4 Things To Do If You’re Always Running Late, No Matter What

You might even get there early.

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By Jane Burnett

There are ways to ease the blow at when you’re late for work sometimes, but what happens when you can’t seem to avoid this trap? Sometimes, no matter what we do, we’re always running late — no matter what day of the week it is.

Here are four things to do when attempting to wish away your chronic lateness just isn’t working.  

Take showers at night, not in the morning

Research has found that nighttime showers can help us sleep better at night, but they also reward us with time saved the very next morning.

Keeping this in mind, why scramble to take a two-minute shower before flying out the door when you could take a more luxurious one the night before? You’ll most likely have more time for self-care routines if you shower at night.

So take advantage of what the night has to offer and spend extra time resetting before the next day.

Take out your clothes the night before

This comes in handy when preparing for work on the weekends, but you can also make this an everyday practice. Just take out everything you need and put them in an accessible place for the AM rush. Plus, you also have the luxury of taking your time and putting a little more effort into your look, if that’s important to you.

Also take this as your cue to pack up your bag and/or lunch the night before. You definitely won’t have the time or energy to deal with this in the morning— even if you’re tempted to skip this step right now.

Set the right alerts on your phone

Chances are, your lateness makes you feel scatterbrained at times. But that’s where your phone can work in your favor.

Setting alerts for a variety of things— from appointments, to meetings, and prompts to take your vitamins at a certain time— can counteract this feeling. Programming reminder settings as part of the alerts can also go a long way when you have a lot going on.

This way, you’ll always remember what you need to do and where you need to be, at the right time.

And finally … always give yourself more time than you need

If you always underestimate how much time you’ll need to get ready to head out somewhere, you need to start earlier. Massively overestimate it, and you’ll be prepared if something doesn’t go as planned (and let’s face it, this always happens).

You might even get somewhere — wait for it — early for once!

So embrace giving yourself more time than usual. You deserve it.

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