Heaven’s Birthday For A Day On Earth! Celebrating Grandpa James Howell!

How Celebrating Grandpa James Howell's 91st Birthday Demonstrates the Power of Transitioned Loved Ones and Heaven's Work On Earth!

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Birthdays, Earth days, bring out some of the best days! It’s one of those precious moments when you are filled with heaven’s reminders that you were born. To have the blessing, where one’s existence is marked (and patterned) with numbers on a given period of time is phenomenal. Its one of those experiences of life where even in a person’s transition, the marking of their time is permanent. It reminds family members and loved ones, that even in a loved one’s transition (into Heaven), they are still marked in Earth’s time. And as the Bible mentions in the prayer, “on Earth as it is in Heaven.” Which means that celebration of that particular Being-in that point of time and spacing continues-even when they have transitioned into the heavens.

Posting pictures of Grandpa on Facebook and reading comments, allowed me to see how more people realize that birthday celebrations continue now, and in the hereafter. They continue on Earth, and they definitely continue in heaven. Its part of the continuation of the life cycle. Grandpa is still working, and he is working through others, who heed the call.

Running late for a morning walk with a neighbor, it was wonderful to simply wake up and experience a different way of celebration! What is one way Grandpa wished to be celebrated? I didn’t know how I would celebrate. So, the Creator directed the course. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow of things. Life is not always based on a stringent plan, for that day. There are times when you have days, which goes against any rigid plan of the day. It is part of the adventures of just going with the flow.

(Photograph And Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

What turned into conversations, regarding Grandpa, his transition, and my own, current journey transformed into having breakfast at a very special place. Prior to arriving there, a brief stop at a Mexican restaurant displayed a culinary of aesthetics. Beautiful pictures and traces of Mexico. Memories of studying in Mexico, and the numerous occasions of Mexico coming to visit me. Those precious times of having met Mexican maidens, who protected and guided me throughout my Spiritual journey. At home and abroad.

Pictures of Mexican maiden and mother images illuminated the fascinations of Mexico’s eatery. Wonders of what you would receive should you enter into the culinary wonders of Mexico. Of course, that is for another story. Time was not on our side for that moment. Which means that a return was in the works. Needless to say, this mini-drive for us would be a euphoric experience on a special day. Celebrating that Grandpa is marked in heaven and Earth.

Going to have breakfast at a famous pancake restaurant, was met with many treasures and reminders. First and foremost, it was the place where Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, and I ate before taking them to the airport for their return flight home. It was the last breakfast I had with Grandpa. And here I was eating with another special person on the day, where time marks his existence-on Earth and in Heaven.

(Photograph By Family Member; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)
(Photograph By Neighbor Whose Name Will Not Be Mentioned; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Walking to the back area booth section, as the selection of breakfast for the morning, connected me to another memory.

Dad and I also spent time having breakfast, within the same area of the restaurant. Having been seated, the presence of an angel made it more clear of the reason for our initial stop at a Mexican restaurant, nearby. Along came our waitress. And I just had to ask. Where are you from? I already knew the answer. This beautiful, young woman was from Mexico-born in Mexico City, to be exact! Ain’t that somethin’? Were we not just at a place of Mexican perfumes?

Before ordering our food, conversations began regarding my past journey into that nation. From my study abroad, undergrad experience in Mexico, my aunt and mother’s fluency in Spanish, Mexico continues to pop up in my family. It’s phenomenal! Our waitress had been born in Mexico City-a space, which houses the beloved Frida Kahlo. And in Winter 2009, I had the pleasure of visiting her home!

It had been some time since I had pancakes. Remembering those times when Grandpa used to cook us blueberry pancakes, as kids. Of course, we did go to pick the blueberries, at one time. Along with a vegetable omelette (broccoli, diced tomatoes, mushrooms, and cheese), aside of original pancakes would complete the order. Enjoying breakfast with a special neighbor, at one place where Grandpa ate, was a perfect celebration for a Heavenly birthday. To know that Grandpa is partying in heaven’s paradise, as we party on the Earthly one. Experiencing this sacred movement continued to remind me of one thing. Grandpa is still working. And he’s using heaven’s forces to do so.

(Photograph And Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

James Howell is still working. He rests when he needs to. However, he is working, and moving. Continuing the journey and legacy! While pushing his family forward to carry on the work that we must do.

Celebrating A “Heavenly Birthday,” While Walking A Day On Earth!”

(Photograph And Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

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