Fong Fei-Fei: Thursday Meditation and Reflection!

Taiwanese Legendary Singer and Songwriter, FONG FEI FEI, Uses The Power Of Passion In Conveying One's Artistry In Unfamiliar Territory, Through Her Song, "Forever My Love!"

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When having talked about the sacred realm of love and healing, there is something about those Black American Funk and Soul musical genres. Something within those musical elements, which touches the heart and Soul, to the very core. There is something about it. The realness. The authenticity. The nitty gritty of it all. It brings a particular vibe that is like no other. Arising feelings of truly being connected to that particular journey, and experience-whatever it may be! Whether it be feelings of love. Frustrations. Re-connecting to a lost love. Societal problems. Sorrow. Passion. Whatever it may be, there’s just somethin’ about Soul and Funk music, which moves into that inner truth-no matter how dirty it may be. Even in its ugliness, the truth simply feels good when it is performed right. Such musical genres from Black America’s gardens spread throughout different parts of the world. The Asian nations were of no exception. Soul music feels good. It touches the very heart of the Soul! And when you have heard the her/history of a people who had to rely on UniverSOUL, for their very survival, you are forced to hear the story, if you truly want to understand the music.

The nation of Taiwan has its own legacy of phenomenal singers. Their presence is more than significant, as music is the Soul of the people, during any moment of rockiness or uncertainty. Its the artists, the singers, the songwriters, musicians, instrumentalists, and others who move to ensure that a nation, or culture, maintains their humanity. And, yes! That includes when the humanity has been questioned, doubted, or deemed insignificant. When it comes to singing , Soul takes on a different presence, as it pertains to making sense of this thing called, life. Soul music transforms complex issues into simple understandings. All of a sudden, things soon start to make sense. Life seems a little less complicated. And one can finally, breathe. When you sing from the Soul, Baby, it feels good! One cannot deny the pleasures that it brings. Finally, a person doesn’t feel so alone. Finally, there is hope for humanity. The barriers of being emotionally stifled become erased. There is a wellness freedom, and one can finally. . .breathe!

There was one particular singer, fashionista, actress, and host, who will never be forgotten in the nation of Taiwan! She also performed in Chinese films, and what it splendor it must have been as a Taiwanese woman, to immerse with the Chinese, film industry. Again, it another example in the power of the arts. Music changes things! Films change things! The arts have the power to transform the political and economic strife among nations. Its intriguing, if we must say! There is something about creativity, which moves people to recognize the humanity, within those who are different from them. Music. Theater. Creative arts. Visual arts. Somehow, when people immerse themselves within such wonders, a healing arises between nations. People come to see that they are not as different, as they presume themselves to be. When connecting with the commonality of Universal aesthetics, somehow humanity get to experience the overlapping of lives and experiences. Its touching!

One Taiwanese voice made it clear that music was powerful! Her name was none other than. . .

Fong Fei Fei; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Her birth name is Lim Chiu-Luan!. During the course of her career, Fong Fei Fei produced 80 albums, and sold out in her concert performances. Her selection of hats, during her performances, gave her the title of “Queen Of Hats.” In addition in 1983 and 1984, Fei Fei was awarded the prestigious Taiwan’s Golden Bell Awards! Her fame extended throughout Asian demographics. That goes just to show how popular and significant she truly was for the world of Asia’s gardens!

So now, we come to a particular song. It was produced in 1976, and it was the epitome of immersing one’s Soul into the very composition of a song. Within this song, the embracing of Soul music was evident. Furthermore, it was also evident that Fong Fei Fei had truly connected, and appreciated, the essence of Soul music, within Taiwanese tongue. Isn’t that something? Listening to the song, one could hear the passion and resilience in moving towards one’s unique artistry. One of the most enchanting auras of the performance is how Fong Fei Fei moves into the depths and sacred nectar of Soul. Truly one can feel the instrumentals of the song, and how it conveys the artistry of the very nature of Soul music. Interesting how she is able to connect with that music, while using the Taiwanese language. Very interesting and compelling, indeed. For some reason, when a foreign language is immersed into the musical genres of Black American music, linguistics, and culture, there is a new pattern and texture of the language, which arises. Its quite fascinating! Something about that peculiar sound, which gives other cultures, that opportunity to navigate through Black America’s story, in understand that her/history.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

