Hidden Gems, In Pawn Shop Mines: Adolphus Bell #BlackAmericanHer/History360 #BlackAmericanMusic

A Look At The Late ADOLPHUS BELL, and His Performance Of The Song, "Pawn Shop!"

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They say that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Isn’t it interesting how the most beautiful things are found in the spaces and places, where we least expect them to be. Life is a mystery in that way. Often times, you have to go into those spaces, which have been most neglected (or cheapened) by humanity. The shame of it all is that such spaces are often ignored and neglected, for those not having the eyes to value, see, and appreciate their beauty. All too often, very few people ever find such precious treasures; let alone are aware of their existence. Yet, when you have those lucky few, who do, make sure to listen to the story, behind them.

Sometimes, it takes some of those curious Beings to actually go through life’s adventures. Venturing through certain explorations in order to come across those treasured gems. They are hidden in places, that we least expect. Nevertheless, they are there; awaiting for someone to find them.

One of the blessings of musicianship is how it is used, as a map for any kind of treasure hunt. Whether it’s talking about a certain location, place, or space, music has a way of moving us into that certain direction. Furthermore, it’s part of an artistic endeavor in one of life’s major teachings. Life has a way of teaching us certain lessons when it comes to directing us into those hidden gems. There is a level of abundance and awakening; as such tasks provide us with the tools and virtues on what truly matters in this world. Those truest gems provide a unique lens into what it means to move through different arenas, through this destination called, life! Exploring new territory and terrain forces a person to tap into life’s most intimate secrets. Those, who are willing to go through the journey are in for a real surprise, when it comes to what they are to discover and explore.

And so, we have something as simple as a pawn shop. Well, supposedly, it’s not as simple as we have thought it to be. When reflecting upon something as simple as a pawn shop, what are the particular images, which comes to mind? For starters, we have certain imagery, as it correlates to junk, used items, and things that other people do not want. There are a number of those toxic items, which finds themselves being locked up in storage; awaiting someone to see value in their worth.

Writing a song about a pawn shop is a personal narrative, diary, when it comes to moving through particular artistry. As an artist, or musician, when you enter into a pawn shop, you are not simply going there to buy. Whatever trinket, instrument, or item you are looking for, has to match your persona. It has to also match your spiritual journey, and your human existence. Whatever it must be, there must be assurance, that it is matching your particular human shaping. For one particular individual, it was the guitar, which serve as the precious jewel. From the very moment it is played, there is an awakening into those small town stories.

Should a musician frequent the pawn shop on more than occasion, a certain relationship is bound to be established with the owner. After a while, it becomes part of you. Sooner or later, it comes to be part of your rhythm, beat, vibe, and overall walk. That’s just what happened, concerning one particular musician. The pawn shop became part of his musicianship. Finally, it became the title of a song, and its name was “Pawn Shop.” Let’s take one journey into one treasure chest, in time.

Adolphus Bell


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