Helping You Get the Care You Need, When You Need It

Introducing the CareCredit healthcare card, the “guardian angel in your wallet.”

There’s nothing more important than your family’s health. But managing appointments, finances and health care plans is practically a full-time job. If you serve as your family’s “Chief Health Officer,” you know how demanding, stressful and time-consuming it all can be—and how caring for those you love can lead you to put your own care at the very bottom of your priority list.

That’s where CareCredit comes in. CareCredit is a healthcare credit card specifically designed for your healthcare and wellness needs. You can use it for a range of services: LASIK, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, hearing care, and more. It even covers veterinary needs. Whatever you choose to use it for, CareCredit helps you get the care you need, without delay.

So if you’ve ever put off care because of high out-of-pocket costs, or because a deductible hasn’t been met, you’ll want to add CareCredit to your toolkit. With manageable monthly payments, you’ll approach your family’s health care with less stress and a renewed sense of possibility.

Countless people have already seen that sense of possibility become a reality for their loved ones. With CareCredit, a once intimidating healthcare process becomes much easier to navigate as families get a fast, affordable way to get care that would otherwise be out of reach. For example, one cardholder, Michelle Keener, used CareCredit’s monthly payments to help her daughter get the dental work she needed to fix a large tooth gap and crooked teeth—treatments that wouldn’t have fit her budget otherwise. “CareCredit allowed me to be able to give my daughter what she so desperately wanted, her smile,” Michelle said. As another grateful CareCredit cardholder put it, “I feel like I have a guardian angel in my wallet.”

You’ll also give yourself permission to care for your own health. CareCredit is built on the truth that the better people are at taking care of themselves, the more effective they’ll be in taking care of others. Julie C., for example, used CareCredit for two jaw surgeries for herself, and later, for her daughter’s jaw surgery after she was suffering from extreme pain from TMJ. “If not for CareCredit,” she said, “we would still be suffering from our issues.”

So make CareCredit part of your family’s health plan. With the CareCredit credit card in your wallet, you’ll be able to take care of yourself and your loved ones with less stress and more gratitude. Learn more here.

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