Heroes of Maldives

The 2016 "Message of Peace" Concert Series and Meeting Habeys Boduberu

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(This photograph was taken by Award-winning, Maldivian fashion designer, photographer, and public figure-Mohamed Shafy at the 2016, "Message of Peace," Concert Series inside the Cairo Opera House)

In the Spirit of travel, a nation produces heroes.  Those, whose duty it is to represent the cultural abundance, and richness, of one’s homeland.  A walking, breathing his/herstory book-a living testament for the existence and continuation of one’s culture. 

Traveling from a myriad of lands, where the waters look as if made from the crushing of emeralds, dipped in sparkling glitter.  Her waters are clues into the beauty of the Earth, before human’s greed. Before the raping of her lands, and expulsion of her sanctity.  And here, in this conglomerate of lands, humans understand, and respect her existence.  And in their coming to Cairo, Egypt, they would spread this aura to Egyptian people. 

(Photograph By Mohamed Shafy; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Venturing to the 2016, Message of Peace concert series, musicians and singers from all over the world would come to perform one of the sacred medicines of the human Spirit. . .music.  It truly is the voice of the Soul.  Having arrived later, after their performance, it became clear that the Universe had other plans. 

When people talk of Soul connection, or Soul recognition, too many see it as “a theory.” One of those silly vibes only “the Spiritual” relates to.” However, reality sets in.  Such wasn’t the case one beautiful night, when a daughter of Black America’s soiling stepped foot inside of the Cairo Opera House, Summer 2016.  

(Photograph By Mohamed Shafy; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Their performance was over, but she had come, and there they were.  Four, young men, embodying the marriage of. . .4.  Watching them, and feeling the ecstasy of their Spirits, combined, was proof of heaven’s existence.  Standing by myself, observing the space, they had approached me.  Asking if I enjoyed the concert, or saw their performance. . .rather.  Having to decline on receiving a glimpse of being blessed by their performance. . .the conversation continued.  

(Photograph By Mohamed Shafy; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Movement. . .Movement. . .Movement. . .

Feeling, and seeing, the pattern of movement is one of the blessings of Egypt.  And it’s exciting to watch the Universe work movement through people. Even those foreign Spirits, coming to visit her.  

The manager of the group connected us together for a photo opportunity.  Capturing the art of the Universe’s ability to combine differing personas and characters.  We all had traveled from waters and skies. . .afar.  Varying journeys leading us hereto, that present moment.  Numbers were exchanged, and other contact details shared.  Promising affirmations were made for meetings in the coming days.

Habeys Bodeburu would be traveling to different areas of the city, sharing the Beauty of Maldives; and the Maidens who birthed her.  The time for Maldivian Maidens to sing their own tales of water will come.  Polishing beauties, and auras, of their unique Paradise in Asian lands.  Part of the enchantment arises in their bringing of this story to a distant land.

With their cultural attire, and musical artistry, hand in hand, the sounds of Maldives complemented their light to Cairo’s already existing magic.  

(Photograph By Mohamed Shafy; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Anticipation. Imagination. 

What colors and Universal designs would arise, as energies of the two cultures would mix?  Isn’t that the wonder of imagination?  And isn’t it the wonder of Cairo (and Egypt) to see the artwork (and masterpieces) of visiting gardens, once their artistry combines with a re-freshness; showing the intricacies of humanity.

One of the beauties of Habeys Bodeburu is the reflection of their music to their own natural landscapes.  Surrounded by the lush and jeweled bounties of their own waters, you are reminded of the pulsations and heartbeats of their surrounding palette.  Images smoothly saturate the human mind.  Wander and mystique peaks the interest of those, seeing and hearing the majesty of a distant land.  The islands of Maldives can be described as a string of black pearls, floating on water.  Sparkling, and decorated for delightful pleasures-even in the context of maps (those treasured manifestations, turning symbols and lines into artistry).

(Photograph By Mohamed Shafy; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Precious nights of conversing on the up and coming excitement; happening in the Maldivian entertainment industry.  The hearing of one Maldivian Maiden.  Her talent for reflecting the magical world of tourism and travel; led by one woman to understand that IMAGE, is the nourishment of travel.  When the capture of travel becomes evident, through image,  fiction becomes reality. The two become complementary reflections of the other.  They become one.  That is the power of imagination, when captured with image.

Another enchanted beauty of Habeys Bodeburu’s  journey to Cairo, Egypt for the “Message of Peace,” concert series, was their. . .image! Their cultural attire was a reflection of their spiritual design.  The spiritual design of their people, their movement, and particular representations of human existence.  Evermore, was a snippet into an idea of Maldivian women.  Their understanding of womanhood, and how they define, paint, and design the aesthetics of their garden.

(Photograph By Mohamed Shafy; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

Hopefully, their visit to Egypt will be soon.  A unique quality to be colored with Egypt’s own maidens and womanhood.  

And so, as the ambassadors of Maldives set sail for home, they left clues of their own collection of paradises. . .behind.

And sailing away, the Nile echoed the heartbeats of their performance.  Storing it as a memory base for visitors, who balanced on her waters.  Awaiting to hear heartbeats of other waters, for the heroes who foretold of. . .Maldives.

(Photograph By Mohamed Shafy; Edits By Lauren K. Clark)

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