From Bollywood’s Waters To Hollywood Stars! PRIYANKA CHOPRA

How Indian Actress, and Former Miss Universe, PRIYANKA CHOPRA, Embodies the Power Of Movement and Change!

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As society continues to move towards the progress of grappling with water, water’s issues, and every sacred realm it encompasses, there is something Soulfully intrinsic happening, when a woman navigates her way into another land, using the presence of water. Moving from one country to another gives a person a specific purpose, and journey to fulfill. You may not always understand it. Then again, some things are not meant to be understood, entirely-or completely. I guess that’s the very Spirit of woman. Wandering and traveling into spaces, which best suit her Spirit. Revisiting those places, where important lessons are learned. Movement is a wonder for women, and people, using it for fruition’s desire.

Bollywood star, former Miss World, and now Hollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra, is clearly one of such women. Moving through waters’ rhythm, to explore other domains outside of her beloved, India, is another lesson to be learned. Through movement, there comes change. It also means that we may meet the love of our life; locate another career, or live out our most passionate dreams. An essential theme, here, is understanding how rhythm gives us that power to attract what we were brought to Earth to be. Our calling becomes apparent when allowing our spirit to guide us to spaces and places, where our treasures lay. Its why movement is so powerful. Of course there are rules, which are to be followed, in order to truly understand this.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

First and foremost, being able to move, and move in a way that is healing, requires that we truly pour into the space, where we already are. Whether it be through art, music, dance, poetry, or creativity in whatever labor forces we occupy, energy must be recycled within that particular area. Leaving because we are running away from something can sometimes place us in positions, and spaces, where we don’t want to be. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Then again, those exceptions can derive from having done previous work, finally to receive the rewards and blessings from that labor. The fascinating thing is how time moves its way into periods of movement. For some, it may be at an early age. Others may take a little longer. Nevertheless, fulfilling our dreams, and Universal destiny, is to. . .move. Such is also relevant, as it pertains within particular spacing.

At the age of 13, Priyanka Chopra moved to the United States with her aunt. We could interpret this as a foreshadow into her eventual return. Nevertheless, when you are moving throughout another space or nation, there is a unique atmosphere, taking place. Being in unfamiliar and foreign territory causes prejudice to arise. You never really know who you are, until you are placed within that situation. Having gained a taste of US soiling, she travels back to India, where she completes her high school education. Working her way through the beauty world, movement led her to the United States, back to India, with a future return to the US. It was here in the US, where she met her love, Nick Jonas.; Edits Lauren Kaye Clark

One of the fascinating lessons we can learn from Priyanka Chopra is that leaving one area doesn’t mean we are disconnected from it, or that our journey with it has ended. Not at all. We are free to return to that “forgotten” place, when the timing is right. As many times as we wish, and for whatever reason we need to. There are many moments when we return to particular spaces, we have left, in order to answer questions, which have occupied our minds. Other times, we go back in order to find healing. Regardless of the reason, we always, go back. Change into one energy sector, does not mean we are forbidden to venture back, prior to the beginning of change. Let’s not forget the Priyanka Chopra Foundation. Evident in how our movement patterns have the power transform the lives of children.

Whatever mistrials and misfortunes Priyanka Chopra may have had in her earlier phase, in one garden known as the United States, there is a place for her, here. Yet, this current phase has stated that this nation is her other home. Her Indian heritage is welcomed. Such is another lesson to be examined. Sometimes, moving too early, and too late, in the footsteps of time, can be a disaster. Things are not designed and structured to align in our favor. Therefore, it is best to put things off until time has given its blessing. That way when we move in the right time, the journey is that much more euphoric. Its a blessing! Providing us with the fruits and benefits of being in life’s abundance. Movement, in its natural state, is meant to be enjoyed.

Crossing waters to experience change is one of the treasures of seeing how powerful it truly is. Madame Chopra has clearly done this. Given the momentum and power to view such a delight is an aesthetic, in its own right. Not everyone can pick up and go-even at right timing. Courage is a necessity when it comes to this ability. Moving to unfamiliar territory, maintaining its authenticity, while having a space for you, is magical. It is a special alchemy, that very few have been able to master. Yet, those finding success in doing it, and doing it well, are a special caliber of people. Truly special!

India is a nation known for its many colors. Leading many to inquire into the level of diversity and beauty, when it comes to the design of movement in India. How DO people move in India? What spiritual and cultural traditions illuminates India’s authentic colors of movement? Furthermore, how does it feel when individuals move in the way of such colors? The practice of imagining such a sacred world is enough to bring waves of excitement to this endeavor. Its beautiful! Its serene. Its practically, Heavenly! You desire to venture into that journey just to taste change. Ah! I guess you never knew how colorful, and elegant, change could be. India has clearly taught us so? Has she not?; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

As Priyanka Chopra continues to make a name for herself in Hollywood, there is a great perk in balancing your presence between two different worlds-your Native home, and what you have made home, to be! Its fascinating, isn’t it? Your personal, mental, emotional, and spiritual journey requires that you build a bridge, within these two comparative cultures. As you move between them, you are given the task in observing, where they intertwine. How are they reflections, and mirrors, of each other? What does one have to teach the other, and vice versa? Its very intriguing, should we decide to really delve into the human phenomenon for cultures to immerse themselves into each other. We can also speak about this in the world of film. From the colors of Bollywood to the Hollywood stage! Mrs. Chopra is bringing one cultural vibe into another, major film industry. Floating one colorful form of movement into another domain. And, you know what? That’s perfectly fine! So as long as you move, and change, in the right way!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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