Fly Higher In Blackened Dances Of Desires: In Honor of Black American Her/History Month!

The Image of Mixxed Fit Inc. Global Trainer, Ryan Grovey, and Healthy Images of Black American Masculinity in Cairo, Egypt!

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Your love, lifting me higher

Than I’ve ever been lifted before

So keep it up

Quench my desire

And, I’ll be at your side, forevermore

Who could ever forget these famous words, by the legendary Jackie Wilson? A classic hit, and one so relevant to the power of LOVE-its direction, shape, and movement. How it soars and takes us to greater heights! Higher heights than we have ever imagined, before! We soar.

(Photograph Provided By Ryan Grovey; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Your love takes me higher

Higher. Higher and Higher!

Sing on Mr. Wilson.

The coming of Mixxed Fit Inc. Global Trainer and Instructor, Ryan Grovey, to Cairo, Egypt, represented a new image. A growing movement of dance, fitness, and aerobics. Using Black American dance and musical art forms (Old Skool and New Skool), its all part of the process of feelin’ good, with that good music.

(Photograph Provided By Ryan Grovey; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

There was another image, which was captured during his visit to Cairo, Egypt. Such related to his visit to the famous pyramids of Giza. That reminder of heaven being imitated on Earth. Of heaven being replicated on Earth. So, when Ryan Grovey entered into that spacing, he performed. . . heaven’s dances. Love was endless and abundant. It was the performance of flight taking place. A deeper love. Recognition of holistic persona in his own image of healthy masculinity.

One of the Blackened Aesthetics of Ryan Grovey’s visit to the pyramids, was another reflection of Black American masculinity and identity. One of a natural Spirit of immersing, with the natural spaces around him. Feeling alive in his own humanity, while being empowered and enrichened by the energy of those magically Blackened girls, of his US cultural soiling.

Up, Up, Up, he goes. . .

Taken him higher and higher!

(Photograph Provided By Ryan Grovey; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

All too often, the presence of Black American men in Cairo (and Egypt, as a whole) has taken the depiction of “cultureless” hunks; whose physique, charm, and presence is to be exploited, or used for the idolation and worship of women needing validation from these “Black studs”; resulting from dissatisfaction and lack of attention, received in their own society and culture. Other times, they are used and viewed as conquests; having captured or distanced them from their own women, for false ideologies of superiority, and disrespect, against the Blackened daughters of America’s soiling. Black American men are seen as sexual objects; as opposed to human beings, who can use love to channel healthy aesthetics of sexuality. Then, there is the image of Black American male tourists as athletes, gangsters, or aggressors, who have trouble tattoed or stamped on their very aura. Needing to be carefully watched and controlled. Of course, the one that really takes the cake, is the widely perceived notion of them being void of any cultural attachment; having no feminine reflection of their own image. Thus, they are seen as free for all entities, who can be scooped up and collected by any cultural group, simply because “they don’t have a culture.”

Moving into the pyramids, Ryan Grovey highlights the centeredness of his own masculinity. Shattered are the stereotypes associated with his color, cultural affiliation, and masculinity. Love overcomes and his Spirit takes flight! It’s part of the grandeur of being enwrapped in a masculinity, and blackened masculinity, that breathes life and the air of Mother Nature.

(Photograph Provided By Ryan Grovey; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Jumping higher and elevating himself through the Cairo winds. He breathes a new tune into Black American masculinity. Using his IMAGE as a form of proof into more holistic styles of Being for his own cultural masculinity. Showing Black American men, that connecting, and being in balance with their feminine image, does not make them. . .”less of a man.” On the contrary, it elevates their maleness and masculinity into greater heights and awareness of Being. Positioning their existence into one of validation with humility; nourishment with purpose; and manhood with sensitivity.

Hearts of fire create, love desire

Take you higher and higher, to the world you belong

Hearts of fire, create love desire

High and higher, to place you on the throne

Examining the capture of his image, in the photographs at the Triple Pyramids, so much energy is to be felt. Air continues to cradle him; securing him; and comforting him, in his desire to fly! Colors, and energetic vibrations, reflect from his honey-brown complexion; as Egypt’s sun illuminates his vigilance. Glittering as a night star, while reaching towards the hair of the sun. Gravity does not entrap him, and he is elevated beyond mind’s imagination.

(Photograph Provided By Ryan Grovey; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

Another intrinsic eye in the image, relates to the ongoing work of Black American holistic and health professionals. Breaking the chains of mental and physical health battles of previous generations. This includes the PTSD suffered by our forebearers, whose very existence was used to create the United States of America. Seeing images of Ryan Grovey flying high; carried in the arm’s of Cairo’s sacred winds, was symbolic of the release of any mental or physical shackles. This healthy portrayal of masculinity (and specifically, Black American masculinity), expressed an invigorating image to Cairo, Egypt. Connecting his Being to his cultural, musical traditions, while reflecting his connection to nature’s elements: Earth, Wind, and Fire. Not to mention a bottle of Water.

(Photograph Provided By Ryan Grovey; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

The Fire in his Soul; his presence to Earth; and elevating his body to dance with the Wind. Water to sustain life within. Through this image, Black American masculinity is enriched.

One can only imagine his return. One can only highlight other glimmerings of his persona. Only this time, a cultural Maiden from his own Garden will do the capturing. Bringing a balance between the masculine and feminine energy principles of Black American soiling, in the fitness world. Doing it all, by flying high. . . and dancing, Black.

(Photograph Provided By Ryan Grovey; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)
(Photograph Provided By Ryan Grovey; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)
(Photograph Provided By Ryan Grovey; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

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