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Truly amazing to me how timely this Thrive Global suggested topic is – no such thing as coincidences as I oftentimes say!

My entire daily nutritional regimen for myself and my two young children, has recently undergone an overhaul as a result of being professionally sought out on LinkedIn by a highly self-empowered, successful, powerhouse woman named, Diana Page, who has now become profoundly pivotal in many aspects of my journey. Let me take a moment to explain the backstory and bring it full circle for you.

A few months ago, and unbeknownst to me, Diana was following me on social media – she later would tell me how she took note of my footprint, my genuine engagement, and loyal following in addition to her valuing many of my daily updates and posts. Diana very quickly came to realize how staunchly entrenched I am in the Mind, Spirit, Body connection as well as my being completely immersed in the personal growth and development industry. Diana had eventually decided it was time to message me, and had proceeded to then ask me if we could set up a phone call meeting – taking into account the time difference of her living in the UK and myself, located in Canada.

Never could I have predicted all the amazing yumminess that would have unfolded from that one initial phone call! Long story short, Diana, a sixteen year veteran with a highly successful company named, Forever, a multi-billion dollar company with forty years of uninterrupted growth, a company which has consistently remained debt-free, a company who is philanthropic on the global scale, and who has millions of repeat customers in one hundred and fifty countries – a company whose product line is all derived from Aloe Vera – 96% pure Aloe Vera ingredient as opposed to the 5-10% Aloe Vera products, available in any community typical storefront as well ason pharmacy shelves. Forever has not only very graciously and generously become one of my global radio/podcast sponsors, but they have also warmly invited me into the Forever family, knowing what it is I stand for and for what I wholeheartedly believe in, as again, someone whom for decades has been staunchly immersed in the personal growth and personal development world inclusive of the Mind, Body, and Spirit – connection.

As a consumer, I have become very discerning over the years, and certainly, this is more so the case since embarking upon motherhood. As a business woman, and as someone who gets pitched regularly with the request/invitation to have my name attached to other people’s products, messages, services, and branding… in the way of endorsements and testimonials…and as much as Diana is a very reputable and respected business woman who is highly regarded around the globe, and as grateful as I was to her for having sought me out, and for the Forever Sponsorship Partnership – I was exceptionally forthcoming with Diana in expressing to her that I could not or would not take the prospect of the Forever relationship any further, without of course, first being afforded the opportunity to not only sample the Aloe Vera product line myself (so as to make my own informed decision) but also emphasizing to Diana, that it would have to pass the whole family test… not just me, alone. Well, after two months of ingesting, incorporating and utilizing the entire product line into mine and my children’s daily regimen – I am genuinely, and one hundred percent, a firsthand believer! Completely impressed and surprisingly shocked for the self-transformation as evidenced by my off-the-charts energy increase, my changed complexion, my improved sleeping-patterns, my heightened mental clarity, my enhanced ability to focus and concentrate, as well as my activated metabolism, and all naturally induced.

My willingness to test out the product line, was truthfully, what I had deemed as the least I could do to reciprocate in kind to Diana Page, what she and Forever had gotten on board to do for me so as to support Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald global radio/podcast platforms as a Sponsor. Admittedly, I was initially skeptical in addition to already being discerning. Diana was exceptionally clear in her reiteration to me on multiple occasions, that I was under zero obligation to take anything beyond the sponsorship partnership. I now understand, respect, and appreciate why Forever’s 96% pure Aloe Vera product line is a multi-billion dollar company, and why so many millions of people similar to myself; will never look back!

As I consistently cite wherever and whenever I can, when something completely resonates with me, when I absolutely fall in love with something, (quite rare and seldom) I believe it my inherent responsibility to share that information with the masses; the collective. You don’t know what you don’t know, and therefore, knowing that to be true, why would I then hoard that information? Why should I be the only one in my circles; to benefit? To intrinsically gain? I am a staunch believer in the “WIN WIN” adage! And because I rarely rave about most things; when I do – others very graciously take heed, and wish to go exploring themselves! (WIN WIN)

I am not here to pitch anything – I don’t need to nor did Diana Page need to pitch me. I’ve always believed that the proof is in the pudding – results do not lie. So as far as offering my contributions to the Thrive Global Family who always so graciously and generously elicit tips, insights, suggestions, wisdom, and feedback so as to expand the knowledge base for the collective benefit of all – this particular subject matter of simplifying nutrition and keeping it simple with respect to what one chooses to eat in their own households, and the reasons to support why that would be – automatically brought a Forever glowing smile to my face! Specifically speaking, my children and I are a particular fan of the Forever Aloe Berry Nectar, which is a cranberry-apple flavoured Aloe Vera Gel drink, as well as a huge fan of the ARGI + L-Arginine & Vitamin Complex Drink. We are a family of grazers, which for this family in-particular, means that what we drink is just as important as what we eat with regards to overall nutritional value, and healthy sustenance.

I am not one to regret or begrudge anything in my life, however, I do now wonder how much more my children and I would have healthily benefited, thrived and flourished had this been introduced into our lives many years ago. The fact that Forever’s deliciously, nutritious Aloe Vera products came into our lives at all, is something I will forever (pun intended) remain immensely grateful for. Any opportunity afforded to me whereby I can share what I love for the benefit of others, is simply what I consider to be my due diligence and my inherent responsibility, especially as a socially conscious parent.

Uplifting you to fear less and to live more! Have an amazingly healthy day!
Love & Gratitude ~ Lisa

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