Flowers For Mary! A Final Gift Before My Grandmother Clark’s Passing!

Lessons In Fulfilling Gifts and A Promise To A Loved One, Before Their Passing!

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Flowers have a special place in the world of gift giving. When they are used as forms of gifts, there is an Earthly connection being made with that person. In this case, it is not simply using Earth’s vegetation, as a form of decoration. When making that Earthly connection, there is a deeper, and more jewel-like atmosphere. It translates into meditating on what it means to connect with people through plants, flowers, trees, and anything resembling the fruition of the Earth. What is it about flowers, which brings people closer? How does it open up the lens of sensitivity and being able to connect with another individual through the Earth? Lastly, how do flowers incite us to become more in tuned with ourselves and our particular sensory journey?

I will never forget that night. For it was as if something was being restored. There was something needed to be in completion; a task left undone. What was rather funny is that I had been meaning to complete this task, since Mother’s Day 2019. The task you may ask: Buying my Grandmother Clark flowers for Mother’s Day! Finances had been an obstacle for me, as I had to divide floral arrangements, among other family members. Nevertheless, I was determined to get her those flowers. Sometime. Somehow. Some way. My Grandmother was a spiritual woman. A faith-based woman. Furthermore, she lived the power of stillness, and the very wonders of, prayer! If there is anything that I have remembered about her since I was a little girl, its been that-the power of prayer, and her performance of it!

I remember that night, as it was as fresh as these current times. Days before, I had been in deep and intense prayer for my Grandmother. I had receive the news from a family member during that very week. Keep in mind that I was in Cairo, Egypt, at the time. Egypt. Its a nation which has brought spiritual growth, wisdom, and nutrition to my very Spirit. In the nation of Egypt, I truly grew into my womanhood, and learned about my purpose for being on this Earth. Life is truly a journey. Its as if we have been programmed to see it as a destination to hastily, and quickly, rush through. Nevertheless, in Egypt I learned about the subtleties of life. It is also in this sacred land, where I came to learn about why those loving, nurturing and brave Nanas of Black America’s gardens believed in the way they did. I don’t think the words do anything to add justice to this level of power and wonder to the Divine. Its this consistent, ongoing elegance, grace, and faith, which comes from a particular time and era in United States her/history. It was a time when faith was all our foremothers had. My Grandmother Clark was one of those foremothers of faith!

I was with my Dearest, Egyptian Sister-friend, Aya for that night! She accompanied me to go grocery shopping, in a space near Madinaty-a suburb in New Cairo. Aya and I have an amazing story in how we met. Of course, that’s for a future telling. Nevertheless, Aya Saleh was there with me for that moment and time. I had walked through this store many times for previous purposes, and after enjoying one of the restaurants, nearby. At the very front entrance is a flower shop. I had purchased flowers from this part, prior to. There was something within me, which indicated that something was different about this experience. An energy was bringing me even closer. Something was telling me to purchase flowers. And, so I did. Aya, was there. Assisting me and watching me as I selected a particular arrangement of flowers. Something was special about this selected bouquet of flowers. Of course, there was the final wrapping of the bouquet. There were certain colors, of different fabrics that I could choose from. Colors of Blue, Purple, White, and others were one of the selections. As I recall, I believe that White and Purple were the two colors I tried out, in order to decide, which would be most suitable for the boutique. It turns out that purple would make the best selection for that night.

(Photograph By Aya Saleh; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

We associate the color, purple with royalty. Fair enough. Simultaneously, there is a spiritual connection to this particular coloring of the rainbow. What makes it so, royal? What makes this color intertwine with different cultures and places around the world? Is the color purple part of Heaven’s delights, and one of its many gifts in reminding humanity of this euphoric hope? In the case of my Grandmother Clark, I wonder if she would attribute the color purple to her Christian faith, and of Yeshuah the Messiah! I imagine Grandma associating the color purple, with such. Of course, I was not thinking about this, during the time. Yet, I can imagine her associating the color purple with Yeshuah, and him having a purple-colored cloak wrapped around him. I was only reflecting that inner voice, within, of needing to purchase those flowers. Quite honestly, I really didn’t understand the significance for why I was doing what I was doing for that moment. Yet, it was important that I did it. The reason for being so, is because it was too precious. Later on in the night, I would know why this moment was so important.

