Floating Into Trust So That One Does Not Drown!

How R&B Singer, Mario, Performs The Imbalance Of Addiction and Betrayal, Water's Metaphor In Regaining Trust, the Watering Of Black American Masculinity, and the Restoration Of Love's Wholeness, In the Music Video, "Drowning!"

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When it comes to being in the midst of chaos, in love’s abyss, there are so many ways to craft and design the feelings. Different images to paint and sculpt. Bringing in nature’s aura and mystical talent, while exhibiting the emotions of our sensory. How connected do we truly become close to the natural elements, when we feel disconnected or lost in our emotions? It seems that when we are broken, or have fallen to pieces, that nature has a way of reminding us that she exists, and how we exist in her. Sometimes that picture isn’t always pretty!

Its a beautiful thing when men are able to write a poetic love letter. A letter, where they can convey their emotions. Being as open and as honest as possible. Going to the very core of their Being, where its not a problem to reveal just how out of balance, and out of sync, they truly are. When they connect that to one of Earth’s natural elements-in particular, water, another mural is being revealed.

One of the watered jewels of singer, Mario’s, digital visual of “Drowning,” is that a man’s vulnerability is highlighted when wrapped (and engulfed) in love’s confusion. Its equated to the very act, and practice, of suffocation. Unable to fill one’s body with oxygen. Yearning for one of life’s essentials, and feeling that slowly being taken away. Steadily drowning; powerless to save oneself.

(Source: https://www.baeblemusic.com/music-video/mario/drowning.html); Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

Putting in the equation of love, this moving digital performance of “Drowning,” is a tale of one man’s journey to make sense of the romantic chaos around him. Making sense while attempting to swim out of it. Caught in the middle of desire and true love. Having no roadmap or direction on where he should go, or how to float through the situation. One, based on the lyrics, which appears to be manmade. Sitting still as the water covers, encompasses, and takes charge. Void in having any human, who co-creates the journey. Its a slow and painful way of losing life. A devastating way in being removed from the essence of love.

(Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vibe.com/amp/2018/08/mario-drowning-video); Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

This poetic love letter of love’s chaos. Being torn between two feminine energies. Not knowing who to choose. Who one should share love with. An imbalance, indeed. Because when one is stuck, it is unlikely that he/she will be able to navigate, and enjoy, the journey and fruition of the waters. Its an interesting dynamic, metaphorically speaking. When humans observe nature, it symbolically being akin to woman, and man’s relation to it, a unique picture is being presented. Its as if the Spirit is coming outside of oneself, in order to gain a different insight of reality. Self accountability becomes critical. Honesty emerges! That’s the poetry of water. In the depths and cradle of water, there is truth. Truth concerning our personal journeys on land. There is no way to manipulate or re-configure water. Our personas, personalities, and very character is highlighted once we enter water.

One of the other beautiful aspects, lyrically and through digital visuals for the song “Drowning,” by Mario, is how it conveys the consequences in toying between two feminine energies. Only one woman can be right for this man. Its very obvious. In one scenario of woman’s connection to the natural, he becomes lifeless. Even though she controls the water, she refuses to save him. Losing control and losing himself. Engaging and intertwining in negative, feminine energy removes a man from the nourishment of holistic waters. Making water an antagonist of his very being. In another scenario, hope avails, as the purging of her tears is the release of pain. In the latter, water moves him to a calmer pasture. He is forced to examine himself. See himself, while making it right.

In your waters I’m drowning, drowning, drowning

My head’s underwater, her tears overflowing, please stop me from drowning, drowning, drowning. . .”

(Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/rudeboyy.com/2018/07/20/video-mario-drowning/amp/); Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark

One cannot help, but to recognize Mario’s wearing of the ankh. A sacred symbol of the Nile River, and its wonders of fertility. Water and its role as nourisher and healer. Provider. Re-birther of life. By wearing this emblem in the video, Mario’s character displays his yearning to retreat back into that world and holistic wellness of water. That form of holistic fruitfulness. Its part of one natural element of man’s desire. Being comforted in water, as opposed to being imprisoned by it. That’s the aesthetics of water. When you are careful with her and tread on the feminine waters properly, she sustains you. You are kept afloat in her womb. Drowning is never an option. In her, you are safe.

One of the treasures of the video is the ending. Toxic feminine energy lingers outside in the rain, as the male protagonist sits in the car, waiting. And, yet, it is the woman, he truly loves, who enters into the car to sit with him. Not merely coming inside for the sake of being out of the rain, but for the purposes of saving someone from water’s wrath. Realigning man with a more natural and peaceful side of water. One that waters him, and teaches him the true meaning of love. A lesson that addiction can never equate to love. When she enters into the car, one can only feel a sense of relief for Mario’s character. That in the midst of betrayal, she still wants to comfort and nurture him. She still wants to love him. Such is the essence of love. Unconditional and everlasting. Even when she has been heartbroken by his deceit and insecurities, she still desires to love him. Love him because he is a oneness of her and she is a wonder of him. And, if it means she must enter into dangerous territory, where the waters are too high, and are rushing in a rampage, so be it. That’s the essence of love! She will swim into water’s wildness and uncertainty, in order to connect him to calmer ripples. Love, in her authenticity, saves!

The colors and different scenes of the video are crafted in a way, where the domestic side of love and intimacy are in place. The bathtub being the centered core. The story always centers back to that spacing. Other areas of the domestic sphere highlights the spatial aura of instability and disconnection. Its part of the unveiling that is taking place. It is all leading up to the final moment, where his lady love, in the midst of Earth’s watering, enters in. Indirectly saying. . .“let’s try again.” Only this time, they will glide into safer waters.

(Source: http://weuponithiphop.info/2018/07/21/music-video-mario-drowning/); Edits By Lauren Kaye Clark


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