From Flab to Fab!

Feeling great from the inside out. Countdown to the future me!

Writing it down

So you think there is a quick fix when it comes to weight loss?

I’m sorry to tell you, first you need to define your flab and your fab for any action to work.

Thought I would write myself a letter about my journey to fabulous today! For the New Year 2018 I’m going to reflect on my progress from this point and you can either bring out the champagne with me or eat some carrots as a consolation prize! I’ve had a head start and I’ve lost 2 dress sizes already, should I consider that an unfair advantage against me (haha)!

It started with that photo of the woman running. I saw it above the massage bed at the physio office, and it called me. I heard it. It said run with me. One day later, I’ll answer her by writing to me!

The Letter

Dear Self,

I’m defining my idea of ‘flab’ as the loose tire I carry around my waist. The one that falls over, but looks like its getting deflated from the work I’ve put in so far. My arms are all jiggles but I can’t do much based on my back, shoulder, and injuries to my neck and right side of my body. The cellulite and fatty deposits on my thighs look like a I’m kneading flour for bread and its lumpy. I love the way my legs look from below the knees to my cute feet, so that is one less area for enhancement! The other side which I hope will go down ( but not holding my breath) is my super huge derriere, which is firm but more than a tad on the enormous side! So that’s it. Everything else is good!

How I see fab is more about how I feel, than a dress size. I’m wearing a 16/17 now and at the end of the year fab will be a size 12 or less! For some folks that may seem big for me at 5ft 4 ins, however I’m not looking to be a scarecrow. I want to be fit, but I’m also aware of my challenges and limitations. I also want to be able to walk at a moderate pace without stopping every five minutes. As a ‘fab test’ walking for an hour would be great. I’m also hoping I can do an hour on the bike at a decent borderline fast pace. I’m able to do twenty minutes slow while praying so I’m on track I think to ace that!

Fab for me means I should be able to go to the beach and stand in the water for more than ten minutes without losing my balance. Lets set standing in the water on the beach for one hour as a ‘fab test’. Another thing I’m weary of writing here is I really want to be able to go down on the ground and get back up easily more than once — I will even settle for twice — can’t even go down and get up without help! Finally my ‘fab test’ for the year end ‘overall health ability’ will be to walk five hundred steps at the national stadium ( In my other life I could do one thousand easily). Fab sure feels like I will be ready for ‘Seal training’ next year 2018! I look fantastic in clothes ( I sure do), so lets see me in a red swimsuit, maybe a pseudo sports illustrated photo for regular folks as my ‘kickass fab test’!

Achieving these goals won’t happen unless I’m committed to making them happen. I’ve got to eat healthy and balanced, and drink lots of water. I’m also going to rely heavily on good nutritional habits which I’ve been working on for a few months. My physiotherapists are going to have to help me with the physical stuff, and I will do whatever they allow at home. Most important though will be the inner strength, which I will work on developing from meditation and breathing exercises.

I know I can’t afford the fancy diets and trainers, and maybe I don’t have everything I wish I had to assure my success, but Self, I can do it. I can keep a food and activity journal, because tracking my behavior is important. Hey, I know I don’t like writing “had a piece of cheesecake today again”, but I won’t lie because you will know! This year my goal is healing and improving my health, whatever it takes to get to fab. I need my mind and body to work with me. I also need my heart and spirit to cheer with me as I fight off the chocolate brownies and creamy decadent treats. I’ve been a yoyo for so long, I’m ready to change my model!

I’m afraid.

Yikes, I’ve written it all down and I won’t give up because I’ve said it. Lets see how I can get cracking on my healthy me!

I’m accountable to you, and I won’t let you down Self. I’m rooting for you. You can do it. It’s just you and me and the unknown people reading this promise to yourself! I love you 🙂

Best encouragement and support,

Journeys require understanding upfront

When you prepare for something, its always easier if you are clear on what you’re getting into before starting. Realism has escaped many folks when embarking on weight loss based on the quick fixes, and crazy expectations locked in the mind. Writing it down gives a clearer picture of what is required. Think about what works for you, and write it down. As I re-read this, I feel the urge to delete, because I’m beginning to feel afraid. That voice of doubt is my first challenge. I’m human, and I can tell that voice — shut up!

This is March 2017. The next time I write myself a letter on this will be, 1 January 2018.

Are you with me on your own ‘self’ journey, please share with me and lets do this together!

If this post resonates with you, there is a little heart you can click and I’ll feel your love. I’m also looking forward to any tips and guidance you’d like to share. I’m a fan of success and life stories because we can learn from each other and look forward to your wisdom 🙂

Thanks from Self !

*Feeling inspired, check the heart and let it click so I can see your heart glow 🙂 Thanks for being awesome!

A short brief about me: I’m a corporate business veteran, with practical experience in a diverse range of industries — Safety/ HVAC / FMCG /Industrial Equipment /and much more . Sales ,Marketing, Business Development & Coaching are combined to deliver over 30 years experience. As an entrepreneur and blogger (Dwordslayer) I’m right now living an adventure, and looking forward to the next opportunity to challenge mediocrity.

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