Flowing In Water’s Elegance, In Wonderland’s Fantasy, With TONI BRAXTON! #BlackAmericanHis/Herstory360

Maidenal Lessons In An Icy Wonderland, and the Process Of Healing, Through Grammy-Award Winning R&B Singer, TONI BRAXTON, and the Video For Her Song, "Let It Flow!" #BlackAmericanHis/Herstory360

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Sometimes fantasy happens in the guise of water. Not only is it soothing, but it tickles our imagination, and provides us with love and enrichment. On a greater scale you find yourself creating greater worlds, within that reality. Why? May you ask. Well, it all goes into our reality of being able to create these magical worlds. There is an enriching endeavor, when a person is moving themselves through the confines of water. One of them pertains to navigating the winds of life’s struggles and complexities. Creativity and fictional realities have a way of getting us to feel restored, re-nourished, and soothed! One of the beauties for such pertains to one’s ability to maneuver through different channels. On another note, a person is able to move through a myriad of dimensions, when it comes to the Universal world. The world of fiction leads us into mystical spacing. It means that our memories in childhood’s domain are allowed to come to life, during the adult phase. They are met with infinite possibilities and the freedom, that many crave. Even in the realm of adulthood, we continue to glide through that arena of fantasy. There is something which brings another attribute into that domain. For certain issues, it is connected to the very existence of life and wellness.

https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pinterest.com/amp/pin/453948837415499605/; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

There is a mystical aura in the element of water. It has a way of making those invisible worlds we have dreamed about, come to life. Suddenly, the fantasy, the imagination, comes to life. We gain that opportunity to experience it in the real world. Its fascinating! There are elements surrounding its ability to move through a myriad of decorative vibes and euphoria, within this peculiar sphere. In the realm of R&B, and the context of Black American gardens and soiling, there are certain digital performances, which have been legendary in bringing this to life. In a terse amount of words, they have the power of illuminating the magic of that R&B sound. Thus, a mystical-reality, where the Black American presence is able to flow through tranquility, in the midst of hostilities. Its a sacred world-a world, which allows our people to delve through a wellness of tenderness and affection. Even if love was not given to us from the outside, we created it for ourselves. And in every process of that healing phase, water was our guide! One of those such aesthetics is that of the video for the song, “Let It Flow,” by living-legendary R&B, Grammy-Award winning singer and songwriter. . .

Toni Braxton

https://www.google.com/amp/s/evilrashida.tumblr.com/post/173230453211/toni-braxton-let-it-flow-directed-by-herb/amp; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

It is from the soundtrack for the Waiting To Exhale album. The auspicious beauty of the video is that it takes us into another form of paradise-that of an Artic and wintery gaze. Consistently, humanity is exposed to a tropical vibe, when trying to get away from the hectic nature of the real world. However, for this digital exploration, there is peace, within the wintery tales and euphoria of being in a place, and space, where the cold decorates the wonders of silence. If you want to see Blackness, in this case Black Americans, cloaked in winter, this is one of those presentations.

Toni Braxton is the feminine centering of this mythical land. Surrounding her are five men, from her cultural garden. They are painted in metallic white. Wearing wig pieces, which embody their tight curls, but match the vibe of an icy tale. There is an intrinsic aura, surrounding how this watery-like vibe, illuminates a crystal-like aura. The overall attire of Toni Braxton has shown that she has been jeweled into this icy adornment. The men surrounding her, camouflage themselves into these icy surroundings. Toni Braxton’s feminine character has been painted with a metallic coloring. Her brown skin complements, and is colored with a metallic iciness, in which she is made to represent the whispers of the land. In a terse amount of words, she is speaking as that land. Braxton is the feminine whisperer of those icy domains. Her femininity is represented in fluid movements of the land. There is a dynamic of surrealism, and the portrayal of this mystical world, which invites viewers to journey into. A place of re-birth, where crystal-like magic is surrounds you. The magic of the cold becomes illuminated. It is phenomenal and a fantastical wonder!

http://clip-on.ru/video/420-toni-braxton-un-break-my-heart; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

These five men surrounding Toni Braxton’s character take on a tale of mythical realism, and one, which brings a storyline of these imaginary creatures, who decorate and perform wonders with the water. They are fairytale like creatures, who guard, bless, and spread magic for this watery, icy world. These men embody a human-form. Yet, they have created a sacred contract with the realm of fantasy. Toni Braxton lays there. There is a cohesion among their masculinity. It is as if they are safeguarding her journey, there. They are keeping the rhythm’s harmony and beauty, in tact. As this performance of the Black American maiden is floating, while laying sideways on a thickened sheet of ice, she is being allowed to move through the sacred richness and nourishment of this particular haven of the Earth-in every realm of its tranquility. The sky is painted in seas of purple, blacks, and blues. There is intricacies in how they are overlapped and layered, within.

