Hands To Receive, While Clinching Fists To Believe: The Power Of Prayer!

The Spiritual Cleansing and Physical Healing In My Journey Through Biblical Prayer, Surrender As Release Of the Ego, and the Life Sustained In Words!

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Never underestimate the power of prayer. That’s what I was taught since Sunday school. And as cliche as it may be, it is true. It is profoundly true. I guess it all depends on how we say it. Sometimes its about the richness behind the words, more than anything else. Bringing prayer and holistic meditations into one’s workspace and home, sets the tone of attracting elevating energies. There is something about opening our hands, when getting in prayer, which let’s the Universe know that we are ready to receive whatever blessings and good things are to come our way. One can convey a statement with enough power to it, only to fall flat because of how the tone was expressed. Tone, and the Spirit behind words, plays a huge role, in how our prayers are not only are received, but are presented back to us.

So, when we pray, as what we were taught in our Church-based traditions, we came heads bowed, hands open, in order that we may receive. The position of our bodies showed that we were in full surrender to the Heavens, to a force greater than ourselves.In prayer, we as humans learned the meaning of humility. We truly learned that there is a greater force above us all. In essence, the human ego is shattered, and humanity is truly forced to grapple with the idea, and the reality, that we are not in control. And, thus, we are truly dependent on the Most High’s Grace-that enduring, and everlasting, mercy and love. Ah! Isn’t it something how prayer forces surrender of the human ego? Releasing any notion that we are in control of any and everything.

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So, when we come to the Spirit, when we enter Church spaces, the hand gestures and body posturing creates a euphoric essence of acceptance. When we open our hands, we are surrendering, in anticipation to receive. Entitlement goes out the window. And, in turn, we go through a period of awakening, where we bare witness to the amazement of what happens when we allow ourselves to be guided. We feel the true essence of peace. Opening our hands also means we are ready to release whatever toxic energies are impacting our lives. We surrender it to the Heavens, and allow the most Loving and Merciful Being to take it from us. We release that burden from our very system and Being. We experience the ultimate euphoria of peace. Its a healing experience.

Have you ever noticed that when we surrender our hands, we are either stretched out towards the sky or bowed down towards the Earth. Either way, both gestures indicates the oneness between Heaven and Earth. While reaching towards Heaven, we also receive a sense of foundation, while on Earth. Its a celebration in how we are able to connect our presence on Earth, with our Spiritual presence in the heavens.

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(Source: www.freepik.com)
(Source: www.freepik.com)

Then, there is our other position with the clenching of our hands together as we pray. What is it about our clenched hands together, as we bow our heads? Surrendering to the Heavens. Maintaining this position, while hovered over the Biblical word. Could it be that while bowing over Biblical text, we are also creating foundation in our very lives. That Spiritual foundation of knowing that our Heavenly Creator consistently re-stores us, during that prayer time. That this foundation is rooted in energy! It is the energy, which brings us to being centered-having foundation. Prayer pushes us into a centering, should we have gotten, off center.

Another phenomenal feature concerning the phenomenon of prayer is the speech of prayer. What we say and the words we use. How we use those words, the specificity of word usage, and the rhythm of our words, when we pray. Prayer is an art form. Its the life source behind prayer, which makes the prayers very holistic. Let’s not forget that there is energy behind words. Speaking that energy into the air, sends out signals to the Universe. Therefore, we are speaking what we wish to attract on Earth. We attract what we speak. Its why we must watch what we say, and what we project into the Universe. As a little girl, I remember one of my grandfathers mentioning the Biblical verse, of “a man can control everything, but his tongue.” Too often people glide passed that important lesson. Not understanding the metaphysical aspect, associated with that verse. I have often thought about how people are so focused on memorizing verses; as opposed to exploring the energy, behind them. The richness that allows one to feel the euphoria of words. That one can feel life in words, when they are truly holy and aligned with the power, that is backing it.

In many ways, that position feels as if we are also holding ourselves; while we allow the Spirit of the word to hold us steady, through whatever hardships we are faced with. And, while we are placing our feet on solid ground, we are allowing ourselves to go through the process of truly believing in the power of prayer.

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(Source: www.freepik.com)

Throughout our highlighting of the different positions we use, in our ritual of prayer, there is one thing that remains true:. Prayer is POWERFUL! Praying daily, with purpose, consistency, and devotion brings miracles and wonders. When many gather together to pray for an individual or need, change takes place. Of course, “faith without works” means nothing. If one refuses to do the work in making change, prayers are meaningless. Prayer and work go hand-in-hand. We pray with purpose, and with consistency, and then we do the work, for the changes we need. We pray to act, so that the Most High can send the right people to answer our prayers. To provide us with everything that we need. During those times when we are scared, frantic, troubled, helpless, and don’t know what to do, we pray. We pray to get centered. Centered so that our minds are clear, as we do the work to solve the problems in our lives; in our families’ lives, and others whom we love.

Prayer is also supposed to be a physical experience. It is connecting one’s physical experience to the spiritual one. There should be an elevation when one prays. Its why we have to watch, who we align our prayers with. Being careful and mindful of those, who pray. Their words. The energies behind them.

So, in our prayers, let’s believe. Through our prayers, let’s receive. Surrounded in prayer, let’s do the work of surrendering to a greater power. All the while knowing, that everything will work out for the greater good. Humility and knowing that there are limits to human capacity is a treasure. Which means that we are able to be more open to the idea, that human beings are being guided. Half of our human experience is being in control. The other half depends on our ability to align in that Universal power. Translation: What we put into the Universe, comes back to us. You’re fine, beloved. Take care. Now, close your eyes, surrender yourself, and stay in. . .prayer.

(Source: www.freepik.com)
(Source: www.freepik.com)
(Source: www.freepik.com)

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