Gamer Mindset Hacks That Can Be Applied in the Workplace

Ambitious businesses and high-flying individuals are always on the lookout for mindset techniques and approaches that can separate them from the pack. Of course, there are any number of self-help books and online courses out there that exist, which purport to have the magic formula when it comes to such matters. However, sometimes the best […]

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Ambitious businesses and high-flying individuals are always on the lookout for mindset techniques and approaches that can separate them from the pack.

Of course, there are any number of self-help books and online courses out there that exist, which purport to have the magic formula when it comes to such matters.

However, sometimes the best advice or tips can be gleaned from unusual sources, which otherwise might have been overlooked by the bulk of the business fraternity.

One of those is online gaming, a sector that has boomed in recent years, in part because of how entertaining it is but also because of how its many applications can benefit people in unexpected ways as they climb the business ladder.

Here we look at how online gaming provides unique mindset hacks, which gamers have known about for ages, but which in business circles are just beginning to see the light of day.

Many online games these days are so complex that they can have myriad benefits for those who play them, even if they may not be obvious at first glance says techie digest.

Finding an Edge

One sub-section of online gaming that is as popular as any other at the minute is that of classic games of the past, such as blackjack, roulette, and slots.

The key to such games is playing them as efficiently as possible so as to reduce the house edge, or even tipping it in your favor. While the latter is often a tough thing to do, there are players who think outside the box by using comparison sites like oddschecker to hunt down can be the difference between a game besting them or working in their favor.

This sort of lateral thinking – as well as the mindset to be on the lookout for any sort of edge you can glean from the competition – are the sort of thing that games such as these can instill in anyone who approaches them with an open mind.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is something that is often talked about in the workplace but can frustratingly mean something entirely different to each individual.

In the world of online gaming there is no doubt whatsoever as to what it means, especially when it comes to ancient games like chess that have since transitioned online.

One wrong move can prove fatal out on the chequered battlefield, with a great opponent making you wait six or seven moves before showing you exactly what that wrong move was. This leads nicely onto the next mindset hack that many online games specialize in honing.

Thinking Ahead

Part of ensuring a gamer gives their undivided attention to every move they make is also being able to think about how that decision will impact their play down the line. Of course, this is evident in games already mentioned such as chess, but it also applies to many RPG games, where storylines can branch off and adapt depending on how a player goes about making his or her decisions.

This is a hugely overlooked skill in the world of work, with many workers predisposed to put out fires as they spring up on a daily basis, rather than going to the long-term source to snuff them out for good. Play enough online games and that sort of attitude can quickly become second nature.

Focus and concentration are key in many online games where sessions or levels can go on for long periods of time, sometimes stretching over multiple hours or days

Maintaining Focus

Being able to maintain focus is a skill that so many businesspeople struggle with, especially when it comes to zeroing in on tasks that might be mundane, but which are crucial to the success of a project or business outcome.

It can easily be argued that almost every online game in existence demands some level of focus from its followers, but there are some that ask for a little more than others. One genre of online game where this is certainly the case is in battle royale melees, where the slightest slip in concentration can be the difference between losing a life or being the last man standing in the online arena.

Ultimately, because most online games have a competitive edge to them, there is always someone just around the corner trying to knock you off your perch. Budding business folks would be wise to adopt a similar mentality, otherwise they could see that coveted promotion go to a more hawkish and cutthroat colleague with less experience but more of an eye for an opening.

Expect the Unexpected

Part of what makes online games so engaging is the way in which they present their players with endless amounts of surprises. Mobile games are particularly good at this, with platformers and puzzlers throwing up no end of shocks and jumps for those who engage in them during their daily commutes or break times.

Of course, what makes the unexpected so exciting within a gaming interface is the fact that a player is required to react quickly.

Being as agile and reactionary as this is an ability that is always welcome in any office or workplace, because finding people who are willing to roll their sleeves up and crack on with a quick fix are like gold dust in any organization.

Practice Makes Perfect

To get good at any online game, players must put in hours of practice if they wish to climb the rankings. This can instill a dedicated mindset that many managers could only dream of injecting into their teams.

It is for this reason that gamification techniques are increasingly being used in the training and development of staff in all sorts of industries because what many developers of such tools have realized is that human beings are always more willing to learn and commit themselves to something when it is presented as a game, rather than just a block of information that must be memorized.

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