Francis Bebey Cola For Morning Coffee’s Kiss!

Cameroonian Singer, Musician, and Songwriter-FRANCIS BEBEY-And How We Are Encouraged To Re-Examine The Symbol Of "Coffee Cola," Through His "Coffee Cola Song!"

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It’s amazing the kind of thoughts, conversations, and observations, which can take place over a simple drink. Not just any drink. Of course, you have your morning, afternoon, or evening tea and coffee! The warm vibe permits anyone to enjoy ten very artistry of meditation and reflection on the day. Personal problems. Family troubles. Societal issues. Politics. Athletics. Whatever brings interest to the mind for the day’s timing. It seems rather plausible, and only natural for humans to get lost in the mind, for a temporary time. Then, there are certain times when a special drink does more than permit for one’s meditation. In fact, it gets one thinking so deeply, concerning this paradox, we call, life. Contradictions of what people say, do, and live their very lives. Life is like that, you know. And when the time comes for a certain drink, you will know why it is appropriate for that time. Funny thing is that you don’t just drink it for any regular moment. Of course, you can be consistent with it, when that special time comes along; occurring on more than one day.

Certain drinks are inherent within a particular culture and nation. It means that such a drink tells a story. The reason for its story is due to it having been connected to the Earth. Furthermore, that drink is akin to one’s natural agility to the Earth. It tells stories of one’s country, and the narratives, which have arisen from such. The dreams. The hopes. What was done. What is yet to come. And, maintaining one’s sanity, throughout the very process. It’s knowing that one is close to the dream-even if one does not see it.

Back to Cameroon, we are, my Darlings! And laying in her bosom, is another musical treasure, who had the power to bring magic to the world of a simple drink. Describing it so well, and with such love and sensory, a person wanted to understand, just it tastes like. How was it made? What is the his/herstory behind this drink? Even more, why did he choose to use this song, as part of the narrative for people’s relations to each other, within the area? That’s something to be noted for. When we start to ask the questions, we are pressed to knowing more about its, unique taste. How does it bring a unusual comfort in understanding just how holistic and healing, it is? Are you ready? Let’s go!

Entering into the world of Coffee Cola, and the people, who drink it, another Cameroonian legend has come to highlight this intriguing mix. His name is none other than. . .

Francis Bebey; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Of course, he was a legend of Makossa music! Nevertheless, he merged other international genres into the vibe. Such included Pop and Jazz music-two other scents from Black America’s gardens! Of course, one cannot deny his eloquence, in the use of the guitar. So, what does such mean? What did his music mean? What did all of this mean? What did the song truly mean? Furthermore, how did it feel to drink, Coffee Cola? How was it soothing to one’s very Soul? Lastly, why does it seem to give one an even more keen sense on the reality of thing? The reality of people and who they really are? Hearing the lyrics and reflecting on the storyline, surrounding them, we gain a sense of what pleasure and education, truly means. The drink must be magical, and soothing, in such a manner, that it brings out one’s inner psychologist. It is the epitome of truth. All of a sudden, things become more clear. There are certain truths, which arise from the situation. One begins to see people for who they truly, and really, are! In fact, it is the “crazy” ones, who become the tellers of truth and virtue. Soon, we begin to see just who the “real” crazy ones truly are!

There are people in town, man, crazy people in town Eating bread and butter and honey, and drinking black coffee cola They believe we are wild, man, they believe we are wild Just because we don’t use any money, and we drink no coffee cola But if you could go and see how they live (ashamed, ashamed) Then, you discover how savage they are, so much wilder than we; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There are people in town, man, weird people in town Eating bread and butter and honey, an drinking black coffee cola Money is what they like most, Money is what they like And people who have plenty of money belong to high society But if you could go see how they live (ashamed, ashamed) Then, you discover how savage they are, so much wilder than we

