After Years of Pain, Prioritizing Good Sleep Helped This Everyday Athlete Get Back on the Court

Donald Alford shares his emotional story of recovering from surgery and finally being able to rest, recharge, and feel like his athletic self.

We all know that getting quality sleep is important. After all, countless studies show that sleep can boost our mood, improve our focus and creativity, and even add years to our lives. But for someone struggling with daily pain and discomfort, getting quality sleep can feel impossible. 
That’s what happened to Donald Alford, an everyday athlete who played tennis since his father first taught him how to hold a racket at the age of five. When the 64-year-old was diagnosed with degenerative cartilage in his left hip, he was forced to give up all hard-impact activity and sports, including tennis, which he had played all his life.

Donald underwent surgery for a hip replacement, which allowed him to get back on his feet and slowly start easing back into daily activities, like going upstairs and walking his dog, Blue. But the biggest game-changer for Donald was being able to sleep comfortably again. His Sleep Number 360® smart bed, along with small Microsteps, allowed him to get the sleep he needed to recover –– and eventually get back on the tennis court. “It’s taken me two years to realize that the hip is at a point where I could return to the tennis courts and see if I can bring back some of those glory days and some of those feelings of a sport that gave so much to me,” he says. “I didn’t realize how much I missed that.”

Watch this video to learn more about Donald’s journey.

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