiny metal makes for a rich look. Its durability is high and this makes the palladium ring a lifelong piece. The biggest advantage of palladium is a low weight. For detailed designs, palladium is a great choice. In addition, palladium is one of the rarest precious metals in the world, making it particularly interesting because of its uniqueness and longevity.

Platinum: The most prestigious metal for a wedding ring is definitely platinum. Platinum has a very high resistance, making it heavier than other metals. He is 30 times rarer than gold and 40% heavier than 14K gold. The density, purity, and rarity make the platinum wholesale engagement rings extremely valuable and a keeper because it is durable for years. In addition, its satin sheen and its beautiful soft-white color have a natural, stunning look.

Silver: The bright white-gray of silver is like the reflection of the moon on the sea. The luminosity of this beautiful metal fits perfectly with every gemstone. Silver is also very soft, which is why it is alloyed with other metals to increase its durability. 925 silver contains 92.5% pure silver. This gives the ring a beautiful look and a natural brilliance. The striking shine of silver is very attractive with its contemporary look.

How should I choose the color?

The color is an attribute that can be associated with the style. It is important to pay attention to whether the colors match well if the person wearing the jewelry already has other pieces. On the other hand, different diamond colors symbolize different impressions.

Yellow Gold: The warm glow of yellow gold welcomes you with sunshine brightness. It is a classic yet trendy, and its light effect will also be preserved over time. The natural, beautifully sparkling yellow color blends in perfectly with any style and is perfect for classic lovers because it never goes out of fashion. The ever-bright appearance is for a lifetime, just like your wedding. The timeless quality will stay on your finger forever.

White Gold: The whiteness of white gold gives a contemporary and unique look. Its consistency is stronger and it’s a great alternative if your budget is limited. White gold offers a cool and refined shine and its popularity continues for years. The reflective look of the surface offers an original and elegant luxury. The futuristic, modern and beautiful look shows your self-confidence.

Rose Gold: The bright and stylish Pinkston is very popular with its soft and elegant appearance. Its copper alloy gives the metal a beautiful pink hue and the trend is increasing day by day. With romantic appeal rose gold stands for love, feminine look and copper give the metal durability. The vintage-style wedding bands look great because the enchanting beauty really provides an amazing magnet for any ring style.

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