From the very moment that the song is played, one begins to feel and experience the power of Soul music. The beat. The rhythm. Texture. That raw authenticity and audacity of being. It feels holistic. It simply feels good! What is interesting is how Fong Fei Fei starts off singing quite gentle. Its as if she is preparing the listener for what is expected to come; preparing the listener for the grand awakening, ahead. And then, boom, it comes! That’s what makes the song so grand. It is the unexpected! Its the level of courage, and chances, willing to take place within the song. That’s a healing factor within its own right; the willingness to take chances and to extend one’s boundaries, in hopes of reaching that next level. Its intrinsic, to say the least. What should also be recognized is how certain dynamics are coming to propel one into that next level, based on a Spirit of musicianship. That’s what the overall structure and timber of the song, seems to suggest. Initially, it can seem scary. Yet, that is one of the pillars of Soul music. Soul music has the power and Spirit of shaking things up, and getting us out of our comfort zone. After all, when you birth a musical genre from impossibilities, you come to recognize just how precious and sacred it truly is. There is greatness in the midst! One has found a healing elixir into life’s realities.

What is aesthetically pleasing about this song pertains to the lyrics. The song is centered around the aura of autumn; and its connection with the very Spirit of love. What does it mean to truly love someone? Furthermore, how is nature intertwined and connected with such? How does the Earth empower humanity to demonstrate the power of love? How does the Earth create a window of love, and the channeling of love? And should we decide to go deeper, then what are the methods of performing this essence of love for the musical scene? Shall we delve more? How does an Taiwanese singer convey this manner of love, when entering into a Black American musical form? Now, we are truly analyzing the texture and very sentiments of this performance.

Easy to see each maple leaf in the Autumn Your red, smiling face is more beautiful and tender than the maple leaf I love you so much

We often linger among the maple trees Loving each other so much Each maple leaf contains all my love Day and night forever

A person can get lost in the leaves of Autumn’s domain, just by navigating through the very context and texture of love. Throughout the course of the song, listeners are presented with the background of stringed instruments. Hearing the serenade of violins, one comes to understand just how vibrant the very nature of leaves fall, can truly be. In fact, it feels natural and in everlasting abundance. For the most part, there are certain vibes and feelings, which arise and move into a greater, and higher level of emotional fulfillment, and well-being. Therefore, when a person comes to perform through this level of depth, in connection with nature’s song, the understand of Soul music takes on a deeper meaning, than performing for entertainment. After all, Soul music was created, and performed, by a people, who cultivated creativity in the midst of foreign territory; thereby, making the energies, familiar.; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Immersing in auditory wellness, with this song, there are traces, and clues, of Fong Fei Fei vocally digging deeper into conveying the true nectar and allure of Soul music. Listen closely and you come to hear those highlights of the Taiwanese language, awakening into its own Soulful essence. Again, its a transformation of the very nature of language. Clearly, this musical genre has power in doing so. The language becomes more fluid, and takes on a more peculiar touch. It feels good! It touches the Soul! Furthermore, its why love is that more, profound!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

And so, making another pass into Taiwanese waters, we come to witness the holistic aura of this intrinsic beauty, in the power and source, of Soul music. At the very climax of the song, we hear that subtle plunge. The climax brings us to that height of awakening to love. The plunge brings up back down to reality. Yet, it is not a reality, which is lost. On the contrary, it is a realty, which moves us to capture this heightened sensory, and spread it back to Earth. Spreading a touch of Soul, in love’s domain! It can happen anywhere. Fong Fei Fei truly sings this song with a level of passion, which can only come from the Soul. And, there are particular elements, which moves to comprehend the story line of a people, whose culture is traveling into this distant land. Nevertheless, for this time around, it was a Taiwanese songbird, which made it happen in Taiwanese landscapes. The passion of her voice directed the Taiwanese tongue, into connecting with another texture and culture, at best. It will take more immersion. Nevertheless, it becomes a new wave of exploration, when hinting into Taiwanese waters, and the coloration of that Soulful love, from a peculiar sound!; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

To listen to more on the work of Fong Fei Fei, you click on the link, below:

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