Happiness Techniques from Inspiring Youtube Vloggers

Fixing my bad and finding my source of happiness leads me to watch this inspiring Youtubers.

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Do you sometimes feel like there’s no room for positivity in your life anymore? Or feel that bad things keep on happening in your life right now? Do you want to give up because everything’s not falling into its proper places? 

If yes is your answer, here are some of the YouTube vloggers that could be of great whenever you feel like negativity has been slowly eating your optimism. For me these are the happiness techniques that is truly helpful in fixing a bad day.

How to Lift Spirits and Be Happy

1. Danielle Marie Carolan: “Go watch one of your favorite childhood movies. That never lets you down.”

Aside from being a vlogger, Danielle also has a website. The contents of her website are as great as her videos. In one of her videos, Ways to Be Happy | 40 HACKS + TIPS, she talks about the tips on how to be happy, how to have a happier life, how to fix a bad day, and how to feel better.

If you have a movie that you really love ever since you were a kid, please do take time to watch it. Why? It’s because these kinds of things make you remember the things that you already forgot. It makes you realize that small things could still make you happy. Little Mermaid would still make your heart sing. Snow White will make you believe in the goodness of others. These are the smallest things that could create a bigger impact in your life. 

2. Meghan Hughes: “Everything in your head will become your reality. Everything that you are thinking right now will become what you want it to be.”

She is 19 years old. She makes videos every Wednesday (& sometimes more) about everything from beauty & fashion to positivity, advice, music, etc. She made a vlog with the title Tips for Life: Positivity. She loves yellow so much. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why she’s promoting positivism in most of her videos.

If you will keep on thinking about the negativity that life’s giving you, you won’t be able to see the great things that happened even though you’re in the midst of suffering. Are you familiar with the phrase, you are what you eat? There’s also a phrase that goes, you are what you think. If there’s a lot of negativity that has been stored in your life, now is the time to let it all out. Let go of those negativities and start embracing optimism. 

3. Orly Alexandra: “Don’t worry about the small things in life. Completely focus on the beautiful little things in life. The little things in life are what make it worth living. ”

She’s a 21-year-old college senior at Chapman University in Southern California. She made a vlog about How To Be Happy. In this video she’s giving all the advice she knows how to be happy, how to feel good about yourself, be positive and to enjoy life more.

There are times where we choose to solve the problems first without dwelling on the other side of life. Our eyesight was blurred by endless of negativities that we forgot that there are still beautiful little things in our lives. Worrying can lead to frustrations and frustrations can lead to depression. Stop thinking too much, it will just drain your energy. 

4. Xandria Ooi: “The reward however of always keeping the way clear is obvious. We have access to our happiness, anytime, anywhere, and can be happy always.”

She is a writer, TV/Radio host and motivational speaker. She makes daily videos on happiness, optimism, and positivity to remind her of all she wants to practice in life. The messages her videos carry are inspired by her own lessons, her mom and her amazing philosophies towards life, and the conversations she has with friends and family. The Path To Happiness is my favorite vlog of her.

Don’t limit your happiness just because you are afraid that it will be jinxed right after. Being happy is a blessing why would you stop yourself from feeling that kind of emotion? Let yourself be happy as much as you want without putting any restrictions on it. You’ll never enjoy your life if you will set a particular level of happiness in your life. 

5. Hannah Kathleen: “You dictate your mood. Don’t blame it on other people why you’re sad, mad, or angry. We have to not let other people get the best of us.”

Her full name is Hannah Kathleen Pangilinan. She’s a Filipino Youtuber who just decided that creating a channel might be a nice way to share and express the many hobbies she enjoys. She’s uploading her vlogs every other week. Of all her blogs, I love 17 Things I’ve Learned in 17 Years.

You have a lot of reasons to be happy and you certainly deserve to be happy. No matter what other people say regarding your happiness, don’t let them take away your genuine happiness. They’re just insecure because they can’t be like you. But the best thing that you could offer to them is your understanding. 

