How An Unfaithful Man Turned Honest

Relationship & Growth Coach

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I recently had the opportunity to chat with Stefanos Sifandos who facilitates transformational growth through neuro-empowerment practices, an integration of spiritual praxis and western psychology to improve and enhance the quality of your relationships. Stefanos believes that intimate relationships and sacredness in union is a direct path to enlightenment and freedom. I got to ask him about his backstory and here is what he had to say.

In your own words, what’s your story? How did you get to where you are today Stefanos?

My story is one that is shared with many. I grew up in a physically abusive and emotionally abusive household. I felt isolated, mis or not understood, left to figure out life on my own and as a result I initially withdrew from the world. This was painful for me. I was bullied, not accepted by others, didn’t have friends, had a hard relationship with food.

As a teenager I became so frustrated that I went the opposite direction. Instead of being passive and withdrawn, shy and alone. I became loud, obnoxious, frustrated, aggressive and would fight a great deal. I took my frustrations and anger in to adulthood and still hid fro the world, but through anger and rage.

My business suffered, my relationships suffered, I was never happy

It must have been really hard for you growing up. So, what happened after that?

I then hit a wall. My relationship many years ago unravelled, I was extremely unfaithful in that relationship and I was exposed. I felt deep guilt and remorse. Then shame and pain… I had two choices, ignore this or do something about it… I chose the latter and it was a deep dive personal growth journey in to self. Although I had been in personal development for years, I never went deep like this.

And I grew massively. My sense of self and masculinity expanded. I did the work. I focused, I opened my heart, I practiced compassion, I read, was in solitude, sought guidance from spiritual healers, mentors, psychologists, guides, mystics and so much more. I went all in and the result is who you see today.

I am deeply happy in my relationship with my fiancee, my businesses are thriving and importantly, I live an authentic and congruent life.

That is so great how you overcame that and had major growth! Thank you for sharing your story Stefanos. Do you have any last words of advice for readers?

Growth is always. It doesn’t stop and it needn’t stop and the only way to grow is not through pain only. There are other ways… commit to you and your life will unfold.

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