Habits to increase well being..

Habit is everything..

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Habits make routine, routines run our day. Good habits makes us a quality person. We should have good habits if we want to be a better, quality or a good person. Not only for that but we need habits for our wellness too… Because health is wealth, without good health we can’t achieve more. We can’t run in the long life’s marathon. Here comes the habits for the well being…

Wake up Early

Early to bed, Early to rise makes the man healthy and wise. When we wake up early, sleep early we go along with the nature’s cycle. When we go against nature’s cycle by late night sleep, late wake up it reflects our health. When our body affects, our body’s function too get affected and results in numerous health issues.


Immediately after wake up, we should drink water to hydrate ourselves to trigger our intestines and for good bowel movement. If possible luke warm water is better thing first in the morning. We should drink at least 2-3 liters of water everyday. It flush out the toxic substances in our body, makes our body and skin…clean and shine. Plain water, lemon water, fruit infused water…anything to hydrate. Just drink to hydrate.


Couch potatoes can’t make healthy body. We should move our body. Remember our body is like a machine, it should keep moving. If it doesn’t run all the parts will get stuck . It won’t run properly. Be physically active don’t be a couch potato. Go for a walk, go to gym if not do simple exercise at home. Clean your home, your yard..do it everyday. Be active and stay healthy.

Healthy Food

We are what we eat…Our body reflects our food. If we eat healthy, nutritious food, we will stay healthy. When we loaded with junk food and other stuff, we are the disease carrier, we are giving a warm welcome to deadly diseases to our body. We don’t need it. We keep our body healthy by consuming healthy colorful meals, loaded with good nutrients which protect our body


A good sound sleep is needed for a human being for 6-8 hours. We should give our body and brain rest by sleeping in the right time. Never give over time, over duty to your body and brain. They need some rest. A good, sound sleep is the best medicine for all. It will cure many diseases. Don’t underestimate the value of sleep. Have good sleep, have good health.

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