Guided meditation : How you can do it?

Two scenarios to help you get started.

Two scenarios to help you with.

Make yourself free from any appointments or connections.Go to a room or a place where it is cool and calm.Put your phone somewhere far away, where you can’t hear it.

Have a comfortable reclining couch or even a mattress. You can either sit down or lie down for this.

Place yourselves in a comfortable position. Begin relaxing your muscles one by one. Then start breathing in and out, heavily.

Now close your eyes and imagine a scenario which you like. For example, you can imagine something like this:

Scenario 1 :

You are lying down on the golden brown sands of a long beach in an island.

The island is laden with fresh fruits and colorful flowers of all kinds. Try to inhale the smell of the fruits and flowers.

Above you, the sky is dark blue, filled with dark, dense clouds. The colour gets reflected on the sea, which keeps rolling out calm but steady waves. Try to inhale the smell of approaching rains.

You are enjoying the sights around you, holding a glass of tender coconut water. Try to taste the coconut water in your hands.

Give a sigh of satisfaction.

Be thankful for this life.

Scenario 2 :

You are in the midst of a thick forest with a group of your good friends. You are sitting under a clear night sky adorned with the Pearl like noon and the ever shining stars.

The temperature around you is very cold. To take respite from the cold, you have covered yourself with a warm blanket.

Everyone is sitting around a burning campfire, holding a cup of creamy hot chocolate and discussing spooky and scary stories.

Try to feel the warmth despite the surrounding cloud.

Try to feel the safety inspite of the scary stories being discussed.

Try to feel the taste of the hot chocolate.

Give a sigh of satisfaction.

After imaging thus, tell yourselves that the day ahead is going to be so great and that you will feel enthusiastic all the time. Then keep saying to yourselves that life is awesome.Then, slowly open your eyes.

The scenarios described are just examples.

Go on a journey yourself using your rich imagination. The important part is to try to feel everything you imagine. Imagine a scenario whose very sight will lift your spirits.

After doing this, you will feel like you have returned from a mini vacation.

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