6. UnJaded Jade:“You are enough and you don’t need to change for other people. You don’t need to make other people by changing aspects of yourself. ”

This website is owned by Jade. She’s posting videos every Wednesday. In this UnJaded life hack video, HOW TO BE HAPPY | 5 Secrets Every Teenager Should Know she shared 5 tips on How to be Happy or just simply How to be Happier.

The people who truly love you won’t change even the slightest thing of your life. They will accept you just the way you are because they know that you deserve to be treated that way. They will love your flaws, imperfections, and indifference as much as they love you as a person. 

7. Bubzbeauty: “Money doesn’t always guarantee happiness. Happiness isn’t depended with getting what you want. We focus too much on what we don’t have, rather than what we do have.”

In the first sequence of her vlog, there was a phrase that says: Everyone is on the hunt for happiness. Maybe this is the reason why she came up with a blog with the topic about Secrets of Truly Happy People. This video is made to encourage everybody out there that Happiness is closer than you think. She hopes that this video will touch you in some way to ignite a spark within you to have hope in yourself in the World.

Sometimes, we tend to identify happiness as something that we’re eager to have while forgetting the fact that happiness isn’t always about getting material things. We’re too focused to work hard just to earn money that we are neglecting the people who are the real source of our happiness. 

8. Michelle Crossan: “Life isn’t quite as bad as it seems. Don’t stress yourself out before something has even happened. Just get out of your head and really noticing what is happening around you.”

She’s a 28-year-old Irish girl living in Sydney Australia. How To Be Happy And Positive | Dealing With Depression and Anxiety is the title of the vlog that she made. It’s about life advice, tips and tricks to be more positive and overcome or deal with depression and anxiety.

It’s okay if you will expect bad things to happen beforehand, perhaps, to stop you from assuming too much. But being too pessimistic can also be a bad thing for you. It will affect your self-esteem and will always make you feel like you’re inferior to others. Don’t, just don’t. 

9. Mimi Ikonn: “Surround yourself with positive people—positive friends, positive books. At the end of the day being a positive person is such an amazing bonus to your life.”

In this video, she will share with you her philosophy about negativity, as well as her practical tips on how she deals with negativity and negative people. The title of the vlog that she made is How To Deal With Negativity and Be Positive.

Remove all the toxic people in your life. If you want to be optimistic, you need to be friends with someone who’s willing to cheer you up whenever you feel down. You need to meet other people who could make you feel like that you are enough. These are the kind of people who will remind you that there are infinite ways to solve a problem. 

10. Wengie: “Everyone is born with sort of a natural level of happiness. You just need to switch the way you think about things. In any given situation, there are always multiple ways to look at it.”

Of course, how could I forget my favorite vlogger? In her vlog: How To Be Optimistic, she discussed that it’s not impossible but being optimistic will require you to rework how you think and also change your perspective on how you habitually see things. The important thing is to be patient and keep working at it and it is possible to change the way you think completely.

Have you ever wondered why toddlers and younger kids are happy with just a piece of candy? Have you ever wondered why they’re giggling and not laughing? It’s simply because they’re not stressed out. You can’t escape from any problems in life. But, you can take a break from it but don’t ever dare running away from it. You’ll soon be okay, maybe not now but someday you surely will.

Happiness is Everywhere.

As what this Red Velvet’s song entitled Happiness says, “The world is filled with happy things and great things.” It’s up to us whether we will follow the path of happiness or to reroute. Every day we are being bombarded with series of questions, choices, and happenings in life that we always chose to remain unanswered. Why? Because we’re afraid to take risks and we’re afraid that we’ll end up regretting it.

Happiness is subjective. There are things that make you happy that won’t make me happy at all. There are things that you like that are disliked by other people. And you know what, you don’t need my validation. You don’t need their validation to be able to justify the happiness that you felt. Do the things that make you happy without disparaging others. 

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