Holiday Mantra

A mantra should be given at the right moment, to the right person, with the right mental attitude to produce the right effect.

A mantra is a word or expression that means to transcend thought and bring consciousness to a higher level by repeating it over and over. The word mantra means to free you from worries or obsessing by repeating a sound over and over. Originally a mantra was thought to be a mystical sound heard by sages when in a deep state of meditation. These mystical sounds were then passed on to the sage’s disciples. A mantra is a way of fixing the mind upon peace and tranquility enabling one to reach a deeper level of consciousness. Although mystical and metaphysical in nature, mantras are also considered, “thought-form.” Ultimately all things that exist in the universe are thoughts formed within consciousness. In other words, you are what you think, speak and do.

For a mantra to be effective it must first be activated in thought-form. Then you must take mental or physical action consistent with the thought-form and finally you must develop the attitude of devotion so that you can crystalize the thought-form into your life. We sometimes mistakenly call this positive thinking when in fact it simply means what you think and repeat is what you become.

You should practice one mantra over and over until it releases its potency. Here in lies the problem; staying focused and positive in a world of distraction and confusion. The chanting of many mantras at once can dilute the effectiveness. How many times throughout the day do we repeat a positive thought only to have it hijacked by stress, disappointment and anger?

A mantra should be given at the right moment, to the right person, with the right mental attitude to produce the right effect. A mantra that is given in this way comes from the soul of the one who gives the mantra. Just remember when you repeat something over and over it is useless without the right attitude.

Here’s a mantra I have written just for you in hopes of helping you celebrate a happy and healthy holiday season. It is not about what the mantra means but about finding some degree of peace and happiness that makes a mantra meaningful.

As the season approaches, dash, dance and prance, avoid the vixens, flash like a comet, love like cupid, be heard like Donner and seen like Blitzen, and never underestimate the power of Rudolph!- by: Doctor Lynn

Not just for the Holidays, but all year through – in life dash, dance and prance, it’s good for your health. Avoid the vixens. Spitefulness disrupts peace. Flash a big smile like a comet and light up someone’s life. Love like cupid because love is the best gift of all. Donner means to bestow so speak up and bestow kindness to all you meet. Like Blitzen see the light where others see the dark. And like Rudolph never underestimate the power of the underdog.

A mantra is a process just like priming a pump. Once the water is lifted it just keeps flowing. Happy Holidays!

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn

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