Frida Kahlo’s Wellness Paintings For A Two-Sided Tale!

How Many Of the Nature-Centered Portraits Of FRIDA KAHLO Convey Her Journey Of Using The Earth As A Healing Nectar, After Pain's Revelation!

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There is something invigorating, surrounding those who are able to go into a place, where many have never gone. Its part of that sacred spacing, of individuals, granted the serenity in, addressing hidden taboos of the day. Invisible secrets, societal ills, and pains that have gone, unspoken. Releasing that pain, while continuing to highlight one’s beauty is one of the most powerful dynamics, associated with the human psyche. One of the most intimate attributes of wellness, is the liberty for people to highlight the beauty in moving through truth-no matter how ugly it may be-while still maintaining one’s ability to move through the enchantment of sustaining one’s own beautiful presentation. One’s pain does not have to stifle, or erase, the glow of one’s imagery.

Our beloved, Frida Kahlo, understood the artistry of transitioning from one realm to another. She was a master of revealing pain, while painting beauty! Such is one of the greatest gifts that she ever gave to the human experience. Throughout memory’s enchantment, she gave the power of being able to depict persistent themes, in who she was. There was a level of enjoyment in open visualizations of one’s pain. Painting it in a way to liberate our psyche. We are not stifled in the very existence and performance of our pain. Not at all! On the contrary, we go through a ritual cleansing. Purging our brokenness illuminates the outside of our aura. Our glow is more radiant, and shines even more. The ugliness of pain, does not hinder our beauty, or light.

Throughout her career, there were different forms, in which she expressed herself. Many of them were self-portraits. Others, reconstructed her presence into the realms of the natural and spiritual worlds. Sometimes, her portraits were painful. Other times, it was evident, in how comfort had found its bliss. Nevertheless, the core foundation for all of these pieces, is they expressed the realm of truth. And no! Not all of it was ugly. Truth does not always have to be ugly. Let’s not forget that even in its ugliness, there is liberation. Sometimes when people hear one component of truth’s ugliness, they stay stuck, and fixed, in the discomfort of its presentation. The fact of the matter is that ugliness hints to every key component of the sensory. Hear. Taste. Touch. Smell. Smell. All of the 5 senses are intrinsic, when it comes to pain’s revelation.

Frida Kahlo was truly a balanced artist. The unfortunate reality is that people become focused on her pain, and depictions of her pain. That does not undermine the sacredness of paintings such as La Columna De Rota, Mi Ninera Y Yo, Sin Esperanza, and others. Simultaneously, far too many viewers, critics, and patrons of her work have not given as much attention and focus to the tranquil, natural, and illuminating images Frida Kahlo depicted of herself. She was trying to tell us something. That something was another realm, where we she had ventured to, for her healing process. Once she painted the pain, she then painted the healing. The two were complementary of each other. Kahlo never painted one, without acknowledging the other. There was a beauty in such. That is what many fans, and admirers of this Mexican dahlia, have missed. Reasons for why they have missed it, is because they are more enthralled with the sad version of Frida Kahlo. To them, her pain is more glorious, than her ability to move to the next phase. Again, we have the repetition of humanity, staying stuck in the negative atmosphere of pain; rather than the use of the experience, collecting those skills, and painting it into the illumination of nature’s lighting.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits Lauren Kaye Clark

Examining the natural paintings of Frida Kahlo, we observe her fascination with Earth’s divinity and creations. Perhaps, we can also say that there is a certain vibe, regarding one’s ability to bridge through the healing of pain. Frida Kahlo made sure to place the natural wonder around her. Perhaps, it is her first teacher, in the painting world! What’s so interesting is how Mother Nature has provided us with the blueprint for art! Just think about how abundant, reflective and nutritious she is for many of the creative minds. Furthermore, there is also the element in being able to bridge forth into the domains of nature and nurture! What makes these spaces so sacred, is that the very domain of Mother Earth, its very essence, is enriching! Imagine yourself sitting inside of that space, and soaking up that holistic energy. Imagine humanity being liberated with sacred rituals of healing, within Mother Earth’s domain. Not only is there the cleansing of pain, from the body, but there is also the rhythm of being able to immerse through the different layers of healing. Mother Nature illuminates various patterns and designs; connecting us with nutritious elements, within our particular atmosphere. Its more than important. Even if we are not in need of healing, there is still the artistry of healing. Every day should be a healing journey. It should be a time of re-cleansing, re-alignment, and re-healing. The very process is healing!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

If you are even astute into the work of Frida Kahlo, you will observe that she mirrored, her paintings in the physical. She loved nature! She decorated her existence with florals; wearing them well and celebrating nature in a way that a woman can. Just examine and immerse in many of her self portraits. Rarely does she smile. However, what she does do is sit, and allow nature to do the talking. It is apparent that in her posture, she is trying to ensure that viewers get the message. Frida Kahlo does not engage in traditional performances, for how women are often portrayed when they are surrounded by nature. That too, is for another conversation, and what a pleasant one it will be.

What’s fascinating about Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits with nature, are the many stories she is telling. In many ways, she is performing the versatility of Mother Nature. Within her midst are different, healing stories. While she may have mainly conveyed her own, it was the way she portrayed it, which directs us to other stories, untold. Enchanting, is it not? Furthermore, it is a selfless act. Using one’s physical presence, pain, heartbreak, and story to illuminate those individuals, who will never get their stories told. On another scale, if viewers examine certain self-portraits, there is this energy of Frida Kahlo being a metamorphosis of Mother Nature. I imagine her depicted in the way of the ancient Sphinx. The work of art where humanity is crafted with the likes of nature. There is no hierarchy when it comes to this realm. People are forced to acknowledge that we share the Earth. We don’t own it! Many people have been trained to think in this way. Reality has a way of teaching us, who really runs the show. Should we decide to remove ourselves from her haven, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, and other mental and emotional issues, arise. The truth of the matter is that a significant portion of humanity suffers from this, anyhow. Yet, there she is, again. Embodying Mother nature, in all of her feminine aura and healing tones. She smiles in a different way!

As current and future generations come to address the work of Frida Kahlo, and the painting of her own pain, let’s continue to tale both sides of her story-the painful side and the healing side. One of the greatest legacies to her work is that she did not stay rigid in the pain. On the contrary, she painted her way, out! Once the pain had been exposed, the healing work would begin. In her world, pain had come, but it would be followed with a happening ending. It would be her own Cinderella story-minus the fictional tale of the knight, who rides in on a horse. Through the eyes of Frida Kahlo, she would paint her way into salvation. Its how she would save herself. Remember, a painful revelation is necessary for transition into the healing phase. One cannot heal if there is no acknowledgement of pain. For gardens to grown, there must be rain.‘ Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

As we continue to move through Mother’s nectar, in our personal healing journeys, let’s remember to paint the healing part. Too often, humanity becomes addicted in finding glory in pain. What they forget is that, at some point in time, pain and suffering must come to an end. It is never designed to last forever, but healing does. Healing will also be here. In fact, it outlasts the pain. Its supposed to, if life is to evolve, and beautify. If only we, as human beings, had the desire to get to the next stage. Well, many are waking up to that possibility. Not only are they awaking to its very ecstasy, but they are searching for it, and seeking it. Phenomenal! Moving back into the healing of our gardens, and watering ourselves in them, daily.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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