Five Ways To Improve Your Business Mindset

Taking your business seriously matters because, more than likely, people who are looking for your services want to know what you offer.

A lot of people talk and write about having a solid mindset when it comes to business, family, financial and other serious matters in life.

Taking your business seriously matters because, more than likely, people who are looking for your services want to know what you offer.

Yet when it comes to having a solid mindset, it really needs to take hold within for a long time. Having a business mindset simply means you are willing to do the work needed to get business done. The problem becomes when people do not solely consider their business and what they have to offer. If their offer of services is not clear, then why in the world would anyone do business with you?

Let’s take a look at five ways to improve your business mindset.

Focus on your why. Why are you in business? Are you an entrepreneur? Did you choose to take another road after many years in a job? Are you making different decisions because you want more time with your family? Keeping your “why” out in front of you is always going to help. Sometimes, when forgetting this all-important reason for doing whatever you do, then your mindset gets a little sloppy. Fears pile up like a volcano about to explode right before your eyes. The “why,” which you so desperately sought around getting into your current situation, disappears like a magic trick … and that’s not really cool. Remind yourself daily why you are in business, why you are doing what you do, and why it is important to you.

Stay in a learning mode. It sounds ridiculous to even bring this up. For many of us, we still go on old information or old ways of doing business. There is SO MUCH information out there online, in magazines and books that a definite feeling of overwhelm can hit you like a Mack truck. Everyone has the capacity to learn more. I have a good friend of mine who consistently spends 30 minutes each day reading books focused on his business, including the mindset part of it all. The mere fact of making an attempt to learn new things helps keep your brain motivated. It helps your mind stay in better shape. Plus, it beats sitting around filling your mind with mindless TV or Internet shows all the time.

Develop daily practices. Pretty much everyone reading this understands a basic process of waking up, going about your day, and getting to bed at night. That’s about as basic a daily practice as you can have. Yet people in business learn the power of developing, and maintaining, daily practices. Some start out their day with a rigorous workout or long run; others with prayer and/or meditation; and others have a hot cup of coffee, big breakfast and watch morning TV. It has been mentioned by many powerful people in the business world that mornings set the tone for an entire day. Without a doubt, morning practices can help kick-start a solid and productive mindset. Learn what works for you, be flexible, and let these practices keep you on the path toward success.

Know what works and what doesn’t work. You’ve read articles like this one and probably many others. Suggestions are made and can either be accepted or rejected. Only YOU will know what works and what doesn’t in your life. What do I mean by this? Simply put, you have a lot of life experiences which can dictate your particular business path. These can form the backbone of solid preparation or living in a flurry of fears (notice fears again?). “Plan your work and work your plan” is an old adage. It is true. Admittedly, there are times where I don’t have a plan and I feel like I’m twisting in the winds of fate. Once I realize this, though, I do my best to steer the course of my ship in a better direction. Developing a solid mindset will definitely prove advantageous when it comes to choosing between what does and doesn’t work for you. Does having an 8–5 schedule work best? What about working a 9 p.m.-4 a.m. time frame if you are an entrepreneur? Many people learn to accept situations and conditions, then discern a particular direction to go. Again, only YOU will know what works. Make a conscious decision, learn from your mistakes, and move ahead with a positive mindset leading the way.

Understand your process. Are you clear on your “process” for making decisions, doing business, staying active and making sure everyone in your sphere of influence is on board? This calls for you to really get clear on the process of life and business which works for you. It does not have to follow anyone else’s verbatim. You do have the power of choice within your mind. This process-led mindset definitely can provide winning ways and marks along your own journey. Understand the process by which you will succeed. Cut away those areas which are not beneficial, including people. Negativity breeds negativity. Don’t believe me? Hang around the naysayers and doubters all the time and see where your success level stands in a number of months. It will not take too long for you to identify what works for your process and what does not.

Always remember, wherever you are on this five-point area, to take care of your mindset. Focus on your big why, keep learning, develop a few daily practices which can help you become a winner, figure out what does and doesn’t work for you, and totally understand and identify your own process for success.

Your mind is a powerful machine. Give it good food on a regular basis, and watch your own life change for the better. You are totally worth it.

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