Ganga’s Colorful Waters, For Healing Hues!

How These Photos Of Indian Women Set the Example In How the Feminine Uses Water For the Protection and Healing Of Nations!

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As water continues to nourish the Earth, it’s sanctity and sacred nature gives purity and re-birth to the lives of Earthly women. Those women who continue to work and thrive in their very connection to the Earth. These special kind of women illuminate a unique presence with the feminine and water. In fact, it’s part of the very spiritual essence in highlighting woman’s true fascination, and guise to water. How does it nourish her particular spacing and landscape, of her cultural reflection?

However women choose to illuminate their daily connection with water is up to their unique feminine culture, and intertwining. Water is also derived in a spiritual context. Meaning that it gives a greater image, in the realm of fantasy. Our minds are transformed into seeing the realm of water as part of the fantastical world. On the contrary, there is a unique atmosphere when it comes to the culture and nation of India and water.

From Hindu spiritual traditions, and its connection to water, there is an essence, in its intertwining with the culture of women and water. Whether it be Varuni (Hindi goddess of water) or Ganga (goddess named after the Ganges River, who cleanses away bad karma), their spiritual traditions have clearly aligned water, as healer. In addition, this healing tradition is meant to restore balance among the land. A great deal to that tradition requires an ability to connect with that feminine power. As a woman, the wellness of intertwining oneself with feminine energy in order to create change. Channeling sacred energy, through the majesty of water, and moving within it, in a way, that towns, villages, and nearby cities, awaken to that shift.

Examining the story of the Ganga goddess, we enter into a world of karma and healing. Through this very story, the essence of man, and the need of peace becomes essential. Through this story, one is presented with man’s secret desire of peace. In this story of Ganga, we are told about the Bhagirath, who prays to the Heavens for the Souls of the ancestors, and their need of peace. He cries out to the Heavens, and his request to bring healing to the Earth. Ganga is brought down from the Universal Heavens, in accomplishing this task.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark|; Edits Lauren Kaye Clark

There is something intriguing in the world of balance. For some reason, things feel right. Emotionally, an individual has the power to restore nutritious energies, which re-aligns with a sense of purpose. Peace arises from purpose! That’s one of the reasons for reformatting ourselves, within the energetic planes. There is nothing more agonizing than feeling the consequences of chaotic energy. When energy is scattered, displaced, rigid, untapped, and unused in the manner of creativity, and productivity, it creates chaos. Following chaos, there is destruction. It’s why the movement of women’s holistic energy is so profound.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Observing these photographs, the hidden silence of woman’s movement and channeling of water is evident. Whether they are farmers, planting rice for an abundant harvest, or transporting buckets of water on their heads for drinking, cooking, or cleaning, they are using water for the expansion and balance of healing. The beautiful array, regarding these sacred images of Indian women is how they showcase their intertwining with each other. There is no woman within these photographs, who is by herself. In connecting with each other, there is a silent agreement in their interdependence with each other. Each woman’s presence is important. Every piece of feminine energy is sacred. They bring a euphoria of sustaining life. Ensuring that the life, flowing within their communities moves in a cyclic presence. It is part of the very ecstasy of being in natural rotation with the Earth’s waters. Their work and spiritual aesthetics in water is the very personification of Ganga, herself.|; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Reflections upon the magic within these very photos, allows one to witness Ganga’s work, in the form of Indian women. Their tilling of the waters is a performance of the very feminine energy, within the land, itself. When these women move, pray, and navigate through the waters, they are “healing the ancestors.” These Indian women are doing their part of cleansing the Earth from bad karma.” Isn’t it interesting how cleansing happens in the way of the Circle? Isn’t it fascinating how the cycle restores the Earth back into harmony. Back into the balance in which it is meant to occupy.

Another nourishing anecdote regarding these photographs is how colorful the women are when tilling the waters and land. Defying the notion that one must be underdressed when engaging in daily tasks and work. Instead, they illuminate the colors of Heaven, and how colorful the very processes of balance, healing, and restoration truly are. Their attire is beautiful. Clearly, the very practices of farming, carrying water, collecting water, and daily work are magical realms. They are not meant to enslave us, demean us, or devalue our image. They are necessary processes, however, they are not intended to dirty the very concept of beauty. Interesting isn’t it? Water’s healing is a colorful euphoria. The depiction of Indian women in these photographs further highlights this realm. Another lesson is taught. Working with the Earth is supposed to be beautiful. Immersing with water is beautiful, and it should wrap womanhood (and femininity) in beauty.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

The essence of Ganga is holistic in the teaching of Indian women, on their role in this nation. There is a delightful nature in being able to intertwine the mysteries of water and its ability to heal. Bringing nurture to the realm of water’s aesthetics. It’s fascinating! All the while reminding the world the sacredness of India’s culture. That, in spite of its challenges, it too, has something to contribute to the culture of humanity. Even the simplest of daily rituals have the power to awaken the nourishing power of cleansing. These images are the living proof of that. As Indian women move, and awaken that very essence of Ganga, let us guide ourselves within our own factor of healing. Invoking a mental, emotional, and spiritual connection in the way of beauty and love for Earth’s ongoing cleansing, and recleansing of the human experience.

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