Help for Lower Back Pain. Feel Better Fast With These Video Routines.

Here’s your go-to guide on exercises that can help reduce and prevent Lower Back Pain.

Help for Lower Back Pain

Here’s your go-to guide on exercises that can help reduce and prevent Lower Back Pain. Bookmark these routines and keep them on hand for when your Lower Back needs a little T.L.C.

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My girlfriend called me the other day: “UGH I think I did something to my lower back” she mournfully moned.

“Oh no! I’ve been there. That’s the worst. But don’t worry, I’ve made a Youtube video to help with that. Four videos in fact!”

My friends always laugh that I have filmed a YouTube video to fix just about everything. It’s pretty much true, I love helping other people feel better.

So if you are reading this article and thinking “Oh, my aching back”, I’m happy we’ve met and I want to help you take care of it.

Lower Back Pain is the second most common neurological ailment in adults (headaches come as a close first).

“Eighty percent of the population of the United States, at some point in their life, is going to have back pain,” says Ronald J. Wisneski, MD, an orthopedic surgeon, specialist in spinal disorders and spine surgery, and associate in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pa. Most of the time, that pain is centered in the lower back and non-specific, meaning there is no primary cause found. About 2% to 10% of people who experience low back pain develop chronic low back pain, which affects daily living for a minimum of 3 months.

Minimum of 3 months of back pain? Aint no’body got time for that.

Luckily there is a simple (and free!) fix to help relieve and prevent Lower Back Pain : exercise. Not only does movement help decrease Lower Back Pain , but it may also speed recovery, prevent re-injury, and enable you to enjoy a long life full of activity. Taking proactive steps to prevent or treat Lower Back Pain is easy and can be done at home without any special equipment.

Before we get started with some movement medicine, take a moment to think about this common causes and daily movements that may be increasing Lower Back pain in your life. Sometimes it’s as simple as adjusting your desk set up at work or using a backpack instead of a heavy shoulder purse. Ask yourself if any of the below might be contributing to your Lower Back Pain and see if you can work to modify or eliminate these back pain culprits in your life.

Common Causes of Lower Back Pain:

  • Weak core muscles
  • Poor posture
  • Overuse
  • Lack of exercise
  • Too much sitting
  • Stress

Daily life movements that may cause more Lower Back Pain:

  • Poor posture and slouching while at your desk, computer, or on your smart phone.
  • Carrying your purse or shoulder bag on one side.
  • Spending a lot of time driving (the car seat causes slouching in the lower back, (use this technique to prevent poor posture when behind the wheel)
  • Wearing High heels
  • Exercising with bad form
  • Lifting both legs while lying on your back (leg lifts).
  • Lifting heavy objects above the waist
  • Toe touches while standing.

See how simple daily movements can influence how your Lower Back feels?

Exercises that may help reduce or prevent Lower Back Pain:

  • Aerobic exercise: to condition your heart and muscles, maintain health, and speed recovery. Walking, cycling, and swimming are great back happy cardio options.
  • Strength Training: with a focus on the core, back, stomach, and leg muscles (see Lower Back Pain bodyweight strength video routine below).
  • Flexibility training / Stretching: to keep your muscles and other supporting tissues flexible and less prone to injury.
  • Self Massage / Foam Rolling: to relieve muscle tightness, soreness, improve range of motion, and ease pain.

It’s important not to let the fear of more back pain keep you from trying gentle activity. Exercise is the remedy to healing your body. Too little activity can lead to loss of flexibility, strength, endurance, and actually cause more pain. But you need to be smart and choose exercises that help you feel better.

I’ve created a series of Youtube Videos to teach you how to prevent and reduce Lower Back Pain. These videos can be done anywhere for instant relief. With permission from your doctor, this gentle program of stretching and strength exercises can help ease your Lower Back Pain and help you on towards health. A consistent Lower Back Pain exercise program can help you keep your spine healthy and happy for life. Ready to feel better? Press play and let’s take care of that Lower Back pain.

Best Stretches for Lower Back Pain Relief

This video includes some of the best stretches for Lower Back Pain Relief. It’s perfect at the end of a long work day or when you need to relieve tight, tense muscles in your back and hips.

Bodyweight Strength Exercises to Prevent and Treat Lower Back Pain.

These simple and effective bodyweight strength exercises will help you prevent Lower Back Pain and keep your spine healthy.

Lower Back Pain Stretching Routine

This simple 10 minute stretching routine will help ease stiff, sore Lower Back muscles. It will stretch the areas that need it most and allow you to work towards optimal spinal health. Aim to work through this video routine twice focusing on quality and moving slowly with control.

Self Massage Techniques to Help Lower Back Pain

This video uses the Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls to relieve tight, tense, lower back muscles. This technique is highly effective in treating and preventing Lower Back Pain.

Done consistently, the exercise videos above will help you prevent and eliminate Lower Back Pain in your life. Lower Back Pain doesn’t need to be a regular part of your life! Let me know how your body feels when you try these videos by leaving me a comment below. I am here to help you take care of yourself so you can be your very best. Here’s to keeping your Lower Back happy and healthy for life!

With love,

My mission is to empower feel good fitness inside and out. I am here to be of service in your wellness and help you get your mind, body, and spirit in shape so you can love your life. Lets work together and live well. Contact me at [email protected]

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Originally published at on March 16, 2017.

Originally published at

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