High-Performance Coach: Veronica Natzia – The Rocky Road to Success

How do you become successful? Some may wonder if there’s some success gene that people are born with, or if success is something that is desired, created, and attained. It’s easy to point out a successful person from a crowd but requires deep analysis to understand how they achieved that success. Through the journey of […]

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How do you become successful? Some may wonder if there’s some success gene that people are born with, or if success is something that is desired, created, and attained. It’s easy to point out a successful person from a crowd but requires deep analysis to understand how they achieved that success. Through the journey of a successful high-performance coach, we venture to answer this question. 

Identifying Obstacles

Veronica Natzia. Her humble beginnings take us back to New York at the turn of the millennium. A Master’s student and full-time employee finds herself feeling trapped, anxious, and in search of answers. She has lived her life, thus far, in accordance with societal standards. What now? The next step expected of her is to get married. So she takes it. Now married with a child, Veronica still feels unfulfilled and even more exhausted. She has no one to talk to, in fear of judgment and criticism. The pressure of being a good partner and wife is mounting.

Making a Decision and Taking Action 

The turning point of her life knocks at her door. Unprepared, yet she takes the leap. In what she refers to as “the bravest and most irresponsible thing I have ever done”, Veronica leaves everything behind. She doesn’t have a plan but knows that she has to let go of the life that is causing her to be unhappy. “Making that decision was both terrifying and liberating,” says Veronica, “While I felt brave and started to feel like I had my own identity again, there were repercussions for my actions.” Those repercussions include her becoming homeless on the street, with the responsibility of not only herself but her one-year-old child. 

Climbing an Uphill Battle

The harsh circumstances led Veronica to question her decision. Her guilt arose as she struggled to provide daily essentials for her son, all in search of a fulfilling life. “It would have been so easy to just give up on my dreams, lose myself back into the monotony that was slowly killing my spirit,” says Veronica. However, she did not opt for the easy way out. Rather, she continued to strive. She took the chance to reflect, become more self-aware, and identify her strengths and her weaknesses. She worked with the resources available to her, she made her own opportunities and she continued to move forward despite the challenges that lay ahead. 

Where is Veronica today?

Veronica Natzia is a renowned High-performance Coach, Chief Operating Officer at an international enterprise, and happy mother of two. She helps women take control and create the life they want. Her purpose is to help others, her vision is to impact as many lives as she possibly can. Her goal is to collaborate with other inspiring, motivating, powerful individuals on the journey towards fulfilling her mission to end child hunger.

Veronica’s journey is one of challenges, setbacks, and obstacles. At the same time, Veronica’s journey is one of resilience, energy, and ambition. It is in overcoming the former that one can truly attain success. 

If you are looking to create the life you want, Veronica affirms a simple yet powerful exercise that she began during her transformation. 

The Power of a Pen

Isolation gave Veronica the opportunity to reflect and become more self-aware. “I started keeping a journal. I would write down my thoughts, my feelings, ideas, and goals. This is something that I’ve later learned, is a simple yet essential tool in the success of many people,” says Veronica. Writing down your goals and visualizing them brings them to a greater sort of reality. At the same time, this increases your self-awareness, and consequently, your transformation.

When doing this exercise, keep in mind, to be honest with yourself. Self-awareness is the first step to transformation. Just as Veronica says, “If we’re not honest with ourselves, it is impossible to grow and improve.”

Step 1: Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. 

When Veronica first started this exercise, she had a whole list of self-identified weaknesses, and merely three strengths. “I find that it’s really hard for people to see their own strengths,” says Veronica. This is a big part of building self-confidence. “When I am coaching people, we spend a lot of time working on uncovering strengths. People tend to find it easier to criticize themselves than to see their own strength and value.” 

Step 2: Super strengthen your strengths. 

Well what about my weaknesses, you ask? Veronica says, “The way I see it.  You can spend your time trying to correct your weaknesses, make them less of a weakness, or if you’re really lucky, maybe make it into a strength. Do that with every weakness and maybe you’ll be ready to start succeeding right around the same time as you’re ready to retire… or, you can take your strengths and double down on them. Focus on what you’re already good at. What you already care about, what already motivates you, and do more of that!” She notes that we tend to enjoy what we are already good at, and by putting time into those things, we become even better. This leads to an upward spiral. 

Step 3: Take a deep dive. 

Take your weaknesses and put a giant X through them; Veronica says to ignore the weaknesses for now. Focus on your strengths. Beside each one, write down how you can be even better. What could you do with this strength that could better your situation? What could you do to make this strength work for you? Veronica says that a constant loop of self-improvement comes from a lack of self-esteem and is extremely destructive. “I believe that this sort of cycle comes from the way society has been structured and I feel that this was part of the issue for me when I was struggling. But rejecting the idea that ‘I’m not good enough’, and instead focus on being great at what I love, and forgetting about the things I’m not good at, or don’t like. It sounds simple, but there are not many who do this.  I promise that if you do, it is not only liberating, but it is empowering.”

This daily practice enabled Veronica to get off the street, build a life for her now two children, and support them as a strong and independent mother.

The Power You Seek Is Within You.

If you want to create the life you want, make the decision, as Veronica did, and stay resilient. As Veronica explains, “Most of our lives we live in uncertainty and we continuously seek for certainty externally – and by doing so we are simply looking for that certainty in the wrong places. We are the certainty- our strengths are our certainty. We all have a choice and once we realize and embrace that we not only get certainty but we get stronger, we not only overcome challenges but gain confidence, we build resilience to face future challenges and we not only succeed, we soar.

To get in touch with Veronica, follow her on Instagram: @veronicanatzia

You can book a complimentary discovery call with Veronica to find out how you can start creating the life you want.

To take advantage of the 12-week High-Performance program, or learn more about 1:1 coaching, visit veronicanatzia.com.

Writing Credit: Aaisha Ali

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