Finding Your Power

Do you feel your voice goes unheard, making it difficult for you to make an impression on others? Are you unable to create the change in your life that you desire? Let us examine where this power and influence comes from, and how we can go about obtaining it.

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Identifying Power

Power can be defined as the ability to influence others.  It is available to everyone, no matter what their position or title.  Everyone wants to be heard and make an impact on the world.  We pay attention to powerful people because we know that they can create change. 

It is a kind of mental toughness that we bring to every situation.  It’s having the ability to take decisive action and about living life intentionally with a great sense of purpose

Some believe that power is granted to a person by someone else.  They see power as something that comes with authority and control over others.  Then there are those that maintain that power is created within simply by the choices we make, our thought process and the resulting actions we take.

The Beauty of Power

People with power often take what they want because they feel entitled to do so. Conversely people who lack power fail to get what they want because they intuitively feel they don’t deserve it. Owning your power allows you to stand up for yourself, demonstrate your strength and gives you the credibility to be successful.

There is a tendency for people to assume that power holders are uncaring and cold.  But it is often in the support of others that it grows stronger.  It can intensify from within and impact as we grow. 

You don’t have to be in a position of power to feel powerful.  If we remain self aware when we are in power, then we can correct ourselves, spreading positive emotions from person to person, sharing in its clarity, energy and confidence.

Power Can Be Contagious

Find a rich and successful person who is passionate about their job.  Ask them how they got there – get inspired.  Powerful people believe more in their own thoughts and ideas.  Following people who are masters at making money can help you see how powerful people think.

Being Rich Isn’t a Privilege

Change your mindset!  It is possible to do what you love and get super wealthy.  We may start out by looking for the next how to make money fast strategy, and there’s nothing wrong with that!  It can be a great place to start, after all, the more you have the more power and influence you hold.  Having greater power means you can decide to do what you want with it.


It is said that power, freedom or liberation reveals a persons true self.  By striving to be kinder and more giving then money will more likely strengthen your good morals and characteristics.

If you want to be more powerful then start with your self worth.  Empowering self talk is an important part of feeling your power.  By building your inner confidence you become the one in control of how powerful you feel.

Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses.  Evaluate your habits and behaviours.  Develop a clear image of what your most powerful self is like and then fully embody that person.

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