Gain The Competitive Edge With Maggie Berghoff

Celebrity health consultant Maggie Berghoff, founder of the high performance health agency Celproceo, is an author, speaker and entrepreneur.

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Celebrity health consultant Maggie Berghoff, founder of the high performance health agency Celproceo, is an author, speaker and entrepreneur.  Specializing in functional and integrative medicine, Maggie uses her knowledge in health and wellness to focus on bringing professional athletes, entertainers, and CEOs/executives to their mental and physical best state.  Her company, Celproceo, is trusted by some of the world’s most elite.  What we really love about Maggie and her company, is that you can get access to these cutting-edge health and wellness strategies, too!  She has educational resources, speaks at various conferences around the world, and has a new book launching soon we can’t wait to get our hands on!  

Maggie’s background in health stems from her mother having stage 3 colon cancer at the young age of 36, when Maggie was just 8 years old.  After completely reversing her cancer using nutrition, supplementations, spirituality, and mindset, Maggie was inspired to start learning more about nutrition and the foods going into her body.  She grew up mostly avoiding processed foods, enjoying her mom’s homemade meals.  She excelled in her academics, and knew she wanted to be in the medical field from a very young age.  Her passion in nutrition, the body, lifestyle, and fitness was strong.  She graduated both her undergraduate and graduate careers from Vanderbilt University.  When Maggie was 24 years old, she herself struggled with some major health complications, including a mini-stroke that landed her in a cold hopsital bed, head spinning not just from the dizziness of the TIA (transient ischemic attack), but from the questions she had of why this had happened – how did she get to this point after previously seeming healthy as can be?  Maggie dove deep into what’s known as Functional and Integrative Medicine to seek the answers to her questions, and determine the root cause of what was going on in her body to cause not just the mini-stroke, but the fatigue, bloating, swelling, and weight gain that was suddenly apparent.  She enrolled into the Institute For Functional Medicine and studied endlessly to find these answers.  Once she healed her own body in full, she had an awakening that she could no longer work for the traditional medical model, where she was only able to see patients for a limited amount of time, prescribe their meds, and not really ever help to heal their imbalances.  She wanted to be able to dig deep into each person’s history, lifestyle, mentality, and daily habits to really understand what can be done to help that individual balance their internal body chemistry, and truly reach the highest state of performance and living – physically and mentally.  

And so birthed her high performance functional medicine agency, Celproceo, in which she has a team of top professionals to partner with high performing men and women and combat their mental stress and environmental stressors so they can gain the competitive edge each and every day, thriving through life with energy and optimal health.  

On Motherhood and Work-Life

Within her health consulting agency, Celproceo, Maggie has a sub-specialty of helping pregnant women thrive during their pregnancy, and bounce back quickly afterwards.  Her passion here lies when her own first pregnancy was filled with extreme fatigue and nausea and vomiting.  It was tough to get things accomplished, and although she didn’t own her business at that time, it was not a situation she wanted to be in.  After the pregnancy, she was sure to rebalance her internal and external environment fully, boost her nutrient levels, completely transform her gut health, and reverse her autoimmune disease.  When she became pregnant with her second child, she thrived.  She told us “I didn’t even feel pregnant or any different at all,” and excelled in her career right up until the baby was born, traveling, speaking on large stages, and even going abroad to South Africa to stay at entrepreneur and billionaire Richard Branson’s safari home (yes, literally in his house!) and visit with Richard, go on safari, as well as mentor local women entrepreneurs.  Just three weeks after the baby was born, she felt so energetic and great that she was able to be the keynote speaker at a major event with 175 women CEO attendees, as well as appear on national television for not one, but two filmed episodes speaking on health and wellness.  Maggie wants to ensure us that it’s about balance and what you want to do.  She wanted to continue to work right away, as she doesn’t consider it “work,” but rather a fulfilling part of her life.  And, she wanted to stay home with her newborn, husband, and 2 year old and totally relax, which she did plenty of as well!  Maggie wants moms-to-be to know that they can feel amazing during and post pregnancy, and Maggie and her team at Celproceo are the experts to trust to ensure that happens.  

Maggie Berghoff Gets To The Root Of It All

Why we love Maggie and her business’s mission is that they truly care about getting to the root of their client’s nagging symptoms or health barriers.  They work intimately in the highest level of concierge service with clients in order to be sure every little detail in their life is covered and optimized where desired.  At the same time, they make it fun and feel so simple!  It’s definitely a status upgrade to work with Celproceo, even if you may be changing certain things in your life (for the better!).  They are able to get you feeling and performing your absolute best while still living in a modern world and enjoying the things you love.  They help you to get more out of your body, while still pushing yourself to do more in life and excel year after year in your career and personal life.  Imagine what you could do with less stress, a stronger internal body, and even just 1 more hour of bursting energy and clear-headed thinking each day.    Imagine if your entire team knew exactly what to do to help you feel, look, and perform at your highest year after year.  That’ what Celproceo and working with Maggie Berghoff can do for you!

Why Does Maggie Care So Much About High Performance And Stress?

The TIA, which is otherwise known as a mini-stroke, that Maggie Berghoff had when she was 24 wasn’t really “random.”  In fact, it was because of Maggie’s own high performance tendencies that she ended up on that hospital bed.  The years prior, Maggie pushed her mental and physical body to the max, excelling at whatever she was doing.  She followed certain diet plans to a “T” in order to keep a thin frame, worked out every day at 5:00am before graduate school classes, took more than the max amount of full-time credit hours in order to graduate an already accelerated program early, and even piled on an internship on top of it all.  She was also mentally stressed with some big decisions she had to make at the time, that was straining on her.  No one would know, not even Maggie, that although on the outside it appeared she was “crushing it,” on the inside her body was breaking down.  Finally, her body couldn’t compensate any longer for the stressors she was putting it through, and she started getting symptoms of severe fatigue, bloating, headaches, bodily swelling, and weight gain.  She lost her drive and motivation, and didn’t even feel like herself anymore out of nowhere.  The stress she was putting on herself led to the mini-stroke, autoimmune disease of the thyroid, kidney disease, severe immunodeficiency, and  infertility.  She developed many food intolerances to otherwise “healthy” foods that she had eaten all her life without complications, and suddenly found herself swelling up and having a “food hangover” after almost everything she ate unless she was on a super strict diet.  Her “food hangover,” as she describes, left her with excess weight, swelling of the whole body, migraines, and fatigue for several days after eating something even so simple as gluten free brown rice.   After she recovered from her health decline, and fully restored her health back to even better than before, she was determined to help other high performers resolve their health complications, completely excel in everythig they’re doing and be able to push their mind and body beyond what most humans ever do, all while becomming even more healthy, instead of the opposite that Maggie and many other high performing individuals eventually experience.  She doesn’t want her clients to have to slow way down or stop what they’re doing, but rather activate a new re-wiring of their internal and external environment in order to support the stresses that come with performing at a high level day in and out.  She has mastered “balance” in high stress lifestyles, and actually combats that stress almost completely, so that the individual can easily handle stressors of life when they occur without it harming the body long-term.  

An Inspiring Entrepreneur

We loved getting to know Maggie more, and are inspired by her story and her impact in the health and wellness world.  We can’t wait to see what else she brings to this space, including her new book to be released in the coming year.

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