From Burnt Out To Creative Entrepreneurial Newbie

4 ways on how to keep momentum during the beginning stages of your creative entrepreneurial career

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Celebrating The Launch Of My First Podcast
Celebrating The Launch Of My First Podcast

In February 2019, I quit my 60 hours plus catering job from stressed induced shingles and a recent MS diagnosed fiancé with no back-up job lined up. I know, I know, save your, ‘Why did you do that’ speech? I was extremely burnt out from everything and covertly dissatisfied with the way my life panned out. 

Right before I quit, my colleague encouraged me to podcast about my black girl nerdom for cinema and pop culture, which I rave about all the time at work. She thought my girly Elmoesque voice (yes, my voice does sound like this), bubbly personality and movie buff knowledge would be perfect for this.

After the first episode, I caught momentum and felt so in my element. I started hitting up friends and pushing episodes out every week. The overwhelming happiness from podcasting gave me a rush I’ve never experienced before. 

This new drive gave me an optimistic outlook on entrepreneurship. I started identifying my values (flexibility, quality time with family and friends, leadership, good health, being positive, and manifesting in what makes me great) with my podcasting and developed my own standard for success. 

Now, my standard of success has transformed me into a worker bee to becoming a full-time podcaster and blogger. During my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve learned a couple of lessons along the way to keep up my momentum. 

Be aware of your entrepreneurial why

If you’re not fully aware of your purpose, it will be difficult to stay on track and feel motivated in the long run. You can easily shift your journey when you become in tune with your vision. 

I’ve concluded that I want to be a digital creator where I can connect with people and have flexibility with my schedule. When I feel inadequate or unsure of myself, I remember this until I am blue in the face. When you need clarity or reassurance you are doing the right thing, refer back to your why. Why do you want to be an entrepreneur? To be in control of your future? To be your boss? To just to say you’ve done it? What is it?

To help you be more attentive to it, write and post it where you can see it every day. Connect your values with your career goals to finetune your why. Follow people on social media or in your life who embody your vision. Visit events that align with your ambition. Take action that reflects what your purpose is and you won’t believe the path that unfolds before you. 

Embrace mistakes as stepping stones in your journey

The pressure of having everything together started to creep again. Around summer 2019, there was a moment where I extremely doubted myself and I accepted an 8 to 5 desk job in another industry I thought I might be good in. I didn’t trust my instincts enough to follow through my previous plan, so fear took over my life for a brief period.

Unfortunately, I realized within less than a month, I was out of my element. I shamed myself for quitting two jobs in one year and not having my crap together as a young woman. Along with losing my dog, I quickly spiraled into depression. 

Eventually, I saw a therapist to help regain my confidence again. With their help and support from family and friends, I became more mindful that my mistakes were steps in the right direction where my values and personality are meant for a greater purpose. By the end of 2019, I ended therapy and trusted my instincts. I gravitated back to podcasting where I glowed again. 

Just like me, you may get off track at times due to doubt, fear, naysayers, whatever. But recognize these moments will ultimately turn you back around to the journey towards your purpose. Own your mistakes and keep treading on because you are getting closer and closer to your ultimate goal. 

Surround yourself with similar entrepreneurs

Never underestimate the power of the community. All my communal spaces have given me a place where I can be myself, share my ups and downs but still keep my entrepreneurial spirit alive.

I joined local and Facebook groups to gain resources on becoming a better podcaster and blogger. Many folks were just as gungho just as I was. That energy is contagious! I love it! Joining communities aligned with your vision can motivate you to improve your craft, get advice, learn new resources, and promote personal growth.

Manifest in your awesome differences 

We should all celebrate our differences and be proud of them. When you start manifesting in your differences, your pride transforms into confidence in your career, your personal life and within yourself. 

You have something amazing to offer because you’re one-of-a-kind. If you have negative nancies and naysayers coming for you, kill them with kindness and keep on moving. They don’t deserve the confidence and growth you exude from simply being who you are.

To sum up, I am no superhero, millionaire, personal coach, celebrity or a mercury retrograde expert. I am a quirky millennial black woman striving to become an entrepreneur on my terms. I hope this helps those struggling to find their calling in life. Because I did but I persevered. And so can you. 

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