This particular video is a gentle performance of a Black American maiden’s tale, in having traveled into a fictional, Universal Milky Way. She is re-claiming herself after heartache. She is re-exploring herself, her purpose, and her womanhood. Who is she? Who is she to her culture? Who is she to herself? This is her personal journey through icy landscapes. This is what she has come to grapple with, for herself. She relaxes in a space for her own Being. There is love and nurture for her Being. She lays resting in her safety, knowing that she is deserving to explore this world, and phenomenon. In fact, she has had to return to this sacred spacing, in order to understand her worth. Wow! If more maidens of Black American soiling were able to enter into these mythological placings. If more were able to move themselves into this quiet, cold, and enchanting place, so that they could gain clarity of love, and love’s comfort. So that they may make sense of their heartache, and heartbreak. These different reflections of heartache and heartbreak leads to a momentum of love and nourishment. It allows for us to understand just how quiet has the power, to heal. It truly has the power to bring a comforted centering in the removal of any pain, which lingers on.

https://www.google.com/amp/s/evilrashida.tumblr.com/post/173230453211/toni-braxton-let-it-flow-directed-by-herb/amp; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

One of the most profound teaching moments in the video, is of the masculine presence. What does this teach us, may you ask? Well, for one, it provides the momentum in observing another form of masculinity. It is a form that nourishes, and guides, the feminine into a more holistic restoration of his very existence. In this world, he is also aligned with water. Performing with these icy planes, and domains, the masculine representation, within this video are allowed to navigate the waters in such a way, that celebrates masculinity in a different form. For this picturesque view, masculinity-Black American masculinity-channels love back into their feminine, and cultural reflection. It is a picturesque view of the healing phase. That moment when a man is sensitive and in tuned with feminine workings and needs. Furthermore, it is a way, which allows balance to be restored. What was lost in one environment, is replaced in another. Allow us to enter into our fiction’s reality, for a moment. Let’s allow more chapters in the story, for a moment. In one plane, the maiden journeys from her heartbroken story. The betrayal is painful, and too agonizing to bare. Laying awake with unease, and finding oneself in mental disarray about a person you loved-only for them to have betrayed that love.

This maiden, from Black American gardens, leaves her domain, in order to get away-for just some time. She decides that she wants to go to an archaic memory. And that is where her mind leads us. There is a fantastical place, where things are happening. They are things, where she is allowed to rest her weary head, and rest. Something about ice, and the cold aura, which permits her to come to terms with her sorrow. Its a quiet realization, where she understands that it is useless. Reflecting on past sorrows, is useless. That’s why she has decided to enter into this spacing. Cleansing is enough. What she may have lost in one display of masculinity, is clearly being replaced, in another. The masculine energies of these fantastical creatures, are providing her with the nourishment, that she needs. Even more fascinating is that it is on a greater scale. When masculine energy of a woman’s culture and community, intertwines with her Being within a spatial arrangement on the Earth, while reflecting her, there is a different way of observing her. There is a different way of seeing her. From that point on, a man finds a richer way of observing the feminine. Her image is viewed as a celebration of life, itself. And the environments surrounding her, are reflective of that. In this video, beauty surrounds the feminine. Life’s abundance surrounds her, and there is purpose to her image. Glacing purpose is substance. The waters surrounding the maiden creates a sense of adventure for the masculine energies, within this fairytale. Freedom is intertwined with her. Through her, they are awakened. Such is why, they have no problem, surrounding her. The truest essence of femininity is that she is able to produce the nourishment and abundance for her culture and community; while receiving the benefits of it, in return.

The video for “Let It Flow,” is therapeutic, when it comes to the very process of love. Furthermore, it comes to show another way of dealing with heartache. There is another method of moving through heartbreak. It is more of a silent victory. Close your eyes, and imagine how you can decipher, through a different dynamic; when releasing the toxic pains of the past. There is a great restoration in how a person is able to move towards the future. What if you could simply swim into water’s delight, as the pains melt away. Imagine how they do it, so easily, so fluidly. Its magic! There is healing in fantasy. When reality is too painful, run to the realm of fantasy, and dwell in the healing, that you seek. Perhaps, that is one of the most astounding features and messages of this video. Imagination births healing. If we, as Black American women, ever need to take a break, and guide ourselves, outside of heartbreak-then simply guide ourselves, and flow into a personal journey for that, fantastical world!


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