How Dating Yourself Enhances Your Well-Being

Who would’ve thought hey? But true it is.

Who would’ve thought hey? But true it is.

I mean really…when have you EVER been on date with yourself?

Initially the concept seemed awkward and weird when it was first presented to me in a self-development book I was reading and implementing.

But I have been lovingly dating myself for 3 years now and I can honestly say it is the most empowering, freeing, calming and confidence building exercise I have done for myself.

“ Why is that Ingrid?”

Oh gorgeous I’m so glad you asked. (;

If you are a giver. If you are always anwering ‘how are you?’ with ‘ Oh SO busy.’ If you catch yourself out constantly saying you don’t have time for yourself. If you think you are happy when everyone else is put first.


Having this time to yourself, doing something that lights you up, will close down those tabs you have open in your head; allow you to breathe and be with the moment; help you develop a greater appreciation for life; AND THE BIG ONE…….. fill up your self love cup.

THEN all of those around you benefit from the overflow. It’s pure magic.

I am a better mother, sister, coach and mentor, friend and human being because of it.

Now don’t get me wrong! This isn’t your silver bullet to self love and being stress free. BUT it will open up and create so much more space for you to learn more about yourself and reflect on where you are in your life, where you’d like to be, how you’d like to contribute more to creating a change that’s greater than you, what is REALLY important to you, how you can focus your energy into the people and things that really matter, what’s stopping you from moving forward into a better version of YOU… many insights and inspirational to-do’s simply by dating yourself and having your time.

Here’s some ideas for your first date. Remember, first dates won’t be perfect so accept it for what it is and learn from that to accelerate your next one.

::> Go to the movies

::> Make yourself a picnic and go be near a body of water

::> Take yourself out for dinner and a wine

::> Leave your phone at home and go sit in nature for at least one hour

::> Have a weekend away

::> Grab your fave book and sit in a cafe, on the beach or in the park

::> Get a delicious coffee or green smoothie and go window shopping or walking around

::> Download a new podcast or audio book and lie on the grass or inside in the sun

::> Attend an event by yourself.

::> Dance. Whenever. Wherever. Like NOBODY is watching

::> Swim in the ocean

::> Pick a spot, sit, journal.

…….add and create your own list. This list is limitless and constantly evolving.

Make time for a date with the gorgeous creature that is you at least once a fortnight.


Expect to feel silly. Possibly awkward. It’s not after the first couple. You will have a sense that everyone is watching you and judging you. They’re not. You will get distracted by others around you. Don’t. People you know may ask to join you. Decline them with love.

Get caught up with yourself and fall in love with dating yourself my lovely human. This will empower you to fall in love with yourself too.

You may even get emotions and feelings come up that you’ve been banging down for so long because you’ve been “too busy”. Take this as a good sign. Be with whatever comes up and let it flow through you.

It’s all part of the dating process gorgeous.

Lastly…NO BS EXCUSES AND STORIES. We all have 24hrs in our day. It’s simply how you prioritise where they go. We can’t create MORE time. So make the most of the time you have and know that you are important in the puzzle of your life.

Important enough to date.

Think about it. If you were to go on actual first date wth someone and really clicked, you’d make more time to see them again. And that would become even more frequently. Because you enjoyed your time together.


You either commit to your BS or you commit to your growth. You can’t do both.

Love + Empowerment,

Ingrid xoxo

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