Gong Qiuxia’s Vocal Velvet, For A Violinist’s, Loving Hue!

How Legendary,,Chinese Singer, Actress, and Dancer-GONG QIUXIA-Performs The Vibrations Of Love, In Her 1942 Song, "Dream Lovers' Song!"

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When the very spirit of love is captured through the performance of music, its power spreads. The love is elevated, becoming so great, that it moves towards those who have never experienced, true love! Of course, its up to them to accept its sacred beauty and infinite gift, from Heaven! When love is conveyed through an orchestral sound, there is a vibration of love. Its power is exacerbated, so that those from afar are reminded of its ongoing existence. And then, there is one instrument, where love is automatically, invited into the space. That instrument is none other than the, violin!

As soon as the violin is played, one automatically knows that a love story is bound to unfold. In fact, its inevitable. There is way too much passion for love to be contained, from the very moment of this instrument’s sound. Love is abound to happen. Making love, and sustaining its Being, is bound to happen. Listeners can feel its titillation of the Spirit. There is nothing more than feeling that level of Divine bliss. There are too many things, which permits its Being, and the elevation of its greatness. The vibrations. The alignments of musical notes so perfectly and with a vibrato to add. Its as if the very performance of the instrument releases perfumes into the Heavens. Sending traces of embraces into the atmosphere, that the hardened may return to their softness, and experience the pleasures, and healing, of, Love! There is something alluring to that, as it contrasts to this notion that authentic love is supposed to “hurt.” Listen to the violin, and the hints of release. Listen to how it navigates through the certainty of releasing love into the air, and you will understand the natural performance of love, itself!

When a singer performs in the presence of a violin, there is a host of love’s adornment, arising. In the midst of this sound, there is great passion. In the presence of this instrument, love becomes a necessary vitamin. Just pondering on such a collaboration, between singer and violinist, the realm of intimacy becomes astounding. After all, how well does a singer understand her own grasp with love, in order to align her vocal ability to the natural talent and healing anecdote of love’s favor? How well does a singer understand her persona and gentility, in order to wrap her gift around an instrument, which is known for awakening Earth’s love into the Heavens? She must truly know herself and her personal journey to be loved. Yet, once a singer has presented such mastery, their voice becomes an elevated realm of velvet in the sustaining of love’s memory.

Once again, we have returned back into the paradise of Chinese gardens. Of course, this time, the musical exploration is for a slightly different purpose. This time, love is on the platform. In fact, it will always be, whenever the creation of gardens, and lovemaking within them, are authentic and ordained by a greater power than our own. So, what is the purpose of our musical exploration, within this particular realm? Well, it was already previously mentioned. Nevertheless, it will require another artist to be embraced. She, too, is considered to be one of the “Seven Great Singing Stars,” in the 1940’s Chinese era. Of course, her vocal talent brings in another purpose. Yet, prior to going into further depth, let us acknowledge this Chinese dame, and the elixir of her name. She is none other than. . .

Gong Qiuxia; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Let’s not forget that Gong Qiuxia was a famous movie star and theater actress. Throughout 1933, Gong Qiuxia traveled throughout Southeast Asia, as part of the Shanghai Plum Flower Troupe. The talent of dance was also within her repertoire, as she became a proficient tap dancer. Of course, we can also continue to move through different cycles of her career, in order to understand just how talented she truly was. However, keep in mind, she was known as a “Triple Threat,”-one of the very essences of creativity. We could move to understand this pleasure more. However, such is for another piece of literature.

So, when analyzing the significance of this Chinese flower, we come to view just how silk-like her voice is, when it comes to aligning with the violin. In her song, “Dream Lovers Song,” (1942) the very title brings understanding into the dreamy-like nature of the violin. How does it come to make love a dream, which is set to come into a reality? Now, that is something which is needed when dealing with the context of love, and attracting love’s serenity. Its important to notate the very title of the song, alone. The term, dreams-how are dreams performed in the song?

From the very beginning of the song, it is the violin, which captures the attention of the listener. The passion and intensity in which it is performed highlights that love is not shy, when it understand what it desires. For the most part, love makes sure it is heard. It does not hide, or remove itself from what it knows to be true. That’s a reality. If a person is in pain, one can imagine that pain beginning to dwindle. The passion is too beautiful and real to hold onto energy, which is intoxicating. The notes begin on a medium register, only to migrate to a higher collection of pitches. What is the metaphor for such? Perhaps, it indicates just how fluid love is. Perhaps, it showcases that love travels to distant points in time. It cannot be divided by the falsities of barriers. It simply cannot. Time and movement shuns against such foolishness, or the very foundations for the need of human control. Through the very performance of this song, the listeners are made aware of the flexibility of love’s very presence.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Of course, the violin and the voice portray a special musical relationship. Despite there being two solos, within this song, both traits of musicianship are intertwined with each other. Somehow the song is written in such a way, where one cannot truly operate without the other. The Spirit of love is a necessity, in order for the song to convey its very purpose. However, there is something particular regarding this piece. It seems as if the voice is following the violin. Its as if the violin has taken a point of leadership for this song, and the voice-Gong Qiuxia’s voice-is being led to the path of, LOVE! In fact, there is an essence of surrender. For the song to work, Gong Qiuxia has to partake in allowing her musicianship to be guided. This time, she must attune herself to the rhythm, and beat, of the instrument. Our legendary performer (known for being one of the seven great singing stars) must release herself to the music. Its one of the very examples of humility. Humility, indeed!

The timber of Gong Qiuxia’s voice does not carry on that same vibrance of depth and richness, as the instrumentalist, who accompanies her on this journey. In fact, it carries a lighter pitch. However, it is fitting and suitable for the objective of the song. The contrast in their timber and sound, assist in making the power of love unique and fulfilling. Again, the high pitch registry of Gong Quixia brings out the element of love and love’s fulfillment. Nevertheless, one has to navigate and move through the song in order to unearth the meaning and authenticity of love. It goes to demonstrate how love takes on a variety of timbers and styles. One cannot escape its birthing, no matter how far it may go. Such is one of the pivotal lessons within the performance of this song.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The art of love and dreams ensures that one is always connected to a higher power and force. After all, love is centered in the Divine realm. It is up to the Heavens whether a coupling is represented as sacred, or not. What is extremely beautiful about the very name of this song, and its content, is how it marries love with reality and the fictional world. There appears to be a hidden message in how our dreaming of love, automatically warrants, and invites, its existence. Love takes on a spiritual essence. A person gains the feeling of love having been produced in the comforts of nighttime. Furthermore, what is also intriguing is the very artistry of dreams, and how dreams are interpreted through the performance of the violin. It becomes evident that dreams have a painting of their own. Dreams have the power to guide us into that world of reality. From the moment that we call upon those dreams, and loving dreams, they seem to make their way towards our emotional sector. Suddenly, any barriers, or restrictions, we may have had towards love, are slowly melted and erased. Dreams present us with the opportunity to be vulnerable! And once we become vulnerable, we are open to the very comforts of, love! Its just that simple! Therefore, its not a surprise in how our dreams are able to move, and navigate us to a place of emotional, and spiritual, comfort. The song simply goes to show that love starts in the fictional realm. Its why we, daydream. We yearn to be part of that place of emotional bliss, and well-being. So, allow the dreams to, arise! After all, its where our current realities, begin!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Let us never forget that it takes courage to sing about love. It takes an even greater skill to perform it, with such a musical instrument, as the violin. Performing with the violin in the Spirit of dreamland creates this intrinsic aura in connecting any listener with their desire to love, and be, loved! That’s just how it is! A person immediately becomes enchanted with love, from the very moment such an instrument is performed. Even if they have become hardened for such a long period of time, a gentle softness returns to unearth that hidden desire. The power for Gong Qiuxia to have performed this beauty, within that particular time in China, is a miracle in its own right. For it was a reminder, that in the nation of China, love was present, and deserved to be performed. Regardless of what was going on, love deserved to be performed. The realms of art and fiction were worthy of being showcased. That’s a reality. After all, these domains are where the people are allowed to experience every component of their humanity. It is at this particular point, where life becomes more compassionate and humane.

When two lovers come together, under the realm of dreams, they have performed one of the most holistic things, in Universal time. For it is through dreams, where love is crafted and invented. It is through dreams where love experiences the wonder of Divine timing and bliss. Heaven ordains love in dreamy landscapes, and times. Therefore, continue to experience the abundance and wellness of, love! Should one continue to feel alone and malnourished in the viciousness of life’s hostilities, simply remember that it is within one’s emotional and mental psyche, that a prson can always return to dreams. It is through these elixirs, where the power of love resides. And when a person returns to love, one experiences the very wellness of, rebirth!

The late, and beautiful, GONG QIUXIA, made love’s power very evident, within this song. Her timber, artistry, and over all talents, ensured just how significant she was for the well-being and humanity of Chinese landscapes. Its no wonder that she is considered one of the great ones in Chinese her/history. There are lessons to be learned, within this particular song. One of them relates to that very power of mystery and artistry! Its correlates into the very guise of fiction and reality. That’s why it is considered a unique beauty for the Spirit of humanity in China, and the Asian world, at hand. Let us also remember the violinist, who performed with her, in this song. For the passion was evident, in displaying love’s power and compassion. There was also that lesson in being centered, and in having one’s unique aura and beauty to be reflected. Lastly, there was the message of surrender. Should one desire to release and be open to love, then one could experience what it meant to experience its richness, and fulfillment. Quite frankly, that is one of its biggest lessons. Nevertheless, the realm of love is a beautiful staircase, which continues to spiral its way into our minds, bodies, and Spirits. Like the series of notes interconnected when performed with the violin,one feels just how free flowing, and intertwined, the human experience with love, truly is. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that love is infinite and wonderful, simultaneously. It is through the richness of dreams, and that Universal enchantment, where love resides. And once a person enters dreamland, we are sure to never be empty, of those, loving dreams!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
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