How can you make winter amazing at this time of the COVID 19 pandemic? Some fun-loving and easy strategies to follow mindfully

At this time of the COVID 19 pandemic, around the world, social distancing is being practiced, and winter is around the corner. This time winter is different for everyone. Therefore, people have been focusing on indoor activities and festivities, given the fact that outdoor activities are not feasible at this time, despite a few sports, […]

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At this time of the COVID 19 pandemic, around the world, social distancing is being practiced, and winter is around the corner. This time winter is different for everyone. Therefore, people have been focusing on indoor activities and festivities, given the fact that outdoor activities are not feasible at this time, despite a few sports, for instance, hiking, playing in snow and ice hockey etc

There are some ways despite the freezing temperature, a winter can be made or spent enjoyable. It is up to the folks, what approaches are being adopted for a wonderful and awesome winter. Some fun-loving and easy strategies to follow mindfully. There you come

Structure your day: For having control of the actions are the foundation of a structure. At this time of the COVID 19 pandemic, while social distancing law is being imposed for safety reasons, structure your day mindfully and purposefully. The structure of the day will not only set a direction but set the tone of the day. The task can be prioritized based on the need, for instance, urgent task, important and the task can be done later on. Food for thought: Structure some activities every day that soothes one’s emotional and physical well being. It will support you to better cope with the winter influence at this time of the COVID 19 pandemic

Find some joy, fun and pleasure: It’s not a big deal to add some enjoyment, delight and pleasure to your life every day. There are some minor things but having a tremendous influence on one’s vitality. It’s your ingenuity, creativity and according to your taste, try to find, encounter or create something that gives immense pleasure, giggle or smile on your face. Food for thought: Discover your zone of pleasure or contentment and reflect on it. It might take a few days to discover or recognize and make it a part of life 

Find some time with a loved one: It has a significant impact on your mood and comforts your emotional needs. Loved one might be your parents, children, spouse, partner, buddies, relatives or any other relationship. You are always comfortable/satisfied with them and enjoying their presence. Food for thought: whenever you are with a loved one, try to avoid operating mobile or any other electronic gadgets. Be present not only physically but emotionally or mindfully. It will not only strengthen your connection but take it to the next level

Find some passion for creativity: Creativity is invariably connected with contentment and satisfaction in one’s life, given the fact that, creativity comes with imagination and fantasy. Every individual has some level of creativity, and imagination, try to reflect on it. It might be an artistic skill that is unknown or writing skills, blogging, painting or anything that comes under creativity. It does not only help you to express your emotions but boosts your level of satisfaction in life. Once you discover that passion, pursue it mindfully at this time of the COVID 19 pandemic

Celebrate daily: It does not require a huge investment, merely making a few modifications in your life, festivities can be created every day. For instance, at the breakfast table, if you just dressed up nicely, make your hair and apply light makeup, believe me, it can change the environment instantly and having a positive impact on your mood too. Give it a try. A delicious meal can be cooked and set up a table with special ceramics, adding fresh blossoms and lit a candle is another awesome idea. You can make your own environment according to your taste and preference. Be innovative and follow your vision mindfully

Find some ME time daily: It signifies an uninterrupted moment for relaxing/calming and soothing time for yourself at this time of the COVID 19 pandemic. Me time might be a 15-minute break from the daily tasks but it is up to you to have 2 to 4 breaks per day. You can surpass it if you desire or you can create a 30-minute break. Me time can be utilized by listening to the favourite music, having a cup of tea or coffee and enjoying every sip mindfully, just seating peacefully and converse to your self, take a short nap, reading a favourite novel or book, heading for a trek and enjoy nature, having a warm bath and lit some scented candles. The most important part is that you can create an environment and flavour for soothing your feelings and emotions

Connect spiritually: Spiritual connection is to connect to the soul. Spending some time in nature will enable us to create a connection between nature and the soul. It might be walking to the valley, seeing sunrise or sunset, observing the full moon, enjoying the rain, closely watching plants and their shade/texture and visiting the nearby garden. All of the activities are free and available by nature to connect spiritually. Give it a try and notice the difference. Offer some time to pray and gratitude. It will help to heal your soul, restore energy, and bring sustainability at this time of the COVID 19 pandemic. It is linked with spiritual healing and a healthy soul

Dinner time: It is the most significant moment for the family to get together. Everyone back from an active schedule, and wants to hook. If it is prepared wisely, will be valuable for everyone. Create some regulations for this cherished moment. Dinner time has to be mobile free time, no gadgets permitted, the TV must be turned off, listen mindfully and appreciate each other. Remember! dinner time is not for settling disputes but to connect and strengthen a relationship. Try to communicate the best piece of the day, it will allow to freshen up the mood and lighten the energy flow

Focus on your physical health: Eat nutritious and healthy food including fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, protein, and try to avoid processed/packaged food and prefer homemade meals, given the fact that the spread of novel coronavirus at this time of the COVID 19 pandemic. Nutritious food not only boost your level of energy but will also help to strengthen the immunity system and fighting the novel coronavirus. Focus on exercise, physical hygiene and adequate sleep will also help to boost the immunity system

Nurture your social needs: It is said that humans are social animals. Social needs are built-in and it is required to nurture more often for resiliency and connectivity. At this time of COVID 19 pandemic, with practicing social distancing, social needs emerging at a higher level than before. In many ways, social need can be addressed adequately, for instance, arrange a virtual party with your buddies and cousins, taking a virtual tour of any museum, art gallery or any garden, join virtually yoga, meditation or wellness group to nurture your needs and attend the precious events virtually including weddings, birthdays, engagements, ceremonies, rituals, welcomes, farewells and even a baby shower and a newborn welcome

Plan something soothing and relaxing: It’s your way to relax and soothe yourself at this time of COVID 19 pandemic. Be creative and mindful. Anything that affects you positively and de-stress you. Same activity relaxing for someone and boring for others. Recreational activities with buddies or children, listening to classical music, savanna bath, pedicure, manicure, sometimes head massage with oil gives you a soothing and relaxing effect

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