What remains intriguing surrounding this very song, is how it allows the listener to imagine. Yes! Simply, imagine! Who are these people? Who are these people whose lives seem so empty, that they do not appreciate the very drink, which permits them to bypass time? The lyrics make it very obvious that such people do not really appreciate this drink. They don’t appreciate its nourishing factor, and appeal for mental, spiritual, and emotional wellness. For if they did, there would be a change in their lives. They would become better people. They would strive for peace and value the lives of others. Furthermore, they wouldn’t waste their time pointing the finger at others, as opposed to looking in; for the eternal work, would begin!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Taking our own reflections on the song, we come to ask one particular thing. If the truth tellers were drinking coffee cola, how would they appreciate the experience? Would coffee cola have a different representation, and a different purpose from those loving people? In fact, would its depth and richness be more appreciated, simply because they did not drink it in the “haven” for, idle time? Perhaps, there would be another conversation. Perhaps, there would be a familiar understanding, where people spoke about their desires for a better life. Speaking on their desire for world peace, and gathering together in bringing nurture to each other, over a glass or cup of coffee cola! Just imagine such richness being celebrated in that very same atmosphere! What if a person came to understand that such a drink had a different purpose, and was not used by people for the devalue of another? Now, such would be a wonderful tale, indeed! A coffee talk for coffee cola!

Reflecting upon the very sensory and texture of coffee cola, the imagination brings forth a unique delight. Having never tasted this drink, one’s mind goes wild in meditating upon how the very coffee beans must feel and tastes. There is an authentic, Earthly texture, as it relates to extracting fresh coffee beans from the soils. Experiencing the titillation of one’s sensory as those granules from the Earth’s soil rubs across one’s skin. It can become so intriguing, that you even want to taste the soil; as you are part of the Earth. There is healing when sitting within the soils, which grows the very riches of coffee beans. How euphoric it would be for a person to cover one’s skin in the very blessed manner of coffee beans; all the while plunging one’s hands into the natural therapy of the soils!

Should we reflect upon the very being of coffee cola, we come to envision an elixir, which is reminiscent of the darkness of Universal nectar and abundance. What if the drinking of coffee cola was reminiscent of drinking one particular taste of the galaxy? What if the wellness of caressing through those Earthly soil meant realigning ourselves with our natural element? Our natural movement? Our natural decor? What if it correlated to feeling in alignment with that intertwining between the Universal artistry between Heaven and Earth? The richness of blackness, and how it serves as the sacredness to that intrinsic elixir. What if? There are great wonders and delights for the very wellness of one’s psyche. In addition, a person comes to understand just how valuable and nourished one’s physical existence is, when it is not being tampered with the artificial timber of life’s painful journey. Lastly, there is a certain nectar, which is unique to different spaces and different landscapes. It varies from nation to nation; from culture to culture.

They keep dreaming of war, man Hate and crime, everywhere I was told that it’s to get the money They need to buy coffee cola

They keep dreaming of war, man
Hate and crime everywhere
That is the way they can find the money
They need to buy coffee cola

If only dreams were truly comprehended, appreciated, and painted in the very magic, of their creativity. If only they understood that dreams are made for abundance and fruition of beauty. What good does it do to use Universal dreams in the manifestation of destruction? What good is it in utilizing the very source of beauty, against its very majesty? Dreams are meant for our healing and artistry. Dreams are meant for manifesting Heaven’s artistry on Earth! Dreams are suited for the empowerment and rebirth of the human experience. Yet, it is through a more peaceful factor!

Again, those who do not value the land, cannot truly appreciate the taste for coffee cola. Yet, again, what if the truth seekers, the peace makers, drank coffee cola, in their own way? What if they reclaimed that social space, and decided to use coffee cola for a social gathering for love’s reflection? I’m sure such would truly awaken the deeper sensory for that Cameroonian bliss of cola’s chocolate, for morning coffee, bliss!

To listen to more songs by FRANCIS BEBEY, you can go to the following link:; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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