As usual, I always find it important to capture those sacred moments. Photography is a sacred act and treasure. It allows a person to move through into different auras. There is a treasure in being able to capture people through the aesthetics of time. The movements. Smiles. Joys. Love. Cheers. The Random Shots. Then, of course, there is the smelling of flowers. There is something auspicious about immersing our delights in the comforts of Mother Nature. A level of freshness is blown into our bodies; giving us the awakening of restoration. We feel good when smelling flowers. They are vectors of life, itself. Capturing such pleasures is a necessity.

I was fortunate to be captured in immersing myself in the floral arrangement of Mother Earth. And I must say that smelling them made me feel restored-even for that one moment. I was fortunate for Aya’s presence to have been there for that moment. She was a comforter, for that particular time. Her capture of myself, with this bouquet of flowers, was a blessing for the occasion. It felt right. Furthermore, it felt as if I was moving into the journey of feeling awakened, to a greater level of nurture and restoration!

One of the most audacious sentiments pertains to being able to move through a different element, when an elder has transitioned on. Sometimes we don’t always understand why certain things happen. Nevertheless, when they do take place, we gain the courage of moving through them, as it pertains to our level of understand. We elevate to a greater level of consciousness. Furthermore, we come to learn that things and people never truly leave us. Their essence always sticks around, somehow! Heaven also uses other people, in reminding us that they are still there moving with us, from a higher level. It simply is our responsibility to allow ourselves to be open to the spiritual depth, so that we are able to elevate our own minds, bodies, and Spirits., spiritually. If we want to feel the balance of their Spirit, then we have to move ourselves into a greater level of spiritual understanding. When doing that we feel more balanced. Furthermore, we experience the wonders in having traces of their Spirit, throughout our very spacing. Its a beautiful thing to experience, as it makes dealing with their transition, as being more comforting. You gain a sense of peace, during the initial stages of a loved ones transition.

(Photograph By Aya Saleh; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark)

The flowers had been purchased, and Aya and I were going on our way. Our time in heading home was comforting, and I was reaffirmed that I had a true friend Going into my apartment with flowers and groceries, at hand, I put everything away. A quick visit onto Facebook, something had felt off. Reading that message from a cousin, the names had come across. Grandma had transitioned on. I had become very still. Going to work the next day was out of the question; and proceeded to inform particular supervisors and colleagues, that I would not be coming in. Arrangements for a plane ticket were being made, including ignoring advice that I should simply stay and take care of work responsibilities. Work was going to have to wait. It would be there when I got back. Sometimes you don’t really know how to react, when given such news. For the following day, I simply laid in bed. Simply reflecting and trying to get myself to find some form of comfort, within this new energy. Its a different kind of energy when it comes to elders, who have transitioned on. A celebration? Yes. Nevertheless, its a bittersweet kind of ordeal, when it happens. Eventually, you have to do the work in finding peace with it.

Rewinding back to that night when I received the news, it finally hit me. And, things had become clear. Grandma wanted me to purchase those flowers for her. When she had entered into a deep sleep, perhaps her Spirit had seen everything-including the fact that I had been meaning to purchase her flowers, a year before. Before my grandmother Mary Clark had officially left this Earth, she wanted to make sure that I had fulfilled my promise for her. It was as simple and as basic, as buying her flowers. It was that very same gift that I wanted to purchase for her for Mother’s Day, only to miss out on the opportunity of doing it. Nevertheless, its obvious that Grandma’s Spirit would not transition into Heaven, until that final task had been done. It had been done. The task was fulfilled. Things would continue to progress. Following my time with family members, I remember hearing stories of those elders who did not leave until things were left, in order. Its amazing how certain dynamics have that mystique to them. This subconscious and spiritual understanding, in not leaving until things come in order. They sense it. They feel it. On another lens, they understand the precious natural of timing. Reflecting upon that night, it is apparent, that my grandmother Clark was waiting for the right time, and for time’s completion. She was awaiting for the moment when I had done what was needed to be done. Buying those flowers was the final task, before she would leave this Earth. I am happy to say that this is the best floral gift, I have ever given to someone. Putting them in a vase, in my apartment, I decided to water them, well. In addition, to leaving them with a fellow co-worker to water them during their lifespan-the night when I would take a flight to give a final farewell!

Here you go, Grandma! I guess these flowers were meant for you!

Photograph By Aya Saleh; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark
Photograph Provided By Family Member; Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

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