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Alvin Avery - The Angel Author

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As the host of my own global show, it is imperative to me that I showcase and interview people who are not only doing stellar work in the space of personal growth and personal development, or who are making massive contributions for the overall benefit of the collective – it is also of equal significance to me that those I interview, and whose voices and messages are shared with my loyal listeners and podcast subscribers in the 145 countries we are heard, are those who bring a myriad of perspectives and a plethora of experiences to Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. 

Although I often refer to ‘Vibe Attracts Tribe,’ this is also as much true and inclusive of a declaration or statement for those who may share a different perspective or an alternative view to those of my own. For the purpose of nurturing and expanding upon my own momentous growth and commitment to rapid development, I understand that to effectively and to authentically do so, means to also commit to consciously choosing to interview those who may not always share views or beliefs similar to mine. I am forever receptive to embracing any and all opportunities to intently listen and to learn from others, who have the potential to expand me, to further grow me, and to evolve me. They are just as much my Tribe and I am equally grateful for each of them for enlightening me, educating me, and for challenging me to challenge myself and my own belief systems!

Having said all that, Angel Author, Alvin Avery, is an individual who has truly deepened my level of comprehension and my openness to embarking upon foreign terrain. As someone who does wholeheartedly subscribe to the adage of, “You have to believe it to see it!’ – I was immensely riveted by my discussion with Alvin on the airwaves, last week!

Do I believe in Angels? Absolutely! Do I believe in the existence of much that cannot be seen heard, touched or felt in the physical realm within the third dimensional space we tangibly live in? Absolutely! Do I believe in the existence of God as depicted and explained within the faith of Christianity? No, I do not. Do I respect those who do? Absolutely! My focus of primary attention and interest is not so much centered on the ‘what’ of peoples beliefs as it is on the ‘why’ for what they choose to believe in. I appreciate the gift-giving in the information-sharing of what lies beneath the surface for what it is that influences, inspires, and motivates people to think and to believe as they do. This is what fascinates me in the learning from other fellow human beings. Discovering the ways in which we are alike, exploring the ways in which we are different, and respecting the ways in which we are all equal. Yummy!

I uphold an inherent level of respect for those who believe in themselves. I uphold an inherent level of respect for those who are genuinely impassioned by their beliefs and who can articulate such said beliefs in a manner that is compelling, convincing, and persuasive. People who remain true to who they are in a world that is often too quick to judge, to discredit, to criticize and to defame, is not only remarkable…it is becoming more of a rarity. 

Alvin Avery is a breath of fresh air. It was an interview that elevated me out of my comfort zone on subject matters, which less typically comes easily for me to naturally engage in. Alvin Avery forced me to level up as a radio show/podcast host. I felt myself shifting throughout the duration of the interview from the top of the hour right down to the bottom of the hour. It was an interview that left me processing my thoughts for many hours after the show had come to a close. This is indicative of knowing you have interviewed a standout guest on a stand alone topic. 

Thank you, Alvin, for growing me and for getting me to more deeply think, to question, and to ponder. I am grateful to you for that. I am equally grateful to you for #LivingFearlessly so publicly on my show. You were vulnerable, forthcoming, and you ventured out –  taking a huge leap of faith in discussing a subject matter that to this day, still draws a lot of skepticism and outward criticism. You are extremely brave our friend! Thank you!

On behalf of both Alvin and myself, we greatly appreciate you (our Thrive Global Friends & Community) for kindly taking the time to read this Feature Article, for listening to our enlightening conversation via the enclosed podcast link, and for any additional contact you may choose to initiate with either or both of us beyond this forum! Alvin and I are genuinely committed to the growth and development of others, and are always deeply honoured and appreciative for the opportunity to serve and to connect with others. 

Who Is Alvin Avery?!

Alvin Avery, MDiv Harvard University, is a Canadian born, American writer who spent a little over a decade living in Bulgaria.

In 2008, seven years into overcoming an abusive marriage, near death and divorce, Alvin had a mystical experience one evening while vacationing at Katarino Spa in Razlog, Bulgaria

During this experience, Alvin saw a vision of her guardian angel in their true, heavenly form.

2008 was a significant year for Alvin because she also had a vision of the Holy Spirit who guided her in writing her ‘twin,’ seminal books: Zion, the Holy City of God and Armageddon, the Fate of the Lofty Nation and Beyond

Although Alvin had studied Theology at Harvard Divinity School and knew about Angels theoretically, the mystical experience provided an entirely different understanding. It was a real encounter – a real angel – where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. At one point, Alvin was so eager to see her angel again that she set out on a bitterly cold winter day, walking all over the town of Kostenets, Bulgaria and getting lost in the back roads, close to the forest. Alvin then understood that angels don’t appear when you want them to, they appear when they want to.

It was in Kostenets that Alvin saw her guardian angel in human form for the first time. She learned that angels, who reside in the fourth dimension, do so using ‘projected thought-consciousness.’ Alvin then proceeded to document—in thousands of pages, tens of thousands of words and crude illustrations—the angelic manifestations she saw in journals that became books

Although everyone can see angels in human form, we can only recognize them as such with our hearts and through our faith. Alvin’s books—eBook and Paperback—can be purchased and reviewed online on Amazon here and on AskDavid here

Alvin Avery welcomes serious offers from traditional publishers and can be contacted here, [email protected]

Today, Alvin lives in Toronto, Ontario where she works as a part-time Chaplain in a retirement community.

Alvin has written a total of 19 books thus far, enjoys writing spiritual books, and was previously interviewed by Lisa McDonald of Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald on live radio in February 2019.

Alvin’s deepest hope is that God blesses you and that you see angels. Alvin Avery, ‘Angel Author.’ 

Uplifting You To Fear Less And To Live More! 

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. 
Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend! 
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa
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