From One Glamour To Another! Kathy Ireland’s Continuing The Paradise Of Glamour, As Set By Elizabeth Taylor! #WorldAIDSDay2020

Kathy Ireland's Continuing Of The Healing Process, and Elizabeth Taylor's Fight Against the HIV/AIDS Epidemic! #WorldAIDSDAY2020

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When one angel passes on, they leave the baton for those left behind. We can also imagine how they have set the foundation, had the conversation and mentored those particular individuals, before hand. Its just a thought, of course. Furthermore, we also have to address the reality of there being a unique atmosphere, concerning that sacred relationship between mentor and mentee. Taking the seeds from the older generation and passing them onto the current one. Its a precious bond. Furthermore, when a legendary woman has the power to have transmitted her teachings to a living legendary, it is the epitome of Sisterhood, and the naturalness of sharing within women’s spaces and Circles. It sets the pace and tone for how women should be among each other. Its those holistic relationships, which women should be engaging with each other. In due time, we can only hope that more women move into that direction. All of humanity benefits when such holistic work is done.

We have immersed into the world and natural glamour of Elizabeth Taylor. Her efforts as a humanitarian, and countless efforts to battle against the HIV/AIDS epidemic are legendary. Its a legacy, which shook up societal expectations of the then Hollywood scene. There are particular wonders and dynamics pertaining to this level of magic. This level of cleansing away faux matter of a term, and showcasing what its real beauty and elegance looked like. Performing it and centering it, all the way to he passing. Once Elizabeth Taylor transitioned on, someone had to carry that on. Someone had to take on the baton, and continue the traditions for the new wave of glamour. Heaven mandated that such be so. There was a necessity in staying on track to that very same Spirit. Preserving that sentimental energy in order that younger generations stay focused, and on track for understanding the healing power of glamour.

In the recent highlight of World AIDS Day (December 1, 2020), there is a delightful aura, which permeates the space. For some reason the power and magical sparkle for healing, as exemplified by Elizabeth Taylor, is just as vibrant and radiant, as if she was still alive. And, why is that so, should we ask? Well, perhaps it’s the healing garden that she created, which is still being watered. Part of why it is being watered is due to the people she had gathered together in order to maintain it. One of such people is model, entrepreneur, and living legend. . .Kathy Ireland.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Listening to interviews by Ireland, and observing pictures, it came to be obvious that Madame Ireland is the sacred maiden, who would continue the legacy of this Mother image. On another level, on a greater level, Kathy Ireland had been prepared. We can imagine that she had been trained for this role, for a long time. Its fascinating, isn’t it? Isn’t it amazing that level of mystery of a woman, who knows the one. Its that treasure of wisdom and knowledge, when an elder woman sees herself in the generation coming behind her. She recognizes that one woman, who was Divinely sent to do her bidding. In turn, she continues to create, produce, grow, and build in the manner that she had been instructed. Ah! Now it makes sense! Elizabeth Taylor’s legacy lives on because the work is being done. The same energy that she channeled in healing and spreading that healing grace is being re-channeled. When you re-channel that life sustaining, nutritious energy, you are experiencing traces of that person’s presence on Earth. Its why the work provides a sense of comfort, during those times of grievance and sorrow. Its one of the few things, providing a connection to them. When continuing the work, the absence of their physical presence doesn’t feel so bad. Furthermore, the work continues to give us a connection to their presence. The comfort lays in the reality of their essence surrounding us. Knowing that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. Remember, and remember this, well. Work, in its holistic form, secures our bond with the loved ones, who have transitioned on.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Why Kathy Ireland? What was it about her presence, energy, and Spirit, which captivated the legendary Elizabeth Taylor. We don’t know for sure. That’s a sacred trust between the two of them. Of course, we can use our imagination. Perhaps, it was the fact that both of them occupied the realm of beauty-the art of beauty, and its pleasures of presenting truth. Perhaps, Heaven sent them together for one to create a journey, as the other would ensure its completion. Looking at both of them, its obvious that they were more than friends, mentee and mentor, and business partners. To much regard they are spiritual Sisters. Spiritual twins if I may add. I would even say complements of each other. Its as if their missions were part of a joint contract, which had been orchestrated by Heaven. Just look at their photos together. Elegant. Loving. Compassionate. Beautiful. Encouraging. Dynamic. Kind. Two women. One serving as the beginning. The other completing the end. They are truly the yin and yang of each other. The camera preciously captures this. Look at them. Just stop and reflect. Pictures tell a thousand stories, and they proclaim millions of unspoken words. Just sitting back and observing their photos, their imagery together matches so perfectly. You can examine just how intricate, detailed, and holistic they are in illuminating the light for each of these women. Just look at them, and examine deeper into their Spirits. Right now, all you can do is observe. Sit and see, or FEEL, what I am speaking upon.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Yesterday, on December 1, 2020, the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation held The Elizabeth Taylor Ball To Ends AIDS. Different participants were involved in creating this sacred occasion: Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Streisand, Earvin “Magic” and Cookie Johnson, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Colin Ferrel, and of course, Kathy Ireland! Other prominent persons were part of the digital festivities, including the sponsors. Even in the time of corona, the ball would continue on; just like the rest of the world. The success of that event was a reflection of the grand wonder of Elizabeth’s spirit, how she transformed the very definition of glamour. Let’s go deeper.

When we think of a ball, we think of a fairy tale. We imagine fantasy, and this mystical world of beauty. Living imagination in the real world, comes to life, when we immerse ourselves into the world of a ball. Getting glamed up, dress up, and looking our best, so that we are able to perform all the dreams, we experienced in the fantasy world. Its vivacious and divine. If we want to truly be real, balls are Heaven’s way of reflecting Universal entertainment. Isn’t that beautiful? When we think of balls, we think of joys, celebrations, and happiness. Most of society does not traditionally think that a ball can include addressing taboo subjects. Then again, that was the magic of Elizabeth Taylor. She had the power to bring awareness to the ill, while making it pleasant to speak upon. In showcasing the glamorous side of healing, people became more comfortable in speaking about it. No longer was the epidemic of HIV/AIDS a scary and daunting place. Two groups were liberated, during this phase-those who carried the disease, and those who navigated with, the ill. Now, there was a sense of hope and ease in discussing the subject matter. Its the very nature in understanding the significance of image, and how it is designed and crafted into restoration of the human Spirit.

And here, in its elegance, creativity, and nurture, the complementary twin, Kathy Ireland continues on that legacy of making glamour a reality for the masses of people. Even during this current time of COVID-19, glamour shines its light of hope and restoration, for those who have been emotionally deprave, within these current times. There are particular avenues, when it comes to moving through different levels of care and dedication. Being that this particular ball took place through a virtual lens, means that one era of physical well-being is connecting with another. My, oh my, how the times, intertwine!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

For those, who were unable to get access or attend the ball, there is much to be anticipated for the given future. Nevertheless, it has happened, in spite of. Let me tell you, it takes daring women to transform the social constructs of a term. It requires holistic imagery, imagination, and the mental ability to persevere, in spite of the criticisms-the betrayals, the lies, and the desire to prevent “the impossible” to happen. It is intrinsic, is it not? Its a perfect demonstration of our ability to dream our realities into existence. There are different levels of euphoria, when experiencing this particular journey. Let’s not forget the level of effort and work, it takes when traveling this spiritual path. Nevertheless, for every frustration, pain, and dynamic, its, well worth it! It truly is. Furthermore, there is an even greater set of joy for the wellness and momentum of being able to direct a unique lens to the purpose of love and wonder. On a greater note, there is a wealth of mystery when it comes to directing ourselves onto this path. For the most part, a person navigates through different dimensions. When you find comfort in making fantasy out of reality, and bring reality in a fictional world, you experience balance. This is the best way in how I, personally, can explain this leadership journey of Kathy Ireland, and her continuation of this phenomenal, ball. Its a tough continuation to follow. Nevertheless, it is achievable.

The friendship between them was undeniable. That magical spark and bond between two women was so graciously captured through the photographic lens. When one’s journey had ended, another carried on the torch. From mentor to mentee, the transition of the torch was as graceful and nourishing, as ever. Of course, Kathy Ireland had learned from one of the best to ever have done it. She nourished the love and passion in carrying for “the forgotten”; just as Elizabeth Taylor had done. It is phenomenal and Divine. Its a form of one of the Heavenly arts. One a greater lens, one has to admit to the beauty of of being able to transform ugliness into Heaven’s delight. Its magical! Its a blessing. It truly was, Elizabeth’s way! And, oh, what a way, she had designed. A glamorous ball, for the healing of, ALL!

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