Go for it…Who’s Pushing Whom?

Am I pushing it or being pushed?

When I think of my brain, I often wonder who is pushing whom? Am I pushing it or being pushed? Since it’s clear my brain has a voice, it seems my challenge is to learn how to listen and to allow the driver in the seat to come forward…

…the yang and yin of my soul’s leadership is a question, not a struggle as the whole of me takes ownership for my decisions and actions. There is a carrot that is always dangling and my response to the possible outcomes of taking a leap is my faith in collective bargaining…

When I take a sip of water, is it my thirst fulfilled or another’s denied? How can a take a step without stepping on another’s toes? I am larger than many creatures, but do I deserve a larger space?

Truth is the light that guides me, so in the end I know if I am true to me, I can be truest with you…there is no pain, just an empowered brain.

I have learned to let go of the questions, but not the responsibility.

Originally published at medium.com

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