Finding Your Place in the Cosmos

Dropping all that you are not reveals what you truly are.

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Once limiting emotions and beliefs are released, life events and circumstances almost immediately shift to a more fulfilling, constructive and effortless synchronicity.

Recently I heard Dr. Daniel Amen, author of “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” speak about the parts of the brain and how they affect our behaviour. He said that we are hardwired for negativity in that it was fear and anxiety and anticipation of danger that kept our ancestors alive and proliferating. Modern media has psychology and technology at their fingertips to make certain that this latent primal survival mechanism is continually on full alert. Fear motivates the masses in ways that good news never can. If you’re happy doing your thing — what do you really need? A new car? Maybe. A headache, stomach-ache, backache remedy? Probably not. Where’s the revenue in that?

I’m telling you this so you don’t think that there is something wrong with you if you are plagued with negative thoughts. It’s part nature and certainly reinforced by culture. If you don’t toe the line you will not be in, you will be out — not good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, rich enough, spiritual enough, brave enough. Dr. Amen calls these ANTs, “Automatic Negative Thoughts”. And he points out they are thoughts not facts. I’d like to repeat that. They are thoughts not facts.

Okay so that’s the human animal you, the one that is being herded into conformity. The one with the dial always set on limitation of some sort. Now let’s look at the human being you. In our evolution, our bodies have not changed so much and, as mentioned, parts of our brain remain hardwired or under utilised. However, it is our consciousness that has evolved. We have become self-conscious and have begun to question the meaning of our very existence. What are we doing here? How do we fit in the big picture?

That consciousness is an energy that inhabits our physical being but is not limited to it. It is the intelligence of the cosmos — of all creation. As human beings we are given awareness of this consciousness so that we can engage with it and evolve even higher. By higher I mean to the greater understanding of the unity of all of life and creation, the interdependence. We move from the many of the herd, uncertain of place or destiny, into the awareness that it is in our fully expressed individuality that we serve the whole. It’s a paradox for sure.

Just like our human body needs that harmonic of the continuing rejuvenation of cells and their distribution to various parts to maintain health of the unit, the cosmos needs a continuing harmonic to maintain its existence in eternity. Our job as part of creation is to contribute to the evolving consciousness of all life, the wholeness and harmonic of all. In knowing this we discover that this wholeness serves our very individual expression.

Every cell in our body knows its job and does it to perfection. If a few get confused, imbalance and misfiring can lead to illness. Restore the cells, health results. It’s the same with us. When we live in the imbalance of negative thoughts and actions our whole life is off kilter and shows up in our experiences. Dropping these patterns and living in alignment with our unique expression as an individual aligns us within the wholeness and order of the cosmos. Instead of random reactions, we become a magnet for all that supports our personal evolution. In fulfilling our potential we bring order to the cosmos while the cosmos brings order to us. And isn’t that a beautiful thing?

To the You you are meant to be!

❤